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The Voice S20 - Spoilers/News/Updates


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Nick is a box of surprises. 

Team Kelly and Team Legend are strong for me. But I think KOs are more predictable.
Team Blake is fine and need no more than that to be in the top 2. I can't believe Cam's song choice. 


Deion and Denisha 😭

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25 minutes ago, Someone648 said:



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Team Kelly:
Ainae vs. Anna Grace Felten
Corey Ward vs. Savanna Woods
Gean Garcia vs. Ryleigh Modig
Gihanna Zoe vs. Halley Greg
JD Casper vs. Kenzie Wheeler

Team Nick:
Andrew Marshall vs. Raine Stern
Awari vs. Jose Figueroa, Jr.
Bradley Sinclair vs. Rachel Mac
Dana Monique vs. Devan Blake Jones
Lindsay Joan vs. Zae Romeo

Team John:
Carolina Rial vs. Rio Lana
Christine Cain vs. Pia Renee
Ciana Pelekai vs. Denisha Dalton
Deion Warren vs. Victor Solomon
Durell Anthony vs. Zania Alake

Team Blake:
Aaron Konzelman vs. Connor Christian
Avery Roberson vs. Ethan Lively
Cam Anthony vs. Emma Caroline
Jordan Matthew Young vs. Keegan Ferrell
Pete Mroz vs. Savanna Chestnut







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J: Victor Solomon vs. Deion Warren - U Got It Bad (Usher)
B: Cam Anthony vs. Emma Caroline - 10,000 Hours (Dan + Shay) - Emma SAVED by Blake.
K: Ryleigh Modig vs Gean Garcia - pov (Ariana Grande) - Gean STOLEN by John and Nick. Gean picks JOHN.
N: Dana Monique vs. Devan Blake Jones - Stuck with U (Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber) - Devan SAVED by Nick.
J: Rio Lana vs. Carolina Rial - Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye & Kimbra) - Carolina SAVED by John.
B: Jordan Matthew Young vs. Keegan Ferrell - Calling All Angels (Train) - Keegan STOLEN by NICK.

N: Jose Figueroa, Jr. vs. Awari - You Say (Lauren Daigle)
K: Corey Ward vs. Savanna Woods - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) - Savanna SAVED by Kelly.
B: Ethan Lively vs. Avery Roberson - Just Got Started Lovin' You (James Otto) - Avery STOLEN by KELLY.
J: Zania Alake vs. Durell Anthony - Emotion (Bee Gees)

N: Zae Romeo vs. Lindsay Joan - Rewrite the Stars (Zac Efron & Zendaya)
K: Anna Grace Felten vs. Ainae - You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse)
J: Ciana Pelekai vs. Denisha Dalton - You Broke Me First (Tate McRae)
N: Raine Stern vs. Andrew Marshall - Adore You (Harry Styles) - Andrew STOLEN by BLAKE.
B: Pete Mroz vs. Savanna Chestnut - Have A Little Faith in Me (John Hiatt)
N: Rachel Mac vs. Bradley Sinclair - Your Song (Elton John)
K: Gihanna Zoe vs. Halley Greg - Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran)
J: Pia Renee vs. Christine Cain - Baby (Brandy)
K: Kenzie Wheeler vs. JD Casper - Fishin' In the Dark (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
B: Connor Christian vs. Aaron Konzelman - I Ain't Living Long Like This (Waylon Jennings)


Nice job on getting this on the top of a page btw

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12 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

@Bk1234 Zae vs. Lindsay comments, please? 😅

-One source liked Lindsay more and said Zae’s voice was too low. 

-John thought it was equal but gave a slight edge to Zae. 

-Kelly would also pick Zae.

-Blake said that Lindsay shocked him and that he would pick her. 

-Nick said nerves had an affect on the performance and that it was shaky. Nick has trouble making a decision.

-Another source said that Lindsay and Zae got better as the performance went on. 

-This source said that Zae was more controlled, but that Lindsay would have been stolen had the battle occurred in one of the earlier tapings. 

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30 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

Team Kelly:

Kenzie Wheeler
Ryleigh Modig
Anna Grace Felten
Gihanna Zoe
Corey Ward
Avery Roberson (stolen from Blake)

Savanna Woods (4WKO)


Team Legend:

Ciana Pelekai
Victor Solomon
Pia Renee
Rio Lana
Zania Alake

Gean Garcia (stolen from Kelly)
Carolina Rial (4WKO)


Team Nick:

Dana Monique
Rachel Mac
Jose Figueroa, Jr.
Zae Romeo
Raine Stern

Keegan Ferrell (stolen from Blake)
Devan Blake Jones (4WKO)


Team Blake:

Cam Anthony
Ethan Lively
Pete Mroz
Jordan Matthew Young
Connor Christian

Andrew Marshall (stolen from Nick)
Emma Caroline (4WKO)


Team Kelly is looking pretty strong, and Team Blake has a lot of people with voting potential. Team Legend seems to be decent. Team Nick has some people I think could really break out in the next round.

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4 minutes ago, MatthewPalermo said:

Blake has no girls except for the one in the 4-way KO, lol

To be fair he wanted to steal Ainae, but they didn´t count that one in because he was too late. And apparently he really wanted to steal her.

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8 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

From what I've heard, Denisha was pitchy and Deion flopped hard. Don't know about Lindsay though, I'll let @Bk1234 answer that 😅

I know but I liked them from what I heard online.


Lindsay was supposedly good

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1 minute ago, David68 said:

Jose vs. Awari montage candidate 

Since we´re having the same format as S18, where two battles were montaged, I´d say Jose/Awari and Ciana/Danisha are getting montaged since apparently both weren´t good, and Raine/Andrew are going to be shown in full because of the steal.


They better not dare to touch any of Kelly´s or Blake´s battles.

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