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Good performances by contestants you don´t like


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Name some good performances by contestants that either weren´t your cup of tea or you straight out disliked that you at least respected or acknowleged they were good.


Jake Hoot (S17) - "Cover Me Up": Wasn´t a fan of his at all but this performance was stunning. It´s pretty much the only one I listen from him.


Rayshunn Lamarr (S14)- "Try a Little Tenderness": Wasn´t that much of a fan, but his energy was just about right for this one, and his vocals were on point. Deservedly got out of the bottom.


Jake Worthington (S6) "Have a Little Faith in Me": I didn´t like Jake at all throughout his season and the fact he made it over vastly superior vocalists, but I gotta admit he sang the hell out of this song on the battles, and his harmonies with Tess were great.


Colton Smith (S15)- "Scared to be Lonely": Not a fan at all, but this was pretty decent and better than a lot of the others that night.


Shane Q (S17)- "Jealous": His only good showing in the lives, he was actually pretty controlled here and brought the emotion. Sadly it was the only time he did throughout the show.


Aliyah Moulden (S12):"Mercy"- Pretty good, didn´t like the rest of her performances.


Paxton Ingram (S10): "Break Every Chain"- Didn´t like him at all, but this was pretty good.



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The Swon Brothers (S4) - "Danny's Song": This was the duo at their best and even though I would've preferred Amber or Sasha over them in the finale, I can see how they made it over those two based on this.


Jake Worthington (S6) - "Don't Close Your Eyes": A really solid old-school country song that got him on the show that was a much better vocal fit than whatever he'd done for his previous blind.


Craig Wayne Boyd (S7) - "Can't You See" and "The Old Rugged Cross": Both really all-around solid vocals that proved he deserved to make the lives and the finale, respectively. (Side note, I'm beginning to see a pattern with my "not a big fan but..." nominees)


Joshua Davis (S8) -  "Budapest" and "Fields of Gold": Josh's voice wasn't that technical, but both songs fit him well for different reasons - Budapest allowed him to go contemporary while still being focused on the strong points of his voice, and Fields of Gold brought out the Sting sounds that I'd heard snippets of previously while still being true to who he was as an artist (plus it pulled him out of the Instant Save Danger Zone)


Jesse Larson (S12) - "The Letter": It still doesn't hold a candle to Laith's audition, but it's a solid vocal and the second-best rendition of the song I can remember happening on the show.


Davon Fleming (S13) - "Ain't No Way": It was the only one of those Instant Save performances that week that deserved to move on.


Pryor Baird (S14) - "Night Moves": If you want to give someone with that level of rasp a non-country song, Bob Seger is a great choice. He topped the iTunes chart over social media favorites Brynn and Britton with this one, and rightfully so.


Abby Cates (S15) - "Because of You": She had a lot of potential to keep building on an upward trajectory after this, and then "Next to Me" happened.


Andrew Sevener (S16) - "Simple Man": As much as I wanted to see Shawn or Rod in the finale, this was the strongest of the Instant Save performances from that round.


Jake Hoot (S17) - "Desperado": Though I'm still kind of annoyed he got the semifinals pimp slot despite not needing it the way other acts may have, he was right behind Rose on the strongest overall performance of the night vocally speaking.


Zan Fiskum (S18) - "Blowin' In The Wind": I was less of a Zan fan then a lot of others on here, but this was really pretty; had it been a normal season with two moving on via public vote, she should've been the other besides CammWess to get it. At least John made the smart move and picked her as his save.

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That 10-second clip of Alexa Cappelli singing "Pray".


I wanted to like her, I thought her blind audition was okay, but her later performances just didn't hold a candle to it.


But this, just sounded great, even if we got so little of it, and listening to the studio, I honestly believe it could've been the best battle of the season if Hannah Goebel didn't drop out, and we got to hear it Live, and it sounded anything like the studio did.

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S1: Inventing Shadows~Dia Frampton

S2: I Believe I can Fly~Jermaine Paul

S6: Can't help falling in love/Hold on we're going ome/Wrecking ball ~ Christina Grimmie.

S6: Let It Go~Kat Perkins

S8: Make It Rain~Koryn Hawthorne

S9: Cowboy Take Me Away~Emily Ann Roberts

S14: Here Comes Goodbye~Brynn Cartelli

S18: Piece By Piece~Megan Danielle

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Jim & Sasha Allen (S21) - "Leaving On A Jet Plane", "Home", "Stay"

Lynnea Moorer (S15) - "Wolves" (at first I didn't like her after she went through the Comeback Stage, but she proved me wrong)

The Swon Brothers (S4) - "Danny's Song"

Kenzie Wheeler (S20), Jake Worthington (S6) - "Don't Close Your Eyes"

Aliyah Moulden (S12) - "Jealous" (I sympathize with her on that one)

Reagan Strange (S15) - "DOMO", "You Say", "You Are The Reason"

Kat Hammock (S17) - "Vienna", "Kiss Me"

Joana Martinez (S17) - "You Can't Stop The Girl"

Aaron Gibson (S11) - "Losing My Religion" (for some reason)

Darby Walker (S11) - "Ruby Tuesday", and maybe "Stand By Me" for some reason

Marisa Corvo (S19) the salt queen - "Perfect"

Sundance Head (S11) - "The Climb", "No One"

Will Breman (S17) - "Say You'll Be There", "I Don't Care", "My Body"

Carter Lloyd Horne (S16) - "Drinkin' Problem", "Way Down We Go"

Tyke James (S15) - "Perfect", "Ring of Fire"

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Jim and Sasha Allen- Home (but i did like them during the time this was aired, i didnt start disliking them until Top 13)


Jim Ranger- With A Little Help from My Friends I wouldn't say I disliked him i was just salty that he got through over Cami lol


Tyke James- Ring of Fire





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