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The Ultimate American Idol Redux (SEASONS 10-12 RESULTS POSTED!)

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Judges’ Comments


JC: Gosh who was in charge of the male casting this season, can we give your season's spots to Season 11? Honestly this season should have 1 max 2 spots move on. This was vocally all over the place and you were oversinging to the point where it just sounded terrible. You need a better song choice and better style. These old songs are not cutting it for you and the rest of your season mates. I will say the hairstylists got better this season though so kudos to the hair department!


A-Kid: Yikes that was another bad performance, this song is a big song and a difficult one to sing, and you really had a hard time on that, it was really evident. You have the voice though, it's just that it was not the right song for you, your voice is not made for this.


thevoiceisthetop: This was an interesting choice but I think it worked well for you and how you did it.


Bk1234: I really love this song, Paul, and I thought you gave an ok version of it. It was a little pitchy for me though and I noticed that you had a difficult time holding out some of the notes. I think you definitely could have picked a song that would have complimented your range more than this one did. Simply put, I felt that this song was way too big for you. If you get to sing again, make sure to focus on song choice, as it is the base of your performance. Without a strong base, your performance will crumble, just like this one did tonight. 

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Voted for Season 6, crap I think I missed the vote for Season 5   I will send PMs for Seasons 4-6 soon!

Seasons 1-3 RESULTS Show ANNOUNCEMENT   The first results show will begin on Monday, August 10, at 4pm EST.  Details:  The top four vote-getters from Seasons 1-3 will be revealed!

All Season 6 Voting Is Now CLOSED!   Tune in on Sunday, August 16, at 4pm EST for the results of your voting for Seasons 4-6.   @JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @Cr

Closing the show is a contestant who portrayed a young Dolly Parton in a musical production at Dollywood... 


Janelle Arthur

Song: I Will (The Beatles)


Voting Details: Janelle’s PM voting number is 1210. Remember, you can vote 10 times per contestant using this method, but please keep it to one conversation! 

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Judges’ Comments


JC: Does anyone this season know how to sing uptempo? Janelle, you have a pretty voice, but I want better song choices for you. You are so adorable, and this was just too old-fashioned for your age. You need a more contemporary style and arrangement. This was too boring and you could have star quality. You have the voice to reach a higher potential though so we shall see if the voters put you through.


A-Kid: That was honestly a beautiful performance, your look was really great, and you have a lovely tone. The problem I heard though is a note that is so pitchy, it kind of destroyed the aura for me. But you have a lovely voice though, just be careful next time.


thevoiceisthetop: This was really good and I liked how you put a lot of emotion into this song.


Bk1234: *standing ovation* Well you definitely win the award for prettiest voice. I mean that performance was just so beautiful! The way you danced around those notes so effortlessly captivated me from beginning to end. You hit some difficult high notes in there and that sick run near the end gave me goosebumps all over! What I loved the most about this performance though was that I felt every word, and that is just as important as hitting the notes. I think a lot of people are focusing on the big belters, but honestly Janelle, your performance rests right beside those belters. Definitely the best performance of the night, and one of my favorite performances of this competition!

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That Is The End of the Show!


How To Vote:

You Can Use As Many Methods As You Want!


Survey Heart Voting ❤️: Credit to @anonymouskid_35 for the idea. 

  • You will "vote" by ranking the performances from worst to best. 
  • Each question will contain a performance and you will select a placement/point value for it. 
  • For example, if you thought Jim Verraros delivered the best performance, you would select the option "1st Place (10 pts.)"
  • There will also be a question asking for your IDF Account Display Name. You can only vote ONCE per IDF Account! 
  • Please do not give more than one performance the same point value or I will disregard all of your votes! 
  • Season 12 Survey Heart poll linkhttps://surveyheart.com/form/5f47a2963cc31c51a88a33ed (not currently open)


IDF Private Message (PM) Voting: 

  • You can "vote" by shooting be a PM with the the contestant's number and the number of times you want to vote for that contestant. 
  • You can vote 10 times per contestant with this method. 
  • All contestant numbers will be revealed during the first show for their season. The number will be the same for the entire competition! 
  • Please keep all of your votes in one private conversation with me! 
  • For example, if you wanted to vote for Kelly Clarkson 10 times, you would PM @Bk1234 "110 (x10)."
  • PM Voting Is Currently Open for Season 11Season 12 PM Voting will open at 9pm EST.

Google Forms Voting: 

  • You can vote for all your favorites on a Google Form. 
  • You will have to give your IDF Account Display Name. 
  • You can vote using a total of five Google accounts. 
  • I will disregard all of your votes (on all Google accounts) if you use more than five Google accounts. 
  • Season 12 Google Forms poll linkhttps://forms.gle/FMYZBEnSUF4GgmpK7 (not currently open)

ALL SEASON 11 VOTING WILL CLOSE AT 9:00 PM EST (Please view main post for links!)



@JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @kenboy123 @randomgirl @Crisis @taylorkat @Leekleekington @DorisAnn @SwimmerStud87 @psterina

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Season 11 Voting is Now CLOSED!

Season 12 Voting is Now OPEN!


Survey Heart Poll Linkhttps://surveyheart.com/form/5f47a2963cc31c51a88a33ed


Google Forms Linkhttps://forms.gle/m3nhCJ9jRfR8VBtH6


PM Voting Is OPEN

Contestant Numbers:

Angie Miller- 1201

Kree Harrison- 1202

Amber Holcomb- 1203

Devin Velez- 1204

Burnell Taylor- 1205

Lazaro Arbos- 1206

Candice Glover- 1207

Curtis Finch Jr.- 1208

Paul Jolley- 1209

Janelle Arthur- 1210


All Season 12 Voting Will Close TOMORROW at 9pm EST!


@JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @kenboy123 @randomgirl @Crisis @taylorkat @Leekleekington @DorisAnn @SwimmerStud87 @psterina

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Posted (edited)



The first results show will begin on Saturday, August 29, at 4pm EST. 


Edited by Bk1234
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The first group to receive results is Season 10, which received pretty positive reviews. The votes between some contestants were very tight, so let’s see who you guys have voted through... 

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