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The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0

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*I know Carmen is technically 5th but I refuse to acknowledge that





@*Lily - 1

@*Wallace - 1

@Elliott - 3

@sublymonal - 7

@#jeah - 12

 @*Chris - 12

@Solaris - 12

@~Tom~ - 12

@Deeee - 13

@FrogLenzen - 13

@JC - 13





While I love when someone pulls a Yamaguchi, usually I would give someone a slight tanking if they had already won before because I'd like to see someone else pull off the win. I can't tank Shangela, though. She's my all-time #1, and I'll always pull for her to do the best she can do in these rankdowns.

What I've always loved about Shangela is simply the story arc. "Started as a baby, now all grown up". Shangela enters the competition as a baby drag queen in Season 2. She's a little all-over-the-place, struggles in the first challenge, and goes home, but shows promise in her lip-sync. Thankfully, Ru sees something in her - and Season 3, she's out of the box and back into the werkroom. I'm so glad we got to see Shangela for longer because this season showed that she is an excellent reality TV star as well as drag queen. We get moments such as the top-tier Sugar Daddy rant and her manipulating Carmen Carrera into picking reggae for her performance, just as a few examples. Shangela is such a great queen to root for in this season, some of the other girls doubt her ability, and she really holds her own all the way to fifth place (I know she's technically sixth, but like... is she? Do we really have to count Carmen coming back and being immediately eliminated as a fifth placer). 

After Season 3, Shangela continues to be the professional she is, and really elevates her drag. When she comes into All-Stars 3, she's a far cry from the baby queen we first saw all those years ago. She is a full-on competitor, and it's so exciting to see someone go on that growth arc. Shangela brings the drama, funny moments and Game of Thrones references that we needed from her this time around, and this time, it's joined by so many incredible performances. We get to see her win three challenges, all the while delivering three great lip-syncs in each episode. Her looks have stepped up a lot (even if her design skills are still a little rusty). Shangela played the game excellently, and got screwed as we know by the format. Let it be known that if the queens knew about a jury, Shangela would be nailing that jury management. The way that only one of these queens could give her a vote still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Although Shangela now has a long-lasting Drag Race legacy as a robbed goddess, so I'm glad people are giving her the respect she deserves.

Shangela has continued to do great things since All-Stars, most notably making an appearance in A Star is Born, and walking the Oscars red carpet! Oh, and not only that... she performed in front of BEYONCÉ! She performed a Beyoncé tribute, in front of her, at the GLAAD Awards, and then met her. Truly legendary. My two queens meeting.. what a moment. Overall, I think it'll be hard for anyone to top Shangela for me. She's an icon, I'm glad she won last time, and I'm just glad she made it this far this time.





Yayyy I am super happy that Shangela made it through into the Final 15 of this rankdown, which of course she deserves that honor of doing so. I would absolutely love and stan it if Shangela were to pull a Kristi Yamaguchi and do a two-peat win back to back Drag Race rankdown games. Since i am in support of that, I will give her my #1 ranking. Although I am not all that confident in her winning, as I am 95% certain Sola will tank her score to give someone else a win, and probably some other rankers. Ban them from joining the next game, Elliott. But in honor of my #1 ranking, I am not 100% certain but do feel pretty sure that Shangela is probably my favorite contestant to be on Drag Race. Okay maybe she was kind of hit or miss with her runway looks in Season 2+3 (and we won’t talk about her design skills), but I thought she improved on AS3. But besides that, she slayed in various other challenges - like the comedy challenges, the acting challenges, the music/dance challenges and lip syncs and just everything! :omg:Shangela holds that rare honor of being my favorite on two of her seasons, which were: Season 3 and All-Stars 3.

Season 2: I found Shangela to be a lot of fun and was so sad she was the first boot. :( In the one episode she was in, I still liked her more than a good 5 or 6 of them. :haha: I know she had a bad Christmas outfit on the design outfit episode but ugh I wish she lasted longer than she did. :broken:

Season 3: Shangela is an icon and thank goodness she was brought back for Season 3! Shangela has personality for DAYS and she had me cracking up in every episode. Definitely my favorite personality of this season. She really excelled on challenges that involved personality - like the workout video, where she played the Gossip Columnist and of course the standup comedy. The standup comedy act was ICONIC + I need to watch that comedy act everyday. :dead: Yeah sadly she was lacking experience in the drag world compared to the other Queens but that didn’t bother me, esp. with my lack of drag knowledge. There were comments of her dress/hair/make-up not being on point but I thought she looked fine soo I dunno. I can admit that objectively she wasn’t the ~strongest of the competition and left at the right time although i was annoyed Carmen came back and got that 5th spot over Shangela, as I’d like to think of Shangela as 5th. Even though she deserved to be in the finals. 😘[/biased]

