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Pokémon Rankdown 2.0 - Cycle 15 (Trial Results)

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I’ll just post in here just in case. I’ll need an extension until tomorrow. My computer got wet. 😭

I will need a slight extension. I’m going with mom to get her vaccine.

Unfortunately, the United States of America will probably not last that long... we need to finish this rankdown today for us Americans, thanks

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Pokemon In Action (  Digimon) — Grapploct used Liquidation! ~ Pokemon  Journeys Ep....


I suspected it, but this is confirmation. Hayden hates me even more than Sola and Bk and Nico do. Quite a sad story. Grapploct is an unfortunate cut, but many congrats for it making Top 100 as it deserves. It is the jujitsu Pokemon, and is pure fighting type. That's right, it's not a water type! It is an octopus with 8 legs: three to walk on, one around the waist for fashion, and four to punch you in the face. It has a signature move: Octolock. It is a cool move that prevents you from switching out and lowers your defenses after every turn. Octillery found dead for not having this move. Grapploct's stole Octillery's signature move Octazooka, so now Octillery is just another lame water Pokemon and Grapploct is a king. Gen VIII, evolves from Clobbopus after it learns taunt. I'm not sure whether I like Clobbopus or Grapploct more, but I'm glad the line had representation in our Top 100.


Save Ditto

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Classified as the Carefree Pokémon, Ludicolo is a dual Grass and Water type introduced in Gen III. Ludicolo is the final evolutionary form of Lotad. Lotad evolves into Lombre at level 14 and then Lombre evolves into Ludicolo when exposed to a Water Stone. Ludicolo’s design seems to be a mixture of a duck and a pineapple wearing a poncho and a sombrero. According to the Pokédex, Ludicolo loves dancing. It will even become more powerful as the cells in its body become stimulated and muscles get energized when listening to festive music. Ludicolo will move in rhythm, allowing it to amplify its power. As for battles, trainers can get use out of its high Special Attack stat. Its Speed is slow, but it can be doubled with the Swift Swim ability. I do like Ludicolo, but tough cuts are going to happen from here on out. But making it to the Top 100 is a great achievement for Ludicolo.


Save Goodra.


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kangaskhan | Tumblr


Kangaskhan is a great gen 1 pokemon.  Normal type pokemon are interesting because they aren't strong against anything.  I used Kangaskhan on one of my teams when I was a kid.  It got some new life in Gen 6, when it got a mega evolution.  I love Mega Kangaskhan, because the baby attacks as well.  The ability Parental bond is insane as it basically gives the pokemon to a 50% attack boost on most of his abilities.  I love Kommo-o too though, so I made a choice to save him.  Anyways thats about all I have to say, feel free to use him on a team, he is a good choice!



Save: Kommo-o

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Just now, 1234567890 said:

The baby attacks as well when’s it’s a Mega? 😮 Nice.


well they attack together, effectively giving him a 50% boost.  

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8 minutes ago, NGM said:

goodbye in advance to Braviary bc no way it survives against Incineroar LMAO

I like Braviary a lot, and hoped it could sneak by a bit longer. But if it's up against a character from Smash Bros?????


tiffany pollard GIF


sorry birdie, no contest

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