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Payge Turner Fan Thread

Dalton Eduardo

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Payge Turner was born in the Caribbean on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Her mother was very musical and taught Payge to harmonize with her sisters at a young age. When she was 11, Payge's parents separated and thought it best for her to move to the U.S. with her father for a better education. Arriving in Kansas in the middle of winter was a major culture shock for Payge, but she joined the choir and theater and focused on music. She went on to get her degree in music theory and vocal performance, and later moved to Seattle to pursue a career as a soul singer. Payge currently teaches voice and keyboard classes at the School of Rock and plays with her band every chance she gets.


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1. Dalton Eduardo

2. jamescasaki

3. FloorWax

4. B-B

5. VintageVoice

6. echoap

7. TeamAudra

8. David68

9. Misirlou

10. Zainab Tufail


12. Daillon

13. Teraginn

14. Archanium

15. LilBrooklyn18

16. moonlighty

17. thevoicefan12

18. MatthewPalermo

19. Spurrious

20. istersay

21. Maxwell

22. kclarkson1323

23. ATX29

24. thevoicefan

25. starkguy

26. anonymouskid_35

27. Gustavo527

28. Bouli

29. You??


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