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The Drag Race Rankdown 3.0

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#15. JIMBO




AVERAGE: 11.00

@#jeah - 8

@*Lily - 8

@~Tom~ - 9

@sublymonal - 10

@Deeee - 10

@Elliott - 10

@Solaris - 11

@JC - 12

@*Chris - 14

@*Wallace - 14

@FrogLenzen - 15




Legend! I don’t know what the judges were smoking all season long. Jimbo brought a confidence and fully realized queen all season long, similarly to what we saw with Jaida in season 12. She pretty effortlessly did well in challenges and set the bar incredibly high in runways. Jimbo brought humor, shade, and drama to the season that kept me invested in the show. Jimbo was fun and memorable and is by far the queen that sticks in my mind the most in CDR1. I have to rewatch the season at some point but I definitely feel Jimbo is one of the best runway queens ever. Long live the drag clown!





'm ranking Jimbo at #8, and it's great to see her as one of two queens from Canada to make it to this stage. Jimbo's run in the competition was really amazing, and she had so many great highlights throughout. From the start she was such a unique and exciting queen, and her variety of runways left me SHOOK. I have so many favorites there but my main favorites were her Quebec-ky with the Good Hair and Not My First Time runways. Jimbo had so many amazing moments, obviously her Joan Rivers Snatch Game was a big standout. Obviously the messy judging on this season meant that the judges were continously sleeping on her! I think there's a great case to be made for Jimbo being Canada's First Drag Superstar. But hey, I also won't complain if we get an International All-Stars one day because I know Jimbo would slay that too.





At #9 comes Wally's very favorite queen, Jimbo! Jimbo was the comedy queen of Canada's Drag Race. She was no Bianca Del Rio, buth then again who is? Her performance as Joan Rivers was the main highlight of her run, as well as her shady confessionals and other challenge wins. She also presented many varied looks on the runway, with her highlights being Not My First Time, Paper, Denim, and Coronation Eleganza to name just a few. I often looked forward to seeing hat she would do on the runway as she was such a weird character. Should've been in the finale over Scarlett Bobo for sure, but at least she made the final vote in here.





Like Priyanka, I knew Jimbo would be one of my favourites when I saw his gothic "Barbie Girl" lipsync during the pre-season ball. Jimbo was quirky and absurd and while I don't usually like "clown drag", Jimbo had a way of making it funny and fashion. Unfortunately, Jimbo was quite under appreciated by the judges, but I think Jimbo's status as a fan favourite will be enough to secure him a spot on any potential Canadian all-stars seasons. I personally think you could make the argument for Jimbo having far more wins than he did, including the Canadian Box Runway, the Heritage Minutes Challenge, the Law Commercial challenge, and the Pageant Challenge. That being said, I do think Jimbo was objectively one of the worst in the Ball and that he lost the lipsync to Rita, but I was still sad to see him go even if it gave us one of the funniest exits in Drag Race her-story:











"Your mother and I invented the Snatch Game."


Remember when Jimbo single-handedly slaughtered the competition on Canada's Drag Race? But was slept on every single week? Degraded by the judges for absolutely zero reason? Robbed of numerous wins? Eliminated before the finals unjustly?


From the moment Jimbo walked into the Werk Room, it was absolutely clear that a star was born. A legend. The greatest clown alive! Drag Race does not get better than Jimbo being absolutely terrifying and odd for five minutes straight upon entering the competition. Drag Race does not get better than Jimbo during the Fierce Blizzard photoshoot. Drag Race does not get better than Jimbo's winning performance on "I Smell Burnt Tucks." Drag Race does not get better than her iconic Snatch Game performance as Joan Rivers that still makes me laugh on the daily. Or her Denim on Denim on Denim dominatrix runway look. Or her Québeck-y with the Good Hair runway look. Or her performance as Miss Behavin' during Miss Loose Jaw. Or her Paper Singe-Use runway look.


