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Grace Milton Fan Thread


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May be jumping the gun, but I don’t care. 🙃

I fix this page later. 








FYI, she has music on iTunes too. 


1. TeamAudra

2. Maxwell

3. VintageVoice

4. ATX29

5. Archanium

6. jus.vshn

7. David68

8. DaltonEduardo

9. thevoicefan12

10. Voicefan1

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I briefly looked for “live” performances. I didn’t come across much, but I honestly haven’t looked very hard yet. I’ll look for more later, but this is “Ain’t No Sunshine” from a couple years ago. Her pitch is pretty good here, and her tone is fantastic. 


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Here’s a snippet of a live performance of one of her original songs. Pretty good song and performance. 

BTW, There’s still a lot up in the air.  She might not have turned a chair, or even gotten the opportunity (more likely), but either way, I’m still going to maintain this thread, because I think she has a lot of potential. 



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