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The Glee Rankdown

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I know this is a shocker but I am advancing: RUMOUR HAS IT/SOMEONE LIKE YOU! This mashup is EPIC is is probably the best mashup of the whole series. ❤️ Adele did not influence my decisi

Happy Birthday Naya. 🥲

Also, I know I said I was gonna randomize the rounds after this one, but I was thinking we could do Finn's round next. I feel like it would be fitting to have Santana and Finn being the first two roun

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Still time to sign up for the Quinn Fabray Round!


1. @*Amanda

2. @*Diana

3. @JC

4. @Solaris

5. @FrogLenzen

6. @*Chris

7. @*Wallace

8. @*Lily

9. @totes4totes

10. @.Rei

11. @~*8Kay8*~

12. @goofycilla90


Also, thinking I might pause the character rounds after it to do the Christmas songs round since it's December now!

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19 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Got all of the rankings in from those who are rankers.

Gonna need at least one more vote from the public to break up a few ties there. (!) 

I’ll listen to the songs at work tomorrow if you still need one by then. If you get one before then though don’t wait for me.

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