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DWTS29 Week 5 - 80s Night Discussion Thread!

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Yessss Jeannie’s Jazz was so fun, cute and she performed the heck out of that! :wub::bobo: She danced it well and really embraced and channels the Madonna style here. Sooo proud of her for this dance. ❤️   Also totally agree with CA on Jeannie being the most exciting performer. She really brings a different character and performs them SO well each week. :wub: 


Yayyy all 8’s! :wub: 

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Carrie Ann scoring the guy the lowest of the judging panel?  

Carrie Ann giving a higher score than the other two to the hot guy? What a surprise.

Me in Week 1: Why did AJ shave his hair??   Me in Week 5: AJ please never have hair again

1 minute ago, Elliott said:

“Unforgettable reunion”


...nobody remembers it, Tyra

I think they were kinda expecting that to be a viral moment but it was also so predictable that I’ve literally seen nobody talking about it. :dead:

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22 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Exactly what I mean! He’s barely choreographed a dance all season :/ 

Ughh yeah. I am noticing this more each week, especially when i rewatch the dances. :( I wanna see Chrishell do and learn the proper dancing. :broken: 


20 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Omg she looks adorable :wub:

She does! :wub: 

19 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Y’all still jealous of King Gleb we love to see it :wub: 


19 minutes ago, *Lily said:

How does Mama Mai get more iconic every week? Can I vote for her?

YESSS!! :wub: Mama Mai for Season 30!

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22 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Every time Jeannie and Brandon do well, I just remember we never got watch him and Tinashe slay like this and get upset all over again. :/

Ugh they deserved better. :/ Hoping he gets proper justice this year with Jeannie. Even though he deserved that with Tinashe of course. 💔

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“Tainted Love.” :wub:  I love this song! 


This was a pretty solid Tango from Monica. There were a few parts at the start I felt were a little iffy but she actually really turned it out with the performance. She brought fire and passion here, and had really good footwork here. Definitely her best dance yet. Love seeing her grow as a performer too.


Whoaaa wow 9’s for Monica! 😮 Nottt sure if I quite agree there but will need a rewatch. But i also wonder if this is something to help her from landing in the bottom 2.

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1 minute ago, ILuvCarrie4eva said:

Jesse might be the hot guy, but a B2 appearance would've shock me. He's been very underwhelming and currently a tie for the B2. 


What fanbase would he even have?

I’m inclined to agree and also I do think there are guys who may be pulling in the votes more than him.


Saying that I feel like he’s also got the Hallmark movie appeal and wouldn’t be surprised if that audience is supporting him.

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