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The Ultimate American Idol Redux (SEASONS 10-12 RESULTS POSTED!)


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Judges’ Comments


JC: You kind of look like Nikki tonight lol. But your voice definitely sounds completely different. I do have to say that your voice and song choice sets you apart from everyone else tonight. You are country through and through, and actually your vocals were pretty surprising and strong in my opinion. So congrats on that, but you are not my cup of tea unfortunately.


A-Kid: That was a really good performance, I super love your country twang. This was like the perfect song choice for you, it was fun and energetic performance that really showed the capabilities of your voice. I also love that you had fun in the stage, it was really translating to us, the viewers.


thevoiceisthetop: This was a great performance and I loved the energy and the vocals in this so great job.


Bk1234: This was a very nice performance Amy! You had the spunk and attitude required for the song, so it worked quite well! I also think that this song showed that you could hit some pretty high notes too. I think you did enough to be one of the top four vote-getters for this group, but there are a lot of “maybes with potential” in this group, so who knows how IDF will vote.

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Closing the show is the last of the three divas... 


Jennifer Hudson

Song: I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)



Voting Details: If you want to vote for Jennifer, send me a PM with the number 312. Remember, you can vote 10 times per contestant using this method, but please keep it to one conversation! 

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Judges’ Comments


JC: This was too indulgent and predictable in my opinion. I was not excited by it and it was boring to be honest. You can sing, but it just had no star quality or innovation. I just see a performance and song that has been done to death a million times, and you just did it the exact same way as your predecessors. Sorry, not impressed.


A-Kid: What a voice Jennifer! I really loved that performance. This song was done to death in this type of singing competitions, but girl you did justice to Momma Whitney's song, and that says a lot. I really love how you have this crazy vocal range yet with so much soul and precision with it. I wanted more build up though, but it was more than enough for me to move forward.


thevoiceisthetop: This was a great performance and I want to see you in the top 4.


Bk1234: What a stunning performance Jennifer! You hit those notes effortlessly and that is impressive. My worry is that you didn’t connect with the viewers. Yes, you can hit those crazy notes, but the connection is what matters. If you make it to the next round, pour your heart into the song and make the public feel something. That is what will bring you to the top! 

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That Is The End of the Show!


How To Vote:

You Can Use As Many Methods As You Want!


Survey Heart Voting ♥️: Credit to @anonymouskid_35 for the idea. 

  • You will "vote" by ranking the performances from worst to best. 
  • Each question will contain a performance and you will select a placement/point value for it. 
  • For example, if you thought Jim Verraros delivered the best performance, you would select the option "1st Place (10 pts.)"
  • There will also be a question asking for your IDF Account Display Name. You can only vote ONCE per IDF Account! 
  • Please do not give more than one performance the same point value or I will disregard all of your votes! 
  • Season 3 Survey Heart poll linkhttps://surveyheart.com/form/5f2d4a9289672f100afadd5c (not currently open)


IDF Private Message (PM) Voting: 

  • You can "vote" by shooting be a PM with the the contestant's number and the number of times you want to vote for that contestant. 
  • You can vote 10 times per contestant with this method. 
  • All contestant numbers will be revealed during the first show for their season. The number will be the same for the entire competition! 
  • Please keep all of your votes in one private conversation with me! 
  • For example, if you wanted to vote for Kelly Clarkson 10 times, you would PM @Bk1234 "110 (x10)."
  • PM Voting Is Currently Open for Season 2Season 3 PM Voting will open at 9pm EST. 

Google Forms Voting: 

  • You can vote for all your favorites on a Google Form. 
  • You will have to give your IDF Account Display Name. 
  • You can vote using a total of five Google accounts. 
  • I will disregard all of your votes (on all Google accounts) if you use more than five Google accounts. 
  • Season 3 Google Forms poll link: https://forms.gle/cKBr9ytd3PwtL9Ck8 (not currently open)

ALL SEASON 2 VOTING WILL CLOSE AT 9:00 PM EST (Please view main post for links!)



@JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @Crisis @kenboy123 @randomgirl @taylorkat @Leekleekington @DorisAnn

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Season 2 Voting is Now CLOSED!


Season 3 Voting is Now OPEN!


Survey Heart Poll Linkhttps://surveyheart.com/form/5f2d4a9289672f100afadd5c


Google Forms Linkhttps://forms.gle/cKBr9ytd3PwtL9Ck8 


PM Voting Is OPEN

Contestant Numbers:

Jon Peter Lewis- 301

Diana DeGarmo- 302

LaToya London- 303

John Stevens- 304

Matthew Rogers- 305

Fantasia Barrino- 306

Leah LaBelle- 307

Jasmine Trias- 308

Camile Velasco- 309

George Huff- 310

Amy Adams- 311

Jennifer Hudson- 312


@JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @taylorkat @Crisis @kenboy123 @Leekleekington @randomgirl @DorisAnn

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The first results show will begin on Monday, August 10, at 4pm EST. 


  • The top four vote-getters from Seasons 1-3 will be revealed!
  • Featuring a special guest performance from the band Cimorelli. 

@JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @Crisis @kenboy123 @randomgirl @taylorkat @Leekleekington @DorisAnn

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3 minutes ago, kenboy123 said:

Will Season 4 continue on Tuesday???...or when???

The Season 4 show will most likely be on Wednesday, if the judges are able to get their critiques in. 🙂 I will make an official announcement that will confirm the date though. 

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My goal is to do three season shows and then a result show afterward. 

Tentative Schedule (may very well change):

-Season 4 Show: Wednesday, August 12, at 4pm EST. 
-Season 5 Show: Thursday, August 13, at 4pm EST. 
-Season 6 Show: Friday, August 14, at 4pm EST. 
-Seasons 4-6 Results Show: Sunday, August 16, at 4pm EST. 

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38 minutes ago, kenboy123 said:

I'm so ready for these results...on the West Coast and might take a little peek while doing my work....😁😁

I’m glad you’re excited! Hopefully, your favorites made it through. 


33 minutes ago, IAN27TAY said:

urghhh i totally forgot that our time is PST, i thought today is the day.HAHAHAHAH

Oh, that must have felt terrible! 😅 I’m glad you’re looking forward to results though! 

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