All-Stars Season 3: I was a big of Shangela’s from Season 3 so of course i was glad to see her on AS3. It wsas great seeing how much success and how hard Shangela worked since her time onS2/S3 and really grew on her drag experience. I thought she was an absolute star on this season and every episode except one. As always I found Shangela to be naturally and absolutely hilarious in her soundbites and amongst the other Queens. Her Game of Thrones references and strategy talk and calling people out on that was sooo hilarious and always had me cracking up. :lmao: Like all of her calling out on Bebe, BenDeLaCreme, Milk and others were all so funny but never done in a rude b-wordy way which is what I always love about Shangela. As far as the challenges - I thought she delivered strongly on them. I really loved her opening song/dance routine from the Talent show and thought that was Top 2 worthy. She did a great job as Mariah Carey on the Drag Divas Live! episode. I thought she was funny on the Polyamorious Duo role on The B*tchelor but I guess Chi Chi brought her down - but Shangelia was funny for the both of them. OMGG her Jenifer Lewis on Snatch Game was freaking hilarious and SO spot on!! :dead: Absolutely loved that! :haha: Let’s not talk about the Pop Art Ball challenge - sewing is not her thing at all. I was happy to hear she took sewing classes and I thought she really improve there but…. not so much.  At least she tried. :haha: I thought she did well and deserved more credit on the Girl Groups episode but I get that it wasn’t her strongest moment either. She was a great standout as Actavia on the My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaid Wedding Trip movie episode. :haha: And lastly she KILLED it on the Kitty Girl performance. She was giving serious pop star vibes! :omg: So Shangela won 3 challenges and looking back not only that but won all of her lip sync battles too. I agreed with all of her decisions and felt she made fair and right decisions while building up her strategy game amongst the Queens she did save. But wow…. the eliminated Queens jury twist was absolutely SO wrong and they id Shangela SO dirty it was disgusting. :/How does Shangela win the most challenges of the four Queens but get the least amount of votes to make the final 2 (and less votes tun Bebe’s whose campaign the Queens all hated and felt was too pageantry). And all because she’s ~a huge success out of the show and doesn’t need this win~ even though she 100% earned it. Disgusting how robbed she was and my heart broke for her when she got eliminated. Shangela is hilarious and such a breath of fresh air. She deserved the win and was iconic from start to finish. And that’s that on that. (!)




Shangela is Drag Race Royalty™. The treatment she just received from everyone not named Lilly or Wally is upsetting. Shangela was amazing television in season three, All Stars 3 and the Holi-Slay Spectacular. The way that she became a two-season contestant before that was a thing. The way that people expected her to just show up for the entirety of the first half's run. The way that she slayed All Stars 3 

except for the Warhol Ball and was done so dirty at the end. Shangela is an icon and I'm pressed to see her get tanked like this.




Well I didn’t participate in the rankdown that Shangela won so in theory I’d love to see her win...but since she won the last rankdown I guess I’d rather see a different winner so I’m putting her in my bottom 5. I absolutely adore Shangela and think if she won AS3 she’d be one of the best winners ever. Shangela is just really good TV. Memorable sound bytes, iconic moments, fantastic lipsyncs, she did it all. She was the original Vanjie and is one of the most recognizable names in the drag world. I also named my car after her lol, fun fact. Love Shangela overall and in a different rankdown I wouldn’t mind seeing her win. But we have to add to our own hall of fame so I hope she doesn’t take this. Lol




"I'm the Daenerys Targaryen of drag."
"Ru's looking at me like, 'that's my daughter. That's my baby.'"

When we were first introduced to drag race icon, she was an inexperienced drag queen which ultimately resulted in her elimination & being the first queen to be eliminated from the 2nd season.  Despite being the first queen eliminated on Season 2, it was clear that it was not going to be the last time we were going to hear from Shangela - she was the first queen to be brought back for a second chance during the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race.  Upon her return on Season 3, Shangela found herself in a similar position as the previous challenge where she struggled with the sewing challenge - she would later find herself in the LSFYL against Venus D. Lite whom was sent home.  During the 2nd week of the competition, it was clear that Shangela's drag improved when she impressed in the acting challenge & winning her first main challenge - acting & improvisation proved to be her strong-suit in the competition by placing safe or high during those challenges. And as expected, her runway presentation especially during sewing challenge proved to be a challenge. Upon her return, Shangela eventually placed 5th with 3 appearances in the Bottom 2. 

