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Worth the Wait Fan Thread


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On 10/31/2020 at 6:26 PM, Bk1234 said:

Am I the only one who wants them to sing some Danielle Bradbery? 

Me too LOL. I also want them to sing some of Danielle's original stuff. Heart Of The Dixie would be a great one. I want to see how Mias voice sounds like when they sing this and their harmonies would be great too.

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This is from an Instagram post, but since Instagram embeds don’t want to work, here’s the post... 💖

The Meaning Behind the Name & Movement...

In the world we now live in, we rush to do just about everything. We are in a hurry practically every single minute we are awake. But there are times we shouldn’t be. A valuable & priceless attribute is self-love. Realizing you are truly worthy of the very best life has to offer, including not rushing to grow up as a teenager & not accepting less than you deserve at any age, is so important. You are valuable. You are special. Your thoughts, ideas, feelings are exquisite! And your bodies are beautifully unique...& yours. The world may try to tell you differently. You are amazing & totally worthy of being treated well & with total respect. 

Also in life, if you put your mind to something, set goals for yourself, work hard, no matter how long it may take for you to achieve them, you will be successful! And it will feel so amazing!! So rewarding!! And totally worth it all!! 

You are worth the wait! 
I am worth the wait!!

And we are...


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