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Who’s your favourite contestant from each team?

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Team John: Easily THE QUEEN, Maelyn Jarmon.


Team CeeLo: Juliet Simms 


Team Alicia: Stephanie Rice


Team Xtina: Alisan Porter, but Jacquie Lee is a contender too.


Team Gwen: Hunter Plake, might have been Kyndal Inskeep if she got more performances.


Team Pharrell: Hannah Huston, but Madi Davis/Koryn Hawthorne/Sawyer Fredericks are worthy contenders too. 


Team Usher: lol flops mainly, but Michelle Chamuel saves his overall team.


Team Shakira: Sasha Allen


Team Miley: Ali Caldwell, HM to Janice Freeman(Rest in piece Queen)


Team Jennifer: Makenzie Thomas


Team Nick: Allegra Miles


Team Kelly: She really does have a collection of garbage every year lmao, at least in the Lives. Thank the divines for Queen Megan Danielle though, robbed of the finale still. Easily the best vocalist of all her team members, okay maybe Max Boyle is the better vocalist, but Megan's artistry and tone appeals to me more.


Team Blake: Lauren Duski by a few miles ahead of Kyla Jade. but still Kyla is a force, just Lauren's tone is better and she had the better run as well.


Team Adam: Oh god, too many good ones I'd say. Between Addison Agen/Christina Grimmie/Amber Carrington(all robbed btw, like wtf) its too hard, Tessanne Chin also puts up a great fight.

Maybe ultimately would be Addison, but everyone has their strengths and appeals to a different style.

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Adam: Tessanne followed by Jordan.

Blake: Kyla easily. I also love Chloe.


CeeLo: Juliet Simms, and Caroline Pennell as a close second.


Xtina: Alisan Porter / Kimberly Nichole followed by Matthew Schuler.


Shakira: Honestly none. I guess I enjoyed Kristen Merlin.

Usher: Tie between Michelle Chamuel and Josh Kaufman

Gwen: Rose Short, but I also love Jeffery Austin.


Pharrell: I love Koryn, Mia Z and Hannah Huston equally.


Miley: Brooke Simpson (I love Ali but her song choices were horrible)

Alicia: Vanessa Ferguson by a country mile.


Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes and Makenzie Thomas.


Kelly: None (I think Kymberli is very overrated outside of Break Every Chain :stealth:)


John: Maelyn easily.

Nick: Thunderstorm Artis.

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Team Adam = King Jordan ( Seriously Adam has the most memorable  contestants , I really like QUEEN TESSANNE , Matt McAndrew , Will Champlin , Billy Gilman , Addison Agen , Chris Jamison , Javier Colon , Tonny Luca , Amber Carrington , Joshua Davis , Laith and Reagan Strange   )


Team Blake = Todd Tilgman ( Blake also has many memorable  contestants , I really like Craig Wayne Boyd , Ricky Duran , Queen Kyla ,  Barret , Sundance , Toneisha , Kirk , Chris Kroeze , Jake Worthington , Meagan Linsey , Cole Vosbury and The Swons )


Team Christina = Alison ( Mathew and Jaquie are close though )


Team Ceelo = Juliet Simms easily


Team Usher = Josh Kaufman easily


Team Shakira = Sasha Allen


Team Pharrell = Sawyer Fredericks easily


Team Gwen = Kyndal Inskeep ( Hunter and Rose were good as well )


Team Alicia = Chris Blue easily


Team Miley = No one


Team Jennifer = Noah Mac / Makenzie Thomas


Team Kelly = Micah Iverson / Jej Vinson ( honestly she  had a pile of mediocre singers and her winners were also the least deserving ) 


Team John = Will Breman / Katie Kadan


Team Nick = Allegra Miles 

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Blake: Kyla Jade

Nick: Thunderstorm Artis

Adam: Jordan Smith, Addison, Tennasane (sorry if the spelling is wrong)

John: Katie and Maelyn 

Xtina: Alison, India and Kimberyli Nichole

Pharrel: Hannah 
CeeLo: Juliet Simms

Kelly: Megan Danielle and Chevel Shepard


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Adam: Jordan Smith

Blake: Kyla Jade

Christina: Alisan Porter


Ceelo: Juliet Simms (watched several of her performances and they were strong)

