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The Voice S20 - Spoilers/News/Updates


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2 hours ago, Misirlou said:

Had Kenzie been with Blake, we wouldn`t even think that Cam has a chance of beating him.


Yup...it would have been highway robbery..but it would have been easily foreseeable. 

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Oh, man. Random thoughts about Kenzie taking over Kelly's instagram. 

  •  First of all, it was so sweet of her to give Kenzie the plataform. Winning or losing, Kelly is a sweetheart of a coach. 


  •  Kenzie: Jordan, say hello... 


           Me: Yep, we could be friends 🤣


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Posted (edited)

A few minutes late (had to fix and eat dinner) but here's the latest social media stats




Cam did overtake Kenzie on FB. He now leads in all metrics except Twitter Views but that's because Victor sang a Beyonce song (lots of view, low RTs/Likes.


Average Rank Predictions - All Metrics:

  1. Cam
  2. Victor
  3. Rachel
  4. Kenzie
  5. Jordan



Average Rank Predictions - Views per Like:

  1. Cam
  2. Rachel
  3. Kenzie/Victor
  4. Victor/Kenzie
  5. Jordan




wrong thread. oh well...

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Posted (edited)
24 minutes ago, Lion road said:

My predictions:
Winner: Kenzie
Runner-up: Cam
Third place: Victor
Fourth place: Rachel
Fifth place: Jordan

He didn't endorse Kenzie, I just want Kelly to have her fourth win.

All about the coach again. 😂😂

FTFY also.

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3 hours ago, snoopy2003 said:

Kelly’s victories are always historic


Brynn is the youngest voice champion and the first ever artist to win after not getting a chair turn the previous season!


Chevel was first country artist to win who wasn’t on Team Blake!


Jake was the first 1 chair turn to win (Chris Blue was the final artist in Season 12)!


Kenzie will hopefully be the first blocked artist to win!

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3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

That would work for Cam too :peace:

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