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I'm sorry but these people can't complain if they don't win anything! David and Kevin deserve to be evicted.


And frankly, Cody and The Committee deserve to win because they are slaying the competitions. Makes for a boring show, but the other "side" lost everything so it is what it is. That's why I stopped watching the show after Janelle was evicted. It was so obvious it was just going to go downhill since all the strong competitors were on one side of the house and actually in a solidified alliance.


Rooting for Tyler or Cody to win for my draft!

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1 hour ago, 1234567890 said:

The POV wasn't used. Kevin or David will be the third member of the jury on Thursday.

random GIF

Let's be real, likely both of them are getting evicted Thursday thanks to the triple eviction :haha:

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