Shakira: Sasha Alllen (also watched several of her performances which were REALLY great frequently, if original team members only then Clarissa Serna who was ROBBED)

Usher: Michelle Chamuel


Pharrell: Hannah Huston


Gwen: Rose Short


Alicia: Wé McDonald


Miley: Brooke Simpson


Jennifer: Kennedy Holmes 


Kelly: Kymberli Joye 


John: Maelyn Jarmon


Nick: Thunderstorm Artis (Allegra Miles if the contestant had to be from original team)

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Everyone but Adam and Blake was pretty easy, so they're in the big chunk down below. For Adam and Blake, I went through and bolded the top five names on their teams because narrowing it down was hard given the extensiveness of their involvement on the show. Most of the others I narrowed it down to 2-3 with the exception of Nick (who's only had one season), plus Gwen and Alicia (they tend to get a lot of my faves so they each got five names) as well as Miley (who got four because I refuse to pick between Ali and Brooke).


Christina: Alisan Porter, Matthew Schuler, Kimberly Nichole

CeeLo: Juliet Simms, Caroline Pennell

Shakira: Sasha Allen (I don't remember much from anyone else, though Kristen Merlin's Foolish Games was really solid)

Usher: Michelle Chamuel (I don't dislike Josh but Michelle is my favorite here by a long shot)

Gwen: Rose Short, Hunter Plake, Brennley Brown, Jeffrey Austin, Korin Bukowski

Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks, Koryn Hawthorne, Madi Davis

Alicia: Vanessa Ferguson, Stephanie Rice, Chris Blue, Wé McDonald, Christiana Danielle

Miley: Janice Freeman, Ali Caldwell, Brooke Simpson, Karli Webster

Jennifer: Noah Mac, MaKenzie Thomas

Kelly: Kymberli Joye, Max Boyle (I love Kelly but most of her teams end up being kinda hot messes, tbh)

John: Maelyn Jarmon, Will Breman, Mendeleyev

Nick: Thunderstorm Artis


Adam: This was stupidly hard - he had so many excellent artists over his run on the show. Katrina Parker, Amanda Brown, Amber Carrington, Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, James Wolpert, Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice, Kat Perkins, Matt McAndrew, Chris Jamison, Jordan Smith, Amy Vachal, Laith Al-Saadi, Hanna Eyre, Addison Agen, Emily Luther, DeAndre Nico, Jake Wells, Mari, Domenic Haynes, Kalvin Jarvis... y'all get the point.


Blake: Less tricky for me than Adam but he's had a fantastic run so far. Dia Frampton, Xenia, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers, Holly Tucker, Cole Vosbury, Holly Henry, Sisaundra Lewis, Jessie Pitts, Brooke Adee, Emily Ann Roberts, Ivonne Acero, Peyton Parker, Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Lauren Duski, Enid Ortiz, Chloe Kohanski, Kyla Jade, WILKES, Michael Lee, Oliv Blu, LiLi Joy, Kendra Checketts, Ricky Duran, Todd Tilghman, Toneisha Harris... again, y'all get the point.



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Adam - Addison Agen

Blake - Kyla Jade

Jennifer - MaKenzie Thomas? I don't remember anyone I loved.

Christina - Alisan Porter

Usher - Michelle Chamuel

Gwen - Rose Short

Kelly - Alexa Capelli 

Nick - Allegra Miles

Shakira - Sasha Allen

CeeLo - Juliet Simms

Pharrel - Mia Z

John - Maelyn Jarmon

Miley - Ali Caldwell


Interesting that my top 3's names all start with A! Also, I can't guarantee these are actually my favorites; I just went off of what I remember and what was already in this thread otherwise.


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Adam: Will Champlin/Matt McAndrew

Blake: Barrett Baber/Todd Tilghman

Cee-Lo: Juliet Simms

Christina: Ryan Quinn

Usher: Josh Kaufman

Shakira: ...Sasha Allen?

Pharrell: Luke Wade

Gwen: Hunter Plake/Jeffery Austin

Alicia: Michael Sanchez 

Miley: Brooke Simpson

JHud: Noah Mac/Makenzie Thomas

Kelly: Jej Vinson

John: Will Breman

Nick: Allegra Miles


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