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The Voice S20 - Spoilers/News/Updates

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Kenzie Wheeler and MacKenzie Wheeler

I didn’t put this in the Voice Fans Say the Darndest Things Thread because it contains spoilers...   Deion Warren and Durell are gorgeous guys that went home in the battles and should be min

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7 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

FTR, Corey himself came up with that hashtag during his live with Pete, so it wasn't my idea.

But the fact that he posted that on his story shortly after I mentioned his hashtag.... the timing is interesting, to say the least.



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Honestly Corey confirming his lurker status is the least surprising part of that shoutout 😂 (though I guess I now have to put him on the list of “artists who may pop into their fan thread at the end of the season” when he wasn’t originally on there)

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Some YT comments that made me laugh :


"I wish and have my hopes on Ethan💕"


"Rayleigh against Corey. Omg pls let corey at least be stolen🥺😭"


"Dana Monique is the only singer in every premiere, Gean was not glowing after Victor sang about his girl , Andrew won't give up because he was stolen again"


"i wonder if someone asked to smoke a joint with snoop dog after the rehearsal"


"Please when is Ariana coming through..."

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1 hour ago, pauwis said:

Ryleigh will performance before Corey? 


ps: the way John looks at keegan 💔

At the taping, Corey performed first.

We’ll see if they keep it that way when it airs.

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Ciana had a lot of power, but she was pitchy throughout the entire song and it seemed like she was constantly on the verge of running out of breath. Pia was a little shaky on some parts, but her performance was very cohesive and effortless. Overall I thought Pia won that by a lot.

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