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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB22 (Week 5 Rankings Ends 9/12)

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On 9/15/2020 at 2:20 PM, Alex95 said:

14 rankings this week!


Week 5:

1. Bayleigh Dayton (+2) - 2.2

2. Da'Vonne Rogers (=) - 2.3

3. Ian Terry (+1) - 3.1

4. Kevin Campbell (+1) - 5.5 (Higher than Enzo 8/14 times)

5. Enzo Palumbo (+2) - 5.5 (Higher than Kevin 6/14 times)

6. David Alexander (+4) - 6.3

7. Dani Briones (+4) - 7.0

8. Cody Calafiore (+4) - 7.4

9. Nicole Franzel (+4) - 9.2 (Higher than Tyler 8/14 times)

10. Tyler Crispen (-2) - 9.2 (Higher than Nicole 6/14 times)

11. Memphis Garrett (-5) - 9.5

12. Christmas Abbott (-3) - 10.9


Week 6 ranking will go until Saturday, September 19th at 8 pm (48 hours after the eviction)

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include the remaining 11 houseguests, including the houseguest evicted the past week, in your rankings.

Edited last week's rankings.

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This weeks ranking for me with Ian now being eliminated.



1.  Da'Vonne

2.  Dani

3.  Enzo

4.  Ian

5.  Kevin

6.  Christmas

7.  Memphis

8.  Nicole

9.  Cody

10.  Tyler

11.  David

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01. Da'Vonne

02. Ian

03. Cody

04. Dani

05. Enzo

06. David

07. Kevin

08. Tyler

09. Memphis

10. Nicole

11. Christmas

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1. Da’Vonne - Obvious choice for #1. She’s the only one I’d be happy to see win at this point.

2. Dani - I can’t believe Dani is this high on my ranking. At least she’s self-aware about how unlikable the Committee is and didn’t turn against Da’Vonne for doing what was best for her game with the Veto.

3. David - His lie about the power was dumb...but someone had to be third on this ranking.

4. Enzo - He’s just there.

5. Ian - He’d be higher if he wasn’t such a bad sport about being nominated. He didn’t play well this year, but at least he left with class.

6. Memphis - Unlikable person, but Memphis as a player with his straightforward approach is more tolerable than the whiny cry babies ranked below him.

7. Kevin - Sure it must be annoying to be nominated so much, but he’s still too mopey.

8. Cody - Yikes at Cody being this high, but the other three annoy me more.

9. Tyler - He loves Angela, good for him. But does he have to bring her up all the time? It’s becoming kind of strange at this point. Enough already! Plus, he doesn’t even seem like he wants to be in the game.

10. Christmas - Horrible, self-righteous hypocrite.

11. Nicole - She threw an unnecessary fit all week long because finally something didn’t go her way, even though she didn’t have to worry about being nominated this week. Plus, the way she planned and scripted her eviction vote against Ian for sympathy or just to fool the audience was nauseating.

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1. Da'Vonne Rogers (=)

2. David Alexander (+3)

3. Kevin Campbell (+1)

4. Ian Terry (-1)

5. Enzo Palumbo (+2)

6. Dani Briones (+4)

7. Cody Calafiore (-1)

8. Tyler Crispen (=)

9. Memphis Garrett (+2) 

10. Christmas Abbott (+2)

11. Nicole Franzel (-2)

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1. Da'Vonne (=) - Veto queen :wub:

2. David (+3) - Lmao how did this happen.

3. Kevin (+1) - Sure I guess.

4. Ian (-1) - Not a major loss.

5. Dani (+2) - I want to like her but I am still underwhelmed.

6. Enzo (=) - Fine.

7. Christmas (+5) - God I hate that she is this high. Everyone else just managed to annoy me more this week.

8. Tyler (+2) - Hated the eviction speech.

9. Cody (-1) - I'm SO bored. And he just rubbed me the wrong way in the eviction episode.

10. Nicole (-1) - Just own it!! God she is unbearable.

11. Memphis (=) - Boring and unlikable.


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1. Da'Vonne

2. Ian

3. Dani

4. Memphis

5. Enzo

6. Kevin

7. David

8. Cody



9. Christmas

10. Nicole F

11. Tyler

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