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Obviously another guy from the pre-show alliance wins. And of course he wants to target Kaysar who doesn’t have any solid alliances. This sucks. We can’t have nice things this season. :broken: Watch Da’Vonne and Bayleigh be the next boots. 


This season had so much potential. :closedeyes:

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6 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

How is targeting Kaysar a good move? He has no allies or influence in the house. Why not target someone who is actually a threat? 🙄

THIS (!) 


He just lost is only ally in the house. There are bigger fish to fry than him, but these people are too afraid to make big moves because of this massive pregamed alliance. :rolleyes: 

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Really hating this idea of a pregamed alliance. They really should not have been allowed to pregame or know who else was playing. That is ruining the season.


So annoyed that the first four HOHs have been these annoying men in the same alliance. #teamvaj 


Actually I'm not even #teamvaj anymore bc Janelle is gone, I'm just #teamkaysar

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18 hours ago, Elliott said:

I don’t even know Rachel but the idea of her playing 8 months pregnant sounds iconic so they should’ve just let her tbh

You do know Rachel and hated her on TAR. 😢 :dead:  Although I hope you would like her on  BB but I don't think you will. :haha: 


19 hours ago, JC said:

Rachel & Janelle would've made my life.

That would have been AMAZING! :wub: But in 2020 we're not allowed to have good things. 😢 


13 hours ago, Alex95 said:

Kaysar lost by half a second :broken:


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