With a strong showing in the challenges on the 3rd season, Shangela's highlight of the season was primarily her personality, her confessionals and her presence in Untucked which provided us many iconic moments such as "tulle gate" & the following:

ArtisticMarriedGelada-small.gif AchingEntireIcefish-small.gif Fwxj.gif
tumblr_n829o1wpRj1rn3sbpo6_250.gif tumblr_n829o1wpRj1rn3sbpo7_250.gif tumblr_n829o1wpRj1rn3sbpo8_250.gif

After more than 7 years since the airing of RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 3, Shangela found herself to compete on the 3rd season of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars where she positioned herself as a frontrunner from the start.  In the first week of the competition, she delivered a strong lip-sync routine to be followed by a flawless & iconic performance in the Divas Lipsync Live as Mariah Carey - this said performance landed her in the top of the week where she won the week after delivering a strong lipsync performance to "Jump (For My Love)".  And similar to her time on the 3rd season of RuPaul's Drag Race, she impressed the judges with her acting skills in The B!tchelor and Snatch Game where she delivered an incredible performance as Jenifer Lewis - the latter performance landed her in the top where she & DeLa both win the week following their performance in the "I Kissed A Girl" lipsync.  The remainder of the competition, Shangela held her own despite some mediocre challenges - my favourite performance of hers remains her performance in the "Kitty Girl" performance:   

tumblr_p5nydjEX1w1tddlqho5_400.gifv tumblr_p5nydjEX1w1tddlqho4_400.gifv
"Step aside, I'm back again
So hype, so lit, adrenaline
I'm Shangela, say what?!
Started as a baby, now I'm all grown up
Gonna take this verse just to let you know (uh-huh)
Never listen to the haters, be a pro
'Cause I worked my way, paid my dues
Now I got the whole world screaming halleloo!"

And that verse perfectly described her journey on RuPaul's Drag Race especially in relation with the evolution of her drag which was incredibly visible throughout the season.  On past season, Shangela was often criticized for not being polished enough or her runway looks being mediocre - she proved all the naysayers wrong by delivering so many iconic look throughout the season:

o2z3plp.gif 5ojbS5y.gif 
IyFYOPl.gif SKHakHT.gif 
[a5DSpRn.gif 7gGROCk.gif 

Unfortunately, her domination was not enough to crown her the winner of the season - although one of my all-time favourite queen won, I would have given the title to Shangela. However, Shangela never truly needed the crown as she is one of the hardest working drag queen in the business - she has since scored a role in "A Star Is Born" as well appearing alongside Eureka & Bob on HBO's "We're Here" which I recommend everyone to watch.  At the end of the day, she is a winner in everyone's heart & that's what matters! 

Overall, I absolutely Shangela and she's certainly in my Top 15 drag queen of all-time. However, my ranking for Shangela this time around has been more strategic as I would prefer not having a repeat winner & I believe she's another favourite to take it all, this time around.  In other words, my ranking for Shangela does not reflect my personal feelings on her as I absolutely love and I consider her to be one of the GOAT to ever compete on RuPaul's Drag Race.




Last rankdowns winner.  I voted against her in the last round, because I wanted a new rankdown winner for my first experience.  If I was ranking based on my actual favorites, she’d be in my top 5 of this Top 15.  Shangela is an icon, in every sense of the word.  Iconic first boot in season 2, iconic mess in season 3, iconic everything else in All-Stars 3.  Seeing her growth from season to season has been extraordinary.  Some of my favorite moments from Shangela are her comedy challenge in season 3 as Laquifa, her lip sync in the fat suit against Trixie, her untucked fight with Mimi Imwurst, Jenifer Lewis snatch game and her all-stars runways.  Honestly, there is nothing to complain about with Shangela except that she is already won.




Shangela has quite the journey on RPDR. From leaving first in S2 to making it to 6th place in S3 (though I didn't love her that much ten, I only really remember her having a lot of trouble with the sewing machine). So it was RuPaul's Hair Extravaganza, Shangela had to sew three different outfits, and was seen as the weakest according to the judges. So, Shangela ended up lip-syncing for her life in the bottom two, with her good friend Alexis Mateo in Season 3. Alexis won the lip-sync so Shangela ended up sashaying away. She came back for AS3 and though I knew she would not win (thanks Elliott), she was still very rootable and was the second most consistent after Queen BenDeLaCreme, and the former couldn't win I wanted her to. Also, how can you not stan someone who makes constant GoT reference in her confessionals?

However, I'm ranking her on  the lower side because I don't want to see her win again!

















Shangela is a WERQIN' GIRL. A professional. The star power. The legend. The icon. The Queen of Drag Race. That b*tch. A television professional. Booked and busy. She set the standard tbh. I didn't rank her highly this year for ~reasons~ but it really does not get better than Shangela.


