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Taryn Papa Fan Thread


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Go check out the story on this account. It has a video of Taryn slaying “I will Survive” in a Nashville bar carrying around the tip jar among the audience. She interacts with the audience like very few (or nobody?) I’ve ever seen. And I think she has a quick wit, which we saw a little of after her blind. This is why she’s one of only 4-5 female led bands performing regularly on Broadway. She’s not just a singer, she’s a performer....and a very good one. Obviously, she won’t get to use all of those skills on this show. 


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Well, I'm keen to hear what she does on the show, at least. Reckon will be able to listen to a lot... I'm expecting a long run, maybe, even, right to the end.  I, certainly, feel the potential is there.  So, I'll be doing the fan thing & paying close attention.

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1 hour ago, TeamAudra said:

She’s performing at Ole Red tonight. If by chance anyone reading this makes it there, let us know how it went, even if you have to join the forum. 


Hope there will be some videos from this 🤞  I know I will be looking for any 😊  If any, will put in here..

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New gorgeous photos of this season's queen.





Okay idk what's up with IG, but she posted new photos to keep us busy while we wait for her amazing battle(and her getting robbed by a basic teenager but its all good)

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