Or her reading Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman for absolute filth on the main stage. Or her reading Ilona Verley for absolute filth in Untucked. Or her reading Rita Baga for absolute filth in Untucked. Because Jimbo is an absolute savage and the clear highlight of the iconic first season of Canada's Drag Race. She set the bar WAY high for those that follow in her footsteps. The amount of uniqueness and talent and nerve and charisma in this one is undoubtedly higher than most queens that have ever stepped foot in the Werk Room.


There will never be another Jimbo. Or another queen that comes as close to being so out-of-this-world that you fall in love instantly. Jimbo is television gold and drag royalty. Period. End of story. All of you should put respect on her name, but I have zero faith in you all doing that!!!





Jimbo was my favourite from Canada's Drag Race's first season. I didn't really watch any of the cast ru-veal videos, but I did watch the Canada's Drag Ball they did before the premiere on YouTube not knowing anything about the cast. So when Jimbo came out dressed as gothic clown for his lip sync to Barbie Girl, and described his drag as "slutty clown demon," I knew I would have no chance but to stan. :wub: Jimbo had a really great run despite the judges constantly harping on sleeping on him; I'd say his worst challenge was either the acting challenge that Lemon won and Priyanka should've won, or the ball at the end that he got eliminated on. I would've loved to put him in the finale, but Rita did outperform in that lip sync and the judges were too busy acting like Scarlett NoNo was the greatest queen ever. Over it. Anyway, I don't really know where to rank him all things considered with my favourites, so I put him here for now.




Would probably be ranked #14 if I were ranking based off likability.  I love Jimbos personality and runways.  While she was slept on in the challenges, I feel she is a tad bit overrated on IDF.  Jimbo is not my choice to be in this Top 15.  I voted for Latrice Royale to advance.  Jimbo was 4th season in the first season of Canada’s Drag race.  Jimbo had zero challenge wins, and only lip-synced the week she was eliminated. I did think she should have been in the finals over Rita and Scarlett though.  Also satisfied with my final ranking of her.  Not sorry aboot it.




Jimbo was very interesting and a bit quirky. I did not really connect that much with the Canadian version as I found the first few episodes especially to be quite boring and then there moments in the middle that made it seem like it was getting better, but then it still did not really go anywhere for me. Like I felt the most entertaining parts were like the crazy people like Kyne and Boa. I did enjoy Jimbo and always had positive feelings towards her so that is definitely a plus for her so congrats to the betch for making it to the finals.





mt2wWND.gif 1HvU3lA.gif ahCk13N.gif 


"Drag is all around us. It's the costume, the character that you put on in the morning to face the world.
And anyone that can fearlessly self-express and share that in the world should be commended."


I originally did a write-up for Jimbo in hope of making a final cut which meant I was going to cut Jimbo, but Elliott had other plans in mind so here is my write-up for Jimbo:

And now, let's talk about Jimbo's time on Canada's Drag Race where she was without a doubt the surprise of the season. When we were first introduced to Jimbo through "Meet The Queens" video, she was one queen that I was unsure about & not too sure how she would be received by the public or judges.  Upon the start of the season, Jimbo quickly became a fan favourite with her hilarious performance in the photoshoot challenge - after the strong showing in this challenge, she impressed the judges with her Canuck Couture outfit where she placed high. The following week, Jimbo was able to shine in the acting challenge take on the "Famous Five" - she was the star of her team & truly benefited from being part of a weak team, in my opinion.  After strong showing in the first two week of the competition, she was declared safe for her performance in the group challenge - I truly do not remember her performance in said challenge as I feel that Kiara really stole the spotlight by having a catchy part of the song.  After being high or safe since the beginning of the competition, Jimbo found herself in the bottom during her involvement in the fashion line challenge - her team look was far from the best, but Jimbo was able to convince her teammate to craft their look around her look even though it meant that it wasn't going to be cohesive; This was truly a brilliant move on her part!  


