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The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0


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1 minute ago, *Chris said:

As someone who like Alexis Michelle, mainly post-RPDR, she did not deserve to make it as far as she did :haha:

She’s kind of like Derrick (but less annoying) to me. Like I can’t say I think she warranted a fifth place finish but... when would she have gone? There were usually two people worse than her, and when she did land in the B2 the first, she was better in the lip sync. :haha:

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4 minutes ago, *Chris said:

As someone who like Alexis Michelle, mainly post-RPDR, she did not deserve to make it as far as she did :haha:

Agreed. Though I know nothing about her post DR of course lol. :haha:  But I googled pics of her from the show and just drew blanks lmao. I did remember her shady quote to Tamar Braxton.


2 minutes ago, Elliott said:

THE SHADE :dead:


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7 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Tamar looked ready to cut someone :giggle:


But she’s on a show with BeBe, Jujubee and Thorgy where she’s the least useful part of the cast. 

She did! :dead: 


Oooh.... that's cool. This isn't too surprising with this specific cast. :haha: 

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LMAO I made the silly mistake last round leaving Vivacious alone last round thinking she would be an easy cut for other rankers bu then she got saved. :dead: I won’t be making that same mistake  again, soo yeah cutting Vivacious here. Now I don’t dislike or have anything against Vivacious, but she’s someone that does not stand out to me in the grand scheme of things. 


Vivacious is a Drag Queen who competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6. She lasted 3 weeks on the show and placed 12th (out of 14).  I remember really liking her name a lot and thought it was cool and unique but didn’t feel she lived up to her name. Vivacious was one of those queens that represented the older Club drag scene and how she is knows and is inspired from the older drag queens from that time era. She had some really bold, daring and powerful outfits on her runways and that always stood out.  I didn’t really remember her in the challenges on the show, and she would be meh/forgettable there. She’s also known for having that Ornacia headpiece which was quite memorable. :haha: Vivacious landed in the Bottom 2 on Week 1, lip syncing to “Express Yourself” against Kelly Mantle. Vivacious was really great here and won that battle. This season was a 2-week premiere so she had a bye week on Week 2. On Week 3, she delivered an underwhelming performance on the “Drag Race Me to Hell” Scream Queens episode She was apart of Team Adore’s 1980s Horror film scene. But she seemed unsure with her acting and lines, and did not embrace the character. She landed in the Bottom 2 again here. She lip synced against April Carriôn to “Shake It Up” and lost this battle. She intrigued me and was someone I wanted to see last longer on the show but she didn’t bring it on the challenges. :( This is probably quite a geneous spot for Vivacious to finish but well done to her getting this far!


Saving: Alexis Mateo



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75b69b90276c9852944a30f6d65794ef2dec080e.gifv be3519bd46e2044c2415c537aa5187f2be5a7b0f.gif  e9d31ffe068ef95e8332d910cae7c73f144378f3.gif


"Next week, I’m gonna walk the runway as Quasimodo."


Originally from France, Nicky Doll made history as the first French drag queen to appear RuPaul's Drag Race, upon her casting on the 12th season of the popular reality-tv competition.  While her time on the show was short-lived, due to her insecurities in relation to her cultural background, Nicky Doll managed to leave a positive impression on the audience due to her high-fashion look. In fact, there's no denying that Nicky Doll was one of the most polished queen of the season who continually served us high-fashion look such as her "Fall Look", "Sparkle Look", "Buttons and Bows Look", and "Balls to the Wall Eleganza" - some of her looks ended up being in my favourite looks of the season. 


If Nicky would have made it past Week 5 where she had to lipsync against Heidi N' Closet, she would have continued to serve us with flawless runway looks including an epic performance of Marie Antoinette in Snatch Game. Here are some of the looks Nicky had prepared for the remainder of the season; 


HEDh6RZ.jpg BY8TP9i.jpg img%5D en0Ov3D.jpg 

Since her appearance on the show, Nicky has been focusing on a modelling career - she was recently featured on Jean Paul Gaultier's instagram. As well, upon her appearance on the show, Vogue Paris interviewed here. However, what she's best known for since RPDR is having done Pete Davidson's make-up on SNL. 

Overall, Nicky Doll is a queen that I appreciate & like especially due to her being a French queen which was something refreshing to see on the show. And I wish her nothing but the best in her feature endeavours especially in the modelling world! 


Edited by *Chris
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4 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

That was exactly the point! I didn’t want him nominating people I like while I can’t cut/save. :haha: 


And thank you! 

Oooh. Lol I should have said this on some of the rouns I couldn't cut/save on. :giggle: 


4 hours ago, Elliott said:



Mariah! :wub: 

2 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

The Overbearing Diva makes even Happy Birthday overwrought and boring, I see!


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2 hours ago, #jeah said:

Wally and Chris putting in the WERK saving Alexis and Yara

Thanks, we are TRYING. 


Though I'm not too pleased with them being targeted. :/ But this means, I cantaret whoever I want too. 🙂 

1 hour ago, *Lily said:

I really care for none of these people so not sure what way to go here. (although would save Blair, but if Andrew is saving her than I might wait out a little til I make my choice. :haha:)

As long as Blair gets saved, yeah I don't care what else happens. :haha: 

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Miss Fame


Picture later


I think she is someone I may have saved earlier but lol now I am cutting her. I do not remember too much about Miss Fame, but she definitely is one of the queens who is about beauty and trying to look your best although she was never going to be the best looking on her season sorry betch. Anyways I remember her being the mean girl Regina George on her season and maybe being the villain and getting into fights with others? I am not sure, she just looks like the type but she was friends with Violet Chachki and got sent home by Pearl. Oh it is also super interesting that she is Danish Colombian.


save Rock m Sakura hadoken

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  • Elliott changed the title to The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0

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