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Battle/KO losers that should have won against their respective opponent


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51 minutes ago, Sid Dean said:

Season 14 (Jacklyn Lovey deserved steal in knockouts) 

Hm, S14 wasn't really that stacked and Jaclyn did really well in BAs and battles but still that pitchy messy performance she gave in the KOs alone wasn't really worthy of a steal. Maybe steal based solely on her previous work? Sure. But based on that performance? Hell no

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Off the top of my head (if they lost both rounds, I've noted the round next to their name):

  • Toia Jones (S7)
  • Lyndsey Elm (S9)
  • Morgan Frazier's KO(S9)
  • Mike Schiavo (S10)
  • Shalyah Fearing's KO (S10)
  • Michael Sanchez (S11)
  • Hunter Plake (S12)
  • Stephanie Rice (S12)
  • Chloe Kohanski (S13)
  • SandyRedd's Battle (S15)
  • Kameron Marlowe (S15)
  • Rizzi Myers (S16)
  • Mendeleyev (S17)
  • Marina Chello's KO (S17)
  • Alex Guthrie (S17)
  • Darious Lyles (S18)
  • Tayler Green (S18)

While in some cases losing worked out well (eg, Hunter's battle loss got him to Gwen and he got a lot further than he likely would've otherwise given how stacked Team Alicia was and Chloe winning with Blake), it's a gamble and can be controversial if the audience ends up getting attached to a losing contestant.

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