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The Voice S20 - Spoilers/News/Updates

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Kenzie Wheeler and MacKenzie Wheeler

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I found it funny because her name is Victoria and her brother’s is Victor. 

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1 minute ago, VoiceTakeover890 said:

y’all better get ready all i’m saying this season is turning out to be as good as season 13.

Did the 4-Way KO finish and was it better than S18/S19's performances?

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Just now, VoiceTakeover890 said:

Shock Wtf GIF by Nick Jonas

what went through Nicks brain during these rounds🙂

I'm so ready for Nick to be a worst version of S13 Miley LMAO. If he's doing as bad as yall are saying, he can be looking at 5th/4th place.

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1 hour ago, seak05 said:

From the first taping, team A - team B, which one are the winners?


Team A:









Team B:


Anna Grace






Yep, that brand new fan thread confirmed that the winners are on Team A. 

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Just now, snoopy2003 said:

Teams Ranked:


1. Team KELLY

2. Team Blake


I’m sorry but I don’t think John and Nick even want to be here anymore the way it’s looking! 😂

The next thing you are gonna say, is that Dana was let go, imagine that.


But meh, John had the weak team since the beginning(voting wise) and his trend is continuing the way it has been going since S17, so what else is new?

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1 minute ago, Misirlou said:

By the way, while John doesn´t have the strongest team, I´d say so far this is his best season as a coach in terms of decisions.

I think Nick and John swapped brains or something lol 😂


Fairly Odd Parents Dog GIF by NickRewind

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