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John Holiday fan thread


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John Holiday








he has a fantastic range can do a lot with it I think he could go very far in this contest if you want to be added just say add me

1 jamescasaki

2 Jus vshn

3 zainab Tufail


5 B B


7 random personhere

8 David 68

9 Moonlighty

10 Jordan smith fan

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John Holiday - All By Myself (Celine Dion) vs. Cami Clune - I Put A Spell on You (Nina Simone) - Kelly STOLE Cami
                                                   Congrats to John Holiday for making it to the *lives!                                                                        

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3 hours ago, Zainab Tufail said:

What y'all think of his chances at getting the PV in PO. I think it would be rasor-thin close between him and Tamara but he may get that cz he has an edge over Tamara when it comes to vocals


Honestly I think it depends on how the people take to Tamara and Desz. One of them is bound to get more support than the other (like Kyla vs. Tish Haynes in Season 14). Once we see what happens there, we will be able to find out what happens with John.

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