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The Voice S20 - Spoilers/News/Updates

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I found it funny because her name is Victoria and her brother’s is Victor. 

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Just now, disney1024 said:

So at least we now know for sure that the premiere date isn't changing, which means that neither will the taping dates again lol 😂

Imagine the chaos that will be created if The Voice suddenly premieres on a later date lmao 🤣


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last season me and my internet friends along with some conservative girl who is irrelevant tricked everyone and told them season 19 got cancelled and the show would end after the knockouts it was so funny 

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1 minute ago, wap484848 said:

ali caldwell should’ve won season 11

While I agree with you, there's a reason why we have a general discussion thread. This thread is for S20 spoilers discussion only. I think we've all already seen what happens when we forget that one simple rule lol 😂


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Re-opening the thread now. Please remember to stay on topic and be respectful of all members, including moderators. Thank you to those of you who reported the issues and tried to help keep the peace. 




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i can't believe i got fooled into thinking there was new info about the voice again because the thread was hot. what we got was very much something else :haha:

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