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Musician Discography Rankdown (Christina Aguilera)


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Time for more fun! After the widely controversial Music Rankdown, which saw me quit in an epic and glorious fashion, I have been deciding how to play more music-based games on here without all of the wild drama. With the success of the current Filmography Rankdown, I have decided that a short, write-up-less game for music is the perfect way for us all to have fun talking about our favorite artists. Steven came up with a really solid idea + format, and he is okay with me doing something similar for this game as well. Instead of a traditional Rankdown that pits all of our favorite artists against each other, we will be examining the music of IDF's most beloved artists more in-depth. One artist per round, IDF will decide on the best single ever created and released by as many legendary musicians as we would like! Maybe at some point, all of the winning singles will face off against one another in a traditional Rankdown. But for now, let's just enjoy the music!




1. Each round will focus on one artist(s) at a time. At the beginning of this game, everybody will be free to submit one artist of their choosing to have an individual round. After all of these initial rounds have been completed, I will have everybody submit a list of desired artists to the game. I will then use the randomizer to help decide an order for the game to follow and to keep genres mixed up, etc. 

2. The game will work on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be prepared for these rounds to move quickly.

3. Write-ups are not required, but commentary and thoughts are of course welcomed and encouraged!

4. The format of each round will depend on the length of the discography of each artist.

5. At the start of each round, there will be an automatic save/advance to the finals rounds. Since some discographies might be too extensive, some beginning rounds will ask you to save more than one song, and all songs not saved will be automatically chopped from the game.

6. The middle rounds will consist of cuts. The amount of cutting rounds will depend on the length of the discography at play.

7. The final round will always feature a simple ranking that will be completed via PM. Public members will be able to participate in the final round. 20 songs will advance to the finals every round.




All tracks included on any album that was released will be eligible for inclusion. If I have to venture outside of Wikipedia to look up the single, or if the single if just a live version of a song that is part of an album, it will not be included. Please try to be mindful of this, since I want this game to be as low energy/low commitment as possible.


Non-album singles + significant features + promotional features will be included in the game. 


Unless a remix is included as part of an album release or it happened to chart at any point, then it will not be included in the game. 


Solo artists will be separated from their respective former groups to respect the music/artists. Ex: Beyoncé vs. Destiny's Child


Be nice and have fun!


If nobody is interested in this idea, I will just request that a mod deletes the thread!

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Beyoncé - Dee

Alanis Morissette - Elliott

Carrie Underwood - Steven

Rihanna - Victoria

Kesha - Derek

Britney Spears - Wallace

Kelly Clarkson - Priscilla

The Chicks - Tom

Kacey Musgraves - Chris

Shakira - Rei

Kelsea Ballerini - QK

Taylor Swift - Amanda

Lady Gaga - Rei

Jesse McCartney - Denise

Aaliyah - Lily

Ariana Grande - Andy

Janelle Monáe - Megan

Justin Timberlake - JC

Carly Rae Jepsen - Andrew

Janet Jackson - Gigi

Christina Aguilera - Sola

Madonna - Corey

Alicia Keys - Crisis



Missy Elliott - Dee

Demi Lovato - Elliott

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Studio Albums



Christina Aguilera (1999)

Genie in a Bottle / Genio Atrapado [SINGLE]

What a Girl Wants / Una Mujer [SINGLE]

I Turn to You (cover) / Por Siempre Tú [SINGLE]

So Emotional

Come On Over (All I Want Is You) / Ven Conmigo (Solamenta Tú) [SINGLE]

Reflection (from Mulan 1998) / Mi Reflejo [SINGLE]

Love for All Seasons

Somebody’s Somebody

When You Put Your Hands on Me


Love Will Find a Way


We’re a Miracle

Don’t Make Me Love You



Mi Reflejo (2000)

Falsas Esperanzas [SINGLE]

El Beso del FInal

Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti (cover) [SINGLE]

Si No Te Hubiera Conocido (with Luis Fonsi)

Contigo en la Distancia (cover)

Cuando No es Contigo



Stripped (2002)

Stripped Intro

Can’t Hold Us Down (feat. Lil’ Kim) [SINGLE]

Walk Away

Fighter [SINGLE]

Primer Amor Interlude


Loves Embrace Interlude

Loving Me 4 Me



Beautiful [SINGLE]

Make Over



Get Mine, Get Yours

Dirrty (feat. Redman) [SINGLE]

Stripped Pt. 2

The Voice Within [SINGLE]

