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The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0


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10 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

Actually... @Elliott I'm the one who cut Stacy, so if I need to bring back someone else I choose Shannel.

Andy brought back Eureka, who he also cut, so I would think it would be okay to bring back someone you cut if you were to want to do so? :unsure: 

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On 9/5/2020 at 4:28 PM, Elliott said:

Tyra Sanchez
Raven (AS1)
Jujubee (AS1, AS5)
Tatianna (AS2)
Pandora Boxx (AS1)
Jessica Wild
Sahara Davenport
Morgan McMichaels (AS3, AS5-LSA)
Sonique (HSS)
Mystique Summers Madison
Nicole Paige Brooks
Shangela Laquifa Wadley (S3, AS3, HSS)

What do y'all have against S2, smh

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I didn’t care for Max on Season 7 really, I think she’s a cool queen but not really someone I’d root for. She had some good moments - I remember liking her looks in the Season 7 fashion show on the first episode (the Fall Look was a standout for me in particular). And she was off to a good run! Having two wins in the first five challenges is obviously very impressive.


Max’s downfall is Snatch Game. She plays an over-exaggerated Sharon Needles, which BOMBS. Such a rough performance. Then of course, there’s the weird meltdown on the runway. Which I don’t really hold against her because I think there’s some clear reality TV editing at play, and I’m sure that’s been discussed since. Then, she doesn’t stand a chance at the lip-sync. Gets decimated by Jaidynn to a Michel’le song...it was an easy win for Jaidynn.


Overall I don’t just really care for Max hence the cut here. I believe she kinda stepped away from the public eye a little and so we probably won’t see her again. Wish her the best though!

Saving Aja



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21 minutes ago, #jeah said:

She was good on AS3 but I do not enjoy her personality. Not that mind blowing of a nomination given the names left

Yeah, Aja won me over in AS3, but i couldn't stand her in her original season (whichever season that was).

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  • Elliott changed the title to The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0

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