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Favorite Songs from Voice Alumni

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1- Only Love _ Jordan Smith



2- Stand In The Light _ Jordan Smith



3- Box _ Jordan Smith


I couldn't find the original video but here is link of a reaction video


4- Settle _ Jordan Smith ft Noelle Cruce


TBH Jordan's song are one of the most inspiring ones I really love him for sharing these beautiful songs to us

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On 8/30/2020 at 2:02 PM, Zainab Tufail said:


TBH Jordan's song are one of the most inspiring ones I really love him for sharing these beautiful songs to us

One of my favorites is “Ashes” the song he co-wrote and that Celine Dion sang for the movie DeadPool 2. In the Supercut extended version they use Jordan’s version in place of “Take On Me” in one of the final scenes and it is honestly so much better. 


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This song by Lauren Duski, from about 9-10 years ago is one of my favorites from her. There used to be a music video with hundreds of thousands of views, but she had it taken down. A lyric video isn’t quite the same, but it will have to do. I’m actually surprised I found this. She probably doesn’t know about it. Every time we posted an unauthorized video in her thread, it was gone within a day. Enjoy it before it’s gone. 


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Here's some of my faves off the top of my head. Tried to share legit links whenever possible. Some of my snowflakes are more prolific in originals than others. One literally started on songwriting just recently.



Luke Wade: Someone Like You (Only Ghosts)



Will Champlin: Last Man Standing (Borrowing Trouble)



Will Breman: Annemarie (Santa Barbara Soul Music)



Ryan Quinn: Your Way (Some Dream)



Josh Kaufman: Let it Be Real (Forgetting...To Remember...To Forget)



Michael Sanchez: Station 37 (The Standards')



Kameron Marlowe: Tequila Talkin' (Unreleased)


Barrett Baber: Your Name (A Room Full of Fighters, Walmart Exclusive Edition) (this was tough, I have many unreleased favorites, but this is my go-to)


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