I’m OK

Keep on Singin’ My Song

I Will Be



Back to Basics (2006)

Intro (Back to Basics)

Makes Me Wanna Pray (feat. Steve Winwood)

Back in the Day

Ain’t No Other Man [SINGLE]


Slow Down Baby [SINGLE]

Oh Mother [SINGLE]

F.U.S.S. (Interlude)

On Our Way

Without You

Still Dirrty

Here to Stay

Thank You (Dedication to Fans)

Enter the Circus


Candyman [SINGLE]

Nasty Naughty Boy

I Got Trouble


Mercy on Me

Save Me from Myself

The Right Man



Bionic (2010)


Not Myself Tonight [SINGLE]

Woohoo (feat. Nicki Minaj) [SINGLE]

Elastic Love


Love & Glamour (Intro) / Glam

Prima Donna

Morning Dessert (Intro) / Sex for Breakfast

Lift Me Up

My Heart (Intro) / All I Need

I Am

You Lost Me [SINGLE]

I Hate Booys [SINGLE]

My Girls (feat. Peaches)


Monday Morning


Birds of Prey

Stronger Than Ever

I Am (Stripped)

Little Dreamer



Lotus (2012)

Lotus Intro

Army of Me

Red Hot Kinda Love

Make the World Move (feat. CeeLo Green)

Your Body [SINGLE]

Let There Be Love

Sing for Me

Blank Page

Cease Fire

Around the World


Best of Me

Just a Fool (with Blake Shelton) [SINGLE]

Light Up the Sky

Empty Words

Shut Up



Liberation (2018)


Searching for Maria / Maria

Sick of Sittin

Fall in Line (feat. Demi Lovato) [SINGLE]

Right Moves (feat. Keida and Shenseea)

Like I Do (feat. GoldLink) [SINGLE]



I Don’t Need It Anymore (Interlude)

Accelerate (feat. Ty Dolla Sign and 2 Chainz) [SINGLE]

Pipe (feat. XNDA)


Unless It’s with You



Aguilera (2022)

Ya Llegué

Pa Mis Muchachas (with Becky G and Nicki Nicole feat. Nathy Peluso) [SINGLE]

Somos Nada [SINGLE]

Santo (with Ozuna) [SINGLE]

Como Yo

La Reina

Suéltame (with Tini) [SINGLE]



Cuando Me Dé la Gana

Te Seseo lo Mejor

Cuando Me Dé la Gana (with Christian Nodal)

Intro (La Luz)

No Es Que Te Extrañe [SINGLE]




Other Releases

(Demo, Holiday, EP, Compilation, Soundtrack)



Just Be Free (Recorded 1994, Released 2001)

Just Be Free / Just Be Free (Spanish)

By Your Side

Move It

Our Day Will Come (cover)

Believe Me

Make Me Happy

Dream a Dream

Move It

The Way You Talk to Me

Running Out of Time



My Kind of Christmas (2000)
Christmas Time

This Year

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Angels We Have Heard on High

Merry Christmas, Baby (feat. Dr. John) 

Oh Holy Night

These Are the Special Times

This Christmas

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) [SINGLE]

Xtina’s Xmas (Interlude)


Justin & Christina – Justin & Christina (2003, CD) - Discogs

Justin & Christina (2003)

That’s What Love Can Do



Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits (2008)

Genie 2.0

Keeps Gettin’ Better [SINGLE]


You Are What You Are (Beautiful)



Burlesque (2010)

Something’s Got a Hold on Me

Tough Lover

But I Am a Good Girl

Guy What Takes His Time

Express [SINGLE]

Bound to You

Show Me How You Burlesque [SINGLE]

The Beautiful People




Other Soundtrack Singles and Appearances


[for Reflection (from Mulan 1998), see the Christina Aguilera (1999) album above]

We’re a Miracle (from Pokemon: The First Movie 1999)

Lady Marmalade (with Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Pink) (from Moulin Rouge! 2001)

Car Wash (feat. Missy Elliott) (cover) (from Shark Tale 2004)

Live with Me (with The Rolling Stones) (from Shine a Light 2008)

Falling in Love Again (Can’t Help It) (from The Spirit 2008)

Casa de Mi Padre (from Casa de Mi Padre 2012)

We Remain (from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013)

The Real Thing (from Nashville 2015)

Shotgun (from Nashville 2015)

Anywhere But Here (from Finding Neverland 2015)