Who won All-Stars 3. By the way. In case you forgot. 🙂




Shangela is in my Top 3 of all time. Easily. All of my Top 3 happen to be in the finals here. Shangela is one of the most hilarious queens to ever step foot in the workroom. Last rankdown we separated the Shangelas into each season appearance. And she still won the whole thing easily. This rankdown they are all combined. That makes Shangela even stronger because I absolutely adore her S3 run. Shangela carried the entire plot of the season. Her talking heads are legendary. Untucked moments. Tulle-gate. Sugar Daddy. Tricking Carmen into Reggae. I can't say enough. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the other rankers this game allow Shangela into the finals again. 
But she just won last game. Will she be tanked by people now? Very very likely. So instead of placing her in my Top 3 where she truly ranks for me, I'm going to play around with rankings and try to boost others.




Shangie is one of the few queens I have seen live and I enjoy her. I was rooting for her once Ben left on All Stars 3, but then she was obviously epicly robbed by the bitter drag jury. And then we got the mess of a top two in Trixie and Kennedy so it was just hilarious. It was honestly Ben's fault for that debacle because she should have clearly won that season, but Ben probably knew she was the prime target to leave if she was not in the top, so she wanted to leave with her amazing record in tact. Anyways, Shangie is this low just because she won already and we do not need her pulling a Kristi Yamahoochie.


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Just now, FrogLenzen said:

I love self-fulfilling prophecies. I was scared she would rank low so I ranked her low which caused her to get a low rank. Ugh my mind.

Something something make Shea Coulée the All Winners champion something something

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*me starting to work on the next queen to get back on schedule only to realize that I put someone's #11 ranking as #1 and now there's a tie for 9 that I have to break*


Why am I a rankdown host, again?

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On 4/22/2020 at 5:14 PM, Elliott said:

01. SHANGELA (AS3, technically 4TH)


AVERAGE: 2.33 🤯



Derek - 1 👑

Lily - 1 👑

Public - 1 👑

Zoey - 1 👑

Vee - 4

Dee - 6



Megan - 1 👑

Andrew - 2

Elliott - 2

Kay - 4

Tom - 4

Andy - 5

Chris - 5

JC - 7

Victoria - 14




Apparently there exist people in the world who dislike Shangela. That is unfortunate. Those people are wrong. Shangela in S3 was one of the best reality show contestants ever. Shangela in AS3? Wow. What did we do to deserve to be blessed like this. I went into AS3 knowing that Shangela would be my favorite. I already knew. Because I love Shangela. Remember in Season 3 when the judges kept saying "wow she's so talented but maybe drag is not really where she wants to put that talent." WOW they look like fools. Shangela's drag in AS3 was impeccable. She already had the best talking heads of the entire series. She already was the most charismatic queen alive. She already was amazing at acting and comedy and improv and EVERY type of challenge. But now she also had the looks, the makeup, the polish. Truly a professional. Shangela is one of the most mainstream queens, too. She was in Shallow. At the Oscars. Guest star on TV shows. She is a drag race icon and it is a real shame that the jury went the way it did. I guess you just never know behind the scenes. How could she only get 1 vote????????? Robbery. And the worst part is that we were robbed of the final lip sync performance and had to watch her walk to the back of the stage with all her reveals lol. What a poor way to end a rocky season. If Shangela won AS3 people wouldn't hate it so much. It's still a ratchet mess of challenges with soup cans and farting scripts, but people would at least be able to know that the right person won. Oh well. Maybe she will win here. It's what we all deserve.



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3 minutes ago, Elliott said:

*me starting to work on the next queen to get back on schedule only to realize that I put someone's #11 ranking as #1 and now there's a tie for 9 that I have to break*


Why am I a rankdown host, again?

I’ll host the next one and you can participate!

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1 minute ago, *Chris said:

I’ll host the next one and you can participate!

I'll consider it. :giggle:


Even if everyone somehow knows my favourites despite me being an IMPARTIAL host.

Edited by Elliott
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Just now, Elliott said:

omg where is this from? :dead:


Celebrity Big Brother :wub: They put a random homophobic politician in the house and then in the first week the cast got to unanimously vote him out with most of them stating it's because he's a bigot ❤️ 

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3 minutes ago, *Lily said:


Celebrity Big Brother :wub: They put a random homophobic politician in the house and then in the first week the cast got to unanimously vote him out with most of them stating it's because he's a bigot ❤️ 

I'm still mad about the fact that twist was needed that more Brits apparently evicted Nancy over Winston :/

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