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What would of happen in seasons 17 & 18


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If Adam did not break out of his voice contract how would seasons 17 & 18 be any different.

my questions:

Who would have been his battle round advisor in 17/18.


Did Adam work with James Taylor before?


In S17 Rose only got Gwen and kelly to turn their chair. Would Adam had turn for Rose, if not, how would Rose do in Kelly's team when she had Jake Hoot


Would Adam had been a better coach for Todd Michael Hall.  




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Kelly with Rose is a big toss-up. She adored her since her knockout and after that performance I think the only one she would eliminate her for is Jake. She seemed very interested in her during the Blinds but now blown away, she could've easily paired her up with Damali and give them a soft song and simply choose Damali because of her more unique tone or she could see her right away as her frontrunner and give her the upper hand in her battle.

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