Telepathy (feat. Nile Rodgers) (from The Get Down 2016)

America (from Served Like a Girl 2017)

Haunted Heart (from The Addams Family 2019)

El Mejor Guerrero (from Mulan 2020)

Loyal Brave True (from Mulan 2020)

Reflection (from Mulan 2020)

The Addams Family Theme (from The Addams Family 2 2021)

Learning to Fly (from PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie 2023)




Other Singles


Nobody Wants to Be Lonely (with Ricky Martin)

What’s Going On (with Artists Against AIDS Worldwide)

El Ultimo Adios (The Last Goodbye) (with various artists)

Tilt Ya Head Back (with Nelly)

Hello (Follow Your Own Star)

Somos Novios (It’s Impossible) (with Andrea Bocelli)

Tell Me (with Diddy)

Beautiful (with Beverly McClellan)

Moves Like Jagger (with Maroon 5)

The Prayer (with Chris Mann)

Feel This Moment (with Pitbull)

Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti (with Alejandro Fernández) (cover)

We Remain (with Jacquie Lee)

Say Something (with A Great Big World) 

Do What U Want (with Lady Gaga)


You’ve Got a Friend (with Alisan Porter)

Fall on Me (with A Great Big World)




Other Appearances


All I Wanna Do (with Keizo Nakanishi)

I Come Undone

Too Beautiful for Words

Silent Night / Noche de Paz

Like a Virgin / Hollywood Medley (with Madonna, Missy Elliott, and Britney Spears)

A Song for You (with Herbie Hancock)

Mother (feat. Bigelf)

Castle Walls (with T.I.)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (with CeeLo Green)

The Blower’s Daughter (with Chris Mann)

Steppin’ Out with My Baby (with Tony Bennett)

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1. Crazy in Love 👑

2. Halo

3. Irreplaceable

4. Love On Top

5. Freedom

6. Sorry


7. Beautiful Liar

8. Countdown

9. Yoncé/Partition

10. All Night

11. Drunk In Love


12. Hold Up

13. Freakum Dress

14. XO

15. 1+1

16. Pray You Catch Me


17. If I Were A Boy

18. Listen

19. End of Time

20. Haunted

21. Check On It



👑 1. Thank U

2. You Oughta Know

3. Ironic

4. Uninvited

5. Hand in My Pocket

6. You Learn


7. Head Over Feet

8. Mary Jane

9. Forgiven

10. All I Really Want

11. Right Through You


12. That I Would Be Good

13. Hands Clean

14. Baba

15. Sympathetic Character

16. Smiling


17. Everything

18. I Was Hoping

19. Not the Doctor

20. Perfect

21. Wunderkind



1. Something in the Water 👑

2. Blown Away

3. Cry Pretty

4. Two Black Cadillacs

5. Before He Cheats

6. Wasted


7. Just A Dream

8. So Small

9. See You Again

10. Church Bells

11. Little Toy Guns


12. Undo It

13. Drinking Alone

14. I Told You So

15. Good Girl

16. Love Wins


17. Low

18. Wine After Whiskey

19. Heartbeat

20. Southbound

21. Spinning Bottles



👑1. Umbrella

2. Love on the Brain

3. Don't Stop the Music

4. Stay

5. S&M

6. Kiss It Better


7. Diamonds

8. We Found Love

9. Disturbia

10. Unfaithful

11. Pon de Replay


12. Shut Up and Drive

13. Rude Boy

14. Where Have You Been

15. Bitch Better Have My Money

16. Consideration


17. Hard

18. Man Down

19. Work

20. California King Bed

21. Breakin' Dishes



1. Praying👑

2. The Harold Song

3. Tik Tok

4. Woman

5. Die Young

6. Take It Off


7. We R Who We R

8. Raising Hell

9. Blah Blah Blah

10. Cannibal

11. Boots


12. Your Love Is My Drug

13. Blow

14. Rainbow

15. Blind

16. Hymn


17. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

18. Sleazy

19. Cowboy Blues

20. Resentment

21. High Road



👑1. Toxic

2. Oops!...I Did It Again

3. ...Baby One More Time

4. I'm a Slave 4 U

5. Stronger

6. Everytime


7. Gimme More

8. Circus

9. Piece of Me

10. Lucky

11. Break the Ice


12. (You Drive Me) Crazy

13. Womanizer

14. Toy Soldier

15. Till the World Ends

16. If U Seek Amy


17. Sometimes

18. Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix)

