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Tyler has officially nominated Kaysar & Janelle for eviction.

Five weeks in a row of the initial noms only being POC.

Can we just have Britney enter the house after the next eviction, please?

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Absolute dream scenario would be Keesha getting vetoed, then one of that side wins HOH next week and puts up Cody/Nicole. We can dream 🥺


(Although secretly I’m living for messy Nicole and if that happened I’d rather we lost Cody just because he’s a bore!)

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10 hours ago, *Amanda said:

0709a395f756eaad036dd3f2ab6fbff587c48121  8554c34d45d1b335c34fcdbd69fe85824655bb52


Keesha's reaction to Nicole crying is already in gif form. :dead: 

I need to pin this post, somehow!

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Just now, Alex95 said:

Janelle gossiping to Nicole A is so messy lol, she's way too sweet for this gossip.

Yeah, I was getting the same impression. Janelle might want to reel it in a little but I don't think Nicole A. plans to backstab Janelle and Kaysar.

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2 minutes ago, FunkyFrankie said:

Where are you watching it? She's not on for me 

I'm not watching. I was reacting to the video Steven posted of Janelle dragging Nicole. :haha: 

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