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IDF Decides The Results of My Competition (Winner Announced!!!)

Which of the Three Teams Is Your Favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which of the Three Teams Is Your Favorite?

    • Team Bk1234
    • Stefano’s Girls (Friend #1)
    • Team C (Friend #2)

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I have counted up the votes and the results are in! The results will be posted tomorrow. 😊   VintageVoice @JC @FrogLenzen @DorisAnn @anonymouskid_35 @Zainab Tufail @thevoicefan12 @David

I just wanted to post the Knockout guidelines below... -Each coach will have four pairings each.  -Each coach will have one steal, but no saves.  -One knockout will be the three-way knockout,

The Top 10 theme is Love Songs! 💖 Performances and voting methods will be posted sometime over the weekend! 😊   @VintageVoice @JC @FrogLenzen @DorisAnn @anonymouskid_35 @Zainab Tufai

Top 10




David Archuleta

Song: Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley)





Song: Kiss (Prince)





Maelyn Jarmon

Song: Stay (Rihanna)




Scotty McCreery

Song: Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not (Thompson Square)




Haley Reinhart

Song: Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)





Song: Treat You Better/Fallin' All In You (Shawn Mendes)




Kelly Clarkson

Song: Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) (Aretha Franklin)





Song: Perfect (Ed Sheeran)




MaKenzie Thomas

Song: Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion)




Genavieve Linkowski

Song: I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)




Your votes will decide...

-Which nine contestants will make it to the next round (Top 9.)



Voting Methods


Survey Heart Voting: 

  • You will "vote" by ranking the performances from worst to best. 
  • Each question will contain a performance and you will select a placement/point value for it. 
  • For example, if you thought Kelly Clarkson delivered the best performance, you would select the option "1st Place (16 pts.)"
  • There will also be a question asking for your IDF Account Display Name. You can only vote ONCE per IDF Account! 
  • Please do not give more than one performance the same point value or I will disregard all of your votes! 
  • Current Survey Heart Poll: https://surveyheart.com/form/5fafd37e11457452796b5b7f

IDF Private Message (PM) Voting: 

  • You can "vote" by shooting be a PM with the the contestant's number and the number of times you want to vote for that contestant. 
  • You can vote 10 times per contestant with this method. 
  • Please keep all of your votes in one private conversation with me! 
  • For example, if you wanted to vote for Jurnee 10 times, you would PM @Bk1234 "Jurnee (x10)."
  • PM Voting Is Currently Open.

Google Forms Voting: 

  • You can vote for all your favorites on a Google Form. 
  • You will have to give your IDF Account Display Name. 
  • You can vote using a total of five Google accounts. 
  • I will disregard all of your votes (on all Google accounts) if you use more than five Google accounts. 
  • Current Google Forms pollhttps://forms.gle/qS8TRMfKYmzPACkX9

Top 16 Voting Will Close on Thursday, November 19, at 9pm EST.


What did you guys think of the show? Who deserves to make the Top 9?



@VintageVoice @JC @FrogLenzen @DorisAnn @anonymouskid_35 @Zainab Tufail @thevoicefan12 @David68 @taylorkat @Crisis @Koatterce @Leekleekington @SwimmerStud87

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  • Bk1234 changed the title to IDF Decides The Results of My Competition (Top 10 Performances and Voting Links Posted!)
1 minute ago, Bk1234 said:

Can I have Kelly and Genavieve come to the center of the stage?


Based off of the public's votes...

Kelly and Genavieve are safe!




VintageVoice @JC @FrogLenzen @DorisAnn @anonymouskid_35 @Zainab Tufail @thevoicefan12 @David68 @taylorkat @Crisis @Koatterce @Leekleekington @SwimmerStud87

Yay Kelly and Genavieve. :clap:

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  • Bk1234 changed the title to IDF Decides The Results of My Competition (Winner Announced!!!)

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