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Worth the Wait Fan Thread

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Sorry, not certain what happened to the original. Hopefully, this one  will not randomly disappear. 

This is from an Instagram post, but since Instagram embeds don’t want to work, here’s the post... 💖   The Meaning Behind the Name & Movement...In the world we now live in, we rush to do jus

Hey guys, worth the wait is offering autographed photos, I've already requested mine!   https://www.facebook.com/108321817226566/posts/464081524983925/?app=fbl

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I was planning to save this, but I just wanted to share something REALLY special...a photo from the night of Mia and Jacy's first performance. Pitman Theater in Gadsden, AL. Cannot remember the year, but I believe it was a Veteran's Day celebration. Either way, they are so cute! (Shameless plug...my mother made Jacy's dress)


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