Her shining moment came the following week with Snatch Game where she absolutely nailed Joan Rivers - a celebrity many people been waiting to see on Snatch Game - it was clear that the win was hers, even though her runway look was far from the best.  After scoring her first win, she was able to find herself placing high, once again, following the lawyer challenge - she was truly amazing in this challenge with an amazing runway look; I will admit she should have won this challenge but this does not mean that as fan, we should cyberbully other queens & judges.  She would later place low for one of the most underwhelming challenge of the season aka Miss Loose Jaw, and she would placed safe during the following week. After a strong showing throughout the competition, she found herself in the bottom for the first time following the Ball challenge - she faced off Rita Baga in a underwhelming LSYFL but Rita Baga certainly won the LSFYL, imo, as I found Jimbo focusing too much on her headpiece instead of giving it her all.  


I absolutely enjoyed Jimbo during her time on Canada' Drag Race - she probably would be my third or fourth favourite, overall. I thought that she had an excellent showing in the majority of the challenge, gave us some iconic lines in Untucked especially her exchange with Rita Baga & her wig, and she delivered some strong look throughout the season such as the first design look of the season, Quebecky with the Good Hair, hommage to my queen, and the denim look which is my favourite of the season. 

Now the reasons why I am cutting Jimbo : she is a contender in the long run considering she received immunity at the start by Elliott & never been nominated ever since. While I like Jimbo, I find her to be a tad bit overrated in general - I love her drag & I think she's a star but I don't think she was the best from Canada's Drag Race - this is my opinion & I hope you respect as I am respecting everyone's opinion regarding Rita Baga or other of my favourites.  Anyway, I have no doubt that we will see more from Jimbo on a future season of All-Stars if International stars crossover.






Lol I love how people think I am not a fan of Jimbo’s and think ~I hate her~ when that is so far from the cast. I mean, she’s by no means a big or all-time favorite of mine but I do like her. But she is def one of my least faves of this Top 15, and I was stuck on whether to put her at #13 or #14 but ultimately decided to put her at #14.


Jimbo competed on Drag Race Canada Season 1 and finished at 5th place. Jimbo was the weird and quirky Queen of the season and as you know those types of Queens can be hit or miss for me / takes me some getting used to and becoming a fan of. That was the case with Jimbo but Id id grow to really enjoy her. Jimbo did really impress right from that premiere design challenge episode with the long rainbow themed dress. That was a strong, fun and quirky look and she sold it. A deserved Top 3 spot for her. Jimbo was a standout with playing the old closeted judge in The Muffragettes group on the Her-itage Moments episode. Then how she revealed herself from a judge to a closeted drag queen was so hilarious. :lmao: I don’t really remember her performance in the Team Dwolls group on the Not Sorry About It girl group rap battle  episode. All I do remember was Jimbo struggling on the choreography and her being mad at herself not picking up the choreography. But she wasn’t terrible enough to be in the Bottom so that’s good. Omggg Jimbo with her Maison Papier group with Ilana & Tynomi was…. something else. Yikes Jimbo was not liking their idea and just wanted to do her own thing. It worked out for Jimbo as her paper styled Queen inspired dress was a great and strong look -and far better than Ilana & Tynomi’s knights look. It seemed like Jimbo was like “Well I’m not gonna go out there in those hot mess outfits you two have” or something? :haha: But she h ad a good fashion and Marie Antoniette old school look that totally worked. Her portrayal as Joan Rivers on Snatch Game was amazing and hysterical. She had Joan down so perfectly and really shone from start to finish. She had me cracking up every time she was on stage. :dead: I also loved her Celine Paris Fashion 2019 week look too. This was pretty much my favorite week of Jimbo’s and I saw her as a true contender here (even though I did some other weeks too). I thought Jimbo was fun & hilarious on the STAR SIXTY-NINE episode. She played Debbie D*ckhole on The B.E.L.L.E.S. episode and she was once again so OTT, crazy and hilarious with her character. That “IT’S MY SPECIAL DAY” line was so hilarious from her! :lmao: Oooh and this was another runway look I really loved from her where she had that full on denim jean catsuit look. I think that was when Jimbo peaked as she slowed dipped down in the challenges and runway looks on her last three weeks. She was hilarious with her Miss Behavin’ (Sex positive horndogess) character. She had fun and does well with the overtly sexualized characters and she wash hilarious with how OTT she was there. Sadly her runway look wasn’t so well liked here and the judges were hating her make-up and dress being so poofy and not really a pageant look which I did get. I thought Jimbo did a really good job at transforming her partner Eka into her drag family in the Welcome to the Family episode. They did resemble each other  well. Their red leather latex outfits did have that overtly sexual feel to it and it seemed off brand from her quirkiness. I thought they did well with the looks - but it was middle ground for me. Jimbo had one of, if not her actual weakest episode, on The Snow Ball 3 looks outfit. Neither of her three looks were that strong or really popped. I did think her first two looks were fun but I didn’t care for her Ice Queen Eleganaza look. I did agree with the judges that her looks took a decline in quality, didn’t stand out like her past looks and it came off like she was feeling comfortable. Or maybe she used up her best looks and ideas early on? She did well with her “Closer” lip sync but I did think Rita was the stronger lip sync performer so I agreed with Jimbo going out here.  But this surprised me as i really thought Jimbo would have been a shoo-in for the finale but I was fine with her missing out.




