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DWTS 29 Week 2 Discussion Thread

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Is this satire?

~My Dancing with the Stars 29 Week 2 Review~ Preface- We saw out first 8, our first “injury”, and another rushed show. 1. Nev/Jenna (Cha Cha) 21/30: He clearly has trained in dance that isn’t


Scoreboard Recap

Justina & Sasha:  42
Kaitlyn & Artem:  42
Nev & Jenna:  41
Jesse & Sharna:  38
AJ & Cheryl:  37
Skai & Alan:  36
Johnny & Britt:  36
Anne & Keo:  36
Jeannie & Brandon:  36
Monica & Val:  35
Vernon & Peta:  35
Nelly & Daniella:  34
Chrishell & Gleb:  31
Charles & Emma:  27
Carole & Pasha:  27

The spread was 15 points, with a percent difference of a measly 2.81%.  But at least, there was a decent bottom 2.

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~My Dancing with the Stars 29 Week 2 Review~

Preface- We saw out first 8, our first “injury”, and another rushed show.

1. Nev/Jenna (Cha Cha) 21/30: He clearly has trained in dance that isn’t being mentioned. No one moves their arms like that without training. Probably the most natural male celeb this season.  My score: 21/30

2. Skai/Alan (Samba) 15/30: They just can’t give Alan a good Samba song. He’s had two country songs, and then a Neyo song for a Samba. A shame about the leg trick mishap. It did throw her for a bit, but like Derek mentioned, she can comeback from this. My score: 17/30

3. Johnny/Britt (Tango) 18/30: I was surprised in a way with the messiness of the feet and posture from an ice skater. It was an interesting dance, but he needs to clean up the technique. My score: 17/30

4. Justina/Sasha (Foxtrot) 21/30: Justina is such a natural mover. She’s very emotive too when she dances, whether it’s joy like last week or more emotional like tonight. Her arms are incredible. Honestly deserved a higher score My score: 23/30

5. Monica/Val (Jive) 16/30: I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by Monica so far. I think I thought she’d be a little better. Granted this Jive didn’t have a lot of content, but Monica just needs to be challenged and perform more. My score: 16/30

6. AJ/Cheryl (Foxtrot) 19/30: It was pretty good, definitely performed it and well and was more comfortable, a bit too tricky for me, more time in proper ballroom hold. My score: 19/30

7. Anne/Keo (Foxtrot) 18/30: Anne needed a bit better posture, more stretched back and less clingy onto Keo, but she’s still a surprise in her dancing and how she’s approaching this competition. My score: 18/30

8. Nelly/Daniella (Cha Cha) 18/30: I actually thought this wasn’t a lot of a Cha Cha in content, it needed less Disco/smooth type of moves. He’s still a bit rough around the edges. My score: 17/30

9. Chrishell/Gleb (Rumba) 18/30: She’s a good dancer, and I’m glad she improved more. Still a bit of work to do with her transitions and arms, but much improved and glad the votes are giving her a chance. My score: 18/30

10. Charles/Emma (Cha Cha) 15/30: Very stiff, and just the height difference was tough. He just wasn’t a natural mover and too low key of a personality to stand out. He was the right pick to go home first. My score: 13/30

11. Jesse/Sharna (Foxtrot) 20/30: He still gives off a very “mean/serious” face when performing. It was a nice routine, a bit of technical issues, but a bit forgettable. My score: 18/30

12. Jeannie/Brandon (Cha Cha) 18/30: She’s till got tons of potential and she’s having fun on the dance floor. She’s someone I can see improving each week. But god I hate that song. My score: 19/30

13. Carole/Pasha (Viennese Waltz) 16/30: Well good for her she improved. My score: 14/30

14. Vernon/Peta (Paso Doble) 18/30: We Found Love is a great song but awful for a Paso, it suits a Cha Cha or Tango better. Paso needs a better song to build the tension and aggression. He was good, but a bit off time in spots. My score: 17/30

15. Kaitlyn/Artem (Foxtrot) 22/30: Enough with the will she, won’t she nonsense. Clearly the dance of the night even with a small stumble. She’s a great dancer and it’s so nice seeing Artem with someone who can really dance with a fan base. My score: 23/30

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Still need to catch up on the show! But hmm Carole being bottom 2 confirmed suspicions for me. I just don’t think she has the voting base that usual outlasters have had.


Who would have seen her winning a judges’ vote though?! :dead: Charles is almost certainly the only person she could beat though. I’m guessing we’ll see her gone next week.


Seeing the rest of the scores, too...Skai scoring joint-lowest, next to Charles and under Carole? Really judges? I’ve only seen Skai’s dance so can’t comment yet too much, but I still think she recovered pretty well and I’d be surprised if I liked Charles or Carole more.

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Yeah, Skai wasn’t good but she definitely wasn’t worse than Carole. It’s your typical case of an underwhelming dance early in the running order like we saw with Chrishell last week.


The judges were extremely harsh with scores during the first hour and extremely generous in the second hour. Going later in the line-up definitely helped out Charles and Carole in that regard. I do think they improved slightly, but not as much as the scores indicate.

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