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The Greatest (TOP 12 RESULTS LIVE NOW)

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Top 12 show will be tonight! @Elliott @*Chris @Bk1234 @1234567890 @Solaris @JC @goofycilla90 @Alex95 @IAN27TAY @FunkyFrankie @thevoiceisthetop @rdhaley96 @jarmon @DorisAnn @FrogLenzen

Songs have been sent to the judges!

Whoops sorry this was supposed to be a pm   Kidding

4 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I’m going to try to finish them today. As I’ve said in the rankdown thread, it’s been a hard week to focus on anything for long periods of time.

I hadn’t checked the thread but I’m sorry to hear what’s happened. You know where I am if you need to talk. Sending lots of love. ❤️

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