 love love love love Jimbo. Twisted. Canada has an amazing Season 1, but it was Jimbo that really grabbed and held my attention right from the beginning of the season. She brought something that seemed fresh and different than we're used to getting in the drag race formula, but she was also a seasoned queen in her own right. We weren't watching a young new drag queen experiment with things, we were watching a fully realized presentation of an artist. Seasoned + fresh was such a fascinating combo for me. Jimbo was a phenomenal look queen and was phenomenal in the acting challenges. Won Snatch Game. Should have won the first week. THE DENIM LOOK. IT'S MY SPECIAL DAAAAAAY. Iconic. The makeover. Even that twisted ballgown thing she thought was so glamorous. And also she gets that added underdog boost since the judges kept sleeping on her.


And also she gave us some of the best drama of the season backstage. Her fight with Rita was so hilarious, mostly because Rita was so unbothered and Priyanka's reactions. Also her argument with Ilona was amazing. You can't be a good queen unless you have some amazing feuds on the show hahaha. My one qualm is that I wish she brought it harder in the lip sync. Jimbo knocking out Rita to get in the finals would have been amazing. But I think she lost fair and square. That damn headpiece. Dammit Jimbo.




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Just now, Solaris said:

Something weird happened with the formatting.  That said, about what I expected for #15

I forgot to put a [/quote] after Andrew's write-up and there's no way to change it without redoing the entire post. :/


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1 minute ago, FrogLenzen said:

I loooove Jimbo but I didn’t see her having any chance of ranking high against the others, so I just put her last. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy I guess...

There were several things you predicted in your write-ups that came true. 👀

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2 minutes ago, Deeee said:

I gave her immunity at the very beginning of the game and never needed to worry about her. A perfect finalist. 

Jimbo inadvertently being immune for 80% of the game because I fail at math. :dead:

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4 hours ago, Elliott said:

Wally has entered the chat.

I don't hate Jimbo.:lmao: 

4 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

Wally not ranking Jimbo at #15? Plot twist!

It was a shock? 😮 

4 hours ago, Solaris said:


Second last place is Wally's go to for hate ranking.

LOL Whatttt? Again, I don't hate Jimbo at all. :lmao:


Totally fine with Jimbo ranking at 15th. I don't hate her but would have preferred a number of other Queens in the finals over her. :haha: 

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Okay with Jimbo being 15, she had her charm but not surprised she’s last.


hopefully the bad dumpster rash will clear out next! 🙏 This is probably going to be like Elliott with Leona Lewis.

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2 minutes ago, JC said:

Okay with Jimbo being 15, she had her charm but not surprised she’s last.


hopefully the bad dumpster rash will clear out next! 🙏 This is probably going to be like Elliott with Leona Lewis.

Who is the bad dumpster rash?

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