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DWTS29 Week 5 - 80s Night Discussion Thread!

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Carrie Ann scoring the guy the lowest of the judging panel?  

Carrie Ann giving a higher score than the other two to the hot guy? What a surprise.

Me in Week 1: Why did AJ shave his hair??   Me in Week 5: AJ please never have hair again

2 hours ago, *Amanda said:

I mean, with this new voting format, going at the beginning is more beneficial than going at the end when voting closes literally minutes after the last performance. :haha: 


The downside is lowballing for going early in the lineup. But I think we’re getting to the point in the season where you’re given a 7 just for showing up even if you don’t dance well.

Ooh this is all so true. It affects my voting for couples I'm unsure of voting for if they perform towards the end. :haha: 


OK finally watching the show now!


OMGG Tyra in her gold jumpsuit and big hair. :dead: :wub: 

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2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

They way they’re ignoring that they had a NKOTB member in the first season :dead:



I'm surprised they haven't had another NKOTB member as we've had multiple members from other boy bands. :haha: 

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2 minutes ago, rpryor03 said:

What's that? Gleb's choreography is bad? What a surprise.


1 minute ago, *Lily said:

Felt more of a Jazz dance but that’s to be expected of the bare minimum choreo!


I thought it was cute anyway :wub:



He knows he can get away with the bare minimum because Len's not there to call him out on it. :giggle: 

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