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The Voice S20 - Spoilers/News/Updates


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Just now, VoiceTakeover890 said:

Y’all let me just say these results were more surprising then last season!

Very much so. The only "shocking" battle result last season was Lain losing to Chloe. Liam losing wasn't that shocking to me tbh.

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Team Kelly:

Kenzie Wheeler
Ryleigh Modig
Anna Grace Felten
Gihanna Zoe
Corey Ward
Avery Roberson (stolen from Blake)

Savanna Woods (4WKO)


Team Legend:

Ciana Pelekai
Victor Solomon
Pia Renee
Rio Lana
Zania Alake

Gean Garcia (stolen from Kelly)
Carolina Rial (4WKO)


Team Nick:

Dana Monique
Rachel Mac
Jose Figueroa, Jr.
Zae Romeo
Raine Stern

Keegan Ferrell (stolen from Blake)
Devan Blake Jones (4WKO)


Team Blake:

Cam Anthony
Ethan Lively
Pete Mroz
Jordan Matthew Young
Connor Christian

Andrew Marshall (stolen from Nick)
Emma Caroline (4WKO)

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Team Kelly:
Ainae vs. Anna Grace Felten
Corey Ward vs. Savanna Woods
Gean Garcia vs. Ryleigh Modig
Gihanna Zoe vs. Halley Greg
JD Casper vs. Kenzie Wheeler

Team Nick:
Andrew Marshall vs. Raine Stern
Awari vs. Jose Figueroa, Jr.
Bradley Sinclair vs. Rachel Mac
Dana Monique vs. Devan Blake Jones
Lindsay Joan vs. Zae Romeo

Team John:
Carolina Rial vs. Rio Lana
Christine Cain vs. Pia Renee
Ciana Pelekai vs. Denisha Dalton
Deion Warren vs. Victor Solomon
Durell Anthony vs. Zania Alake

Team Blake:
Aaron Konzelman vs. Connor Christian
Avery Roberson vs. Ethan Lively
Cam Anthony vs. Emma Caroline
Jordan Matthew Young vs. Keegan Ferrell
Pete Mroz vs. Savanna Chestnut




J: Victor Solomon vs. Deion Warren - U Got It Bad (Usher)
B: Cam Anthony vs. Emma Caroline - 10,000 Hours (Dan + Shay) - Emma SAVED by Blake.
K: Ryleigh Modig vs Gean Garcia - pov (Ariana Grande) - Gean STOLEN by John and Nick. Gean picks JOHN.
N: Dana Monique vs. Devan Blake Jones - Stuck with U (Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber) - Devan SAVED by Nick.
J: Rio Lana vs. Carolina Rial - Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye & Kimbra) - Carolina SAVED by John.
B: Jordan Matthew Young vs. Keegan Ferrell - Calling All Angels (Train) - Keegan STOLEN by NICK.

N: Jose Figueroa, Jr. vs. Awari - You Say (Lauren Daigle)
K: Corey Ward vs. Savanna Woods - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) - Savanna SAVED by Kelly.
B: Ethan Lively vs. Avery Roberson - Just Got Started Lovin' You (James Otto) - Avery STOLEN by KELLY.
J: Zania Alake vs. Durell Anthony - Emotion (Bee Gees)

N: Zae Romeo vs. Lindsay Joan - Rewrite the Stars (Zac Efron & Zendaya)
K: Anna Grace Felten vs. Ainae - You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse)
J: Ciana Pelekai vs. Denisha Dalton - You Broke Me First (Tate McRae)
N: Raine Stern vs. Andrew Marshall - Adore You (Harry Styles) - Andrew STOLEN by BLAKE.
B: Pete Mroz vs. Savanna Chestnut - Have A Little Faith in Me (John Hiatt)
N: Rachel Mac vs. Bradley Sinclair - Your Song (Elton John)
K: Gihanna Zoe vs. Halley Greg - Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran)
J: Pia Renee vs. Christine Cain - Baby (Brandy)
K: Kenzie Wheeler vs. JD Casper - Fishin' In the Dark (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
B: Connor Christian vs. Aaron Konzelman - I Ain't Living Long Like This (Waylon Jennings)

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