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Most unforgettable acts


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Just now, ATX29 said:

Maelyn is the best pure vocalist ever on the show imo.

But...I was a casual viewer before season 13 when I heard Addison sing for the first time.  She is the reason I began to follow the show as closely as I do.

Addison oh my god. Her voice just carries emotion better than anyone else I've heard. I'd say that Lauren Duski can also carry emotion with how she sings, but Addison is the queen of emotion ❤️ 

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Maelyn Jarmon was the first thing that came to my mind, she was like the purest vocalist I've heard on The Voice so far, just a really special person, she's got it all, the range, the beautiful phrasing, tone, and the looks, what a queen.


Tone-wise, I think the one that is unforgettable is Addison Agen's, love her tone so much, and the way how she delivers the message of the songs was spot on.


Performance-wise, I'd say Kimberly Nichole, I actually prefer her over Amanda for some reason, liked her performances more (that Dirty Diana imo)


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* King Jordan Smith : I don't know if it's the TIMBER of his voice or the TONE  that makes him so special , he also has the most PUREST and CLEAREST vocals that I have ever seen on the voice , and not to mention the amazing VOCAL POWER that he possess .


Sawyer Fredericks His ORIGINALITY makes him really different from the rest of the winners . He has a really DISTINCTIVE voice , also his Tone is so RICH and pure . He connects with the song really well .


Chris Blue He is really the PERFORMER , his stage presence is out of this world he can sing and dance at the same time he may not be everyone's cup of tea but for me he really is one of the most unforgettable acts .


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But I have to give credit to other Queens!

Christina Grimmie - robbed and such a powerful but subtle voice

Amber Carrington - This girl was THE cross-over country vocalist that every country artist wishes they could be, Amber delivered stellar vocals in the Rock, Pop, Soul lane and deserved the whole Season 4 win! "Sad" was THE performance of that darn season.

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