19. I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

20. Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

21. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart



1. Because of You👑

2. Behind These Hazel Eyes

3. Piece by Piece - Idol Version

4. Sober

5. Since U Been Gone

6. Miss Independent


7. My Life Would Suck Without You

8. A Moment Like This

9. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

10. Never Again

11. Walk Away


12. Cry

13. Irvine

14. The Trouble with Love Is

15. People Like Us

16. Mr. Know It All


17. Wrapped in Red

18. Before Your Love

19. Gone

20. The War Is Over

21. Let Me Down



👑1. Goodbye Earl

2. Landslide

3. Not Ready to Make Nice

4. Sin Wagon

5. Gaslighter

6. Travelin' Soldier


7. Cowboy Take Me Away

8. Wide Open Spaces

9. Sleep at Night

10. Ready to Run

11. March March


12. Cold Day in July

13. For Her

14. Top of the World

15. Long Time Gone

16. Let Him Fly


17. There's Your Trouble

18. The Long Way Around

19. Daddy Lessons (Beyoncé Duet Version)

20. Without You

21. My Best Friend's Wedding



1. Merry Go 'Round👑

2. Slow Burn

3. Follow Your Arrow

4. Rainbow

5. Space Cowboy


6. Somebody to Love

7. Oh, What a World

8. Dime Store Cowgirl

9. High Horse

10. Golden Hour


11. Pageant Material

12. Happy & Sad

13. Late to the Party

14. Die Fun

15. Step Off


16. Silver Lining

17. Butterflies

18. It Is What It Is

19. Miserable

20. This Town


21. Keep It to Yourself

22. Family Is Family

23. Waves

24. I Miss You

25. Cup of Tea



 👑1. Hips Don't Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean) / Será Será (Las Caderas No Mienten) (feat. Wyclef Jean)

2. Whenever, Wherever / Suerte

3. Ojos Así / Eyes Like Yours

4. La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sanz) / La Tortura feat. Alejandro Sanz) (Shaketon Remix)

5. Objection (Tango) / Te Aviso, Te Anuncio


6. Underneath Your Clothes

7. She Wolf / Loba

8. Empire

9. Chantaje (feat. Maluma)

10. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (feat. Freshlyground) / Waka Waka (Esto es África) K-Mix / Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) K-Mix


11. Can't Remember to Forget You (feat. Rihanna) / Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte

12. Inevitable / Inevitable (English Version)

13. Loca (feat. El Cata) / Loca (feat. Dizzee Rascal)

14. Si Te Vas

15. Estoy Aquí

16. Dare (La La La) / La La La / La La La (Brazil 2014) (feat. Carlinhos Brown)

17. Don't Bother

18. Ciega, Sordomuda

19. Octavo Día

20. Gypsy / Gitana


21. No (feat. Gustavo Cerati)

22. Que Me Quedes Tú

23. La Bicicleta (with Carlos Vives)

24. Antologia

25. Je L'Aime à Mourir (Francis Cabrel Cover)



1. Peter Pan 👑

2. Miss Me More

3. homecoming queen? (kelsea version)

4. I Hate Love Songs

5. Legends


6. Roses

7. XO

8. love and hate (kelsea version)

9. Graveyard

10. Unapologetically


11. Better Luck Next Time

12. Dibs

13. Get Over Yourself

14. Stilletos

15. Love Me Like You Mean It


16. club (kelsea version)

17. homecoming queen (ballerini version)

18. overshare (kelsea version)

19. needy (ballerini version)

20. la (kelsea version)


21. the other girl (with Halsey)

22. The First Time

23. In Between

24. love me like a girl

25. Secondhand Smoke



👑1. Blank Space

2. Cruel Summer

3. All Too Well

4. You Belong with Me

5. Style


6. Out of the Woods

7. Safe & Sound

8. Lover

9. Love Story

10. Back to December


11. Enchanted

12. Getaway Car

13. exile (feat. Bon Iver)

14. Shake It Off

15. I Knew You Were Trouble


16 (TIE). Wildest Dreams

16 (TIE). I Almost Do

18. Forever & Always (Piano Version) (Taylor's Version)

19 (TIE). betty

19 (TIE). White Horse


21. 22

22. Last Kiss

23. Our Song

24. invisible string

25. Ronan


26 (TIE). Clean

26 (TIE). New Year's Day

28. Mine

29. Look What You Made Me Do

30. Come Back...