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POLL:Rank These KO/CB Winners Edition

Hamza Tufail

POLL:Rank These KO/CB Winners Edition  

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  1. 1. 1- Which KO Do you Like The Most ? ( Batch 1 )

    • S3: Cassade Pope~Payphone
    • S4: Danielle Bradbery~Jesus Take The Wheel
    • S5: Tessanne Chin~Stronger
    • S7: Craig Wayne Boyd~Can't You See
    • S8: Sawyer Fredericks~Collide
    • S9: Jordan Smith~Set Fire To The Rain
    • S10: Alison Porter~River
  2. 2. 2- Which KO/CB Do You Like The Most ? ( Batch 2 )

    • S11: Sundance Head~The Climb
    • S12: Chris Blue~Supersrition
    • S13:Chloe Kohanski~Landslide
    • S14: Brynn Cartelli~Here Comes Goodbye
    • S15: Chevel Shephard~Travelin Soldier
    • S16: Maelyn Jarmon~Mad World
    • S17:Jake Hoot~Cover Me Up
    • S18:Todd Tilgman~Anymore

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Batch 1

1. Sawyer Fredericks: Ok, very unpopular opinión, but his knockout gave me instant chills the first time i listened it and still does to this day

2. Jordan Smith: His performance was AMAZING. OUT OF THIS WORLD

3. Tessanne Chin: Same as Jordan

4. Alisan Porter: Beautiful performance, i loved her voice in this one. 

5. Danielle Bradbery: Her voice in this particular performance is so addictive to hear. Very clean and powerful

6. Craig: not a fan of him, but hey, his performance, as much i don't like to admit it, was very good

7. Cassadee: One of her worst, but still, she showed some raw potential



I liked every one of these performances:

1. Chloe Kohanski

2. Chevel Shepherd

3. Maelyn Jarmon

4. Brynn Cartelli

5. Todd Tilghman

6. Chris Blue

7. Sundance Head

8. Jake Hoot


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I can’t do all of batch #1, since I didn’t start watching until S6.


Batch #1



Batch #2


1. Brynn - It won her the show

2. Chevel - Put her in the conversation at the very least

3. Chloe - See comments for Chevel 

4. Maelyn - Same as the the two above. 
5. Todd

6. Sundance - I like Sundance, but hate the song, and he screamed too much. 
7. Jake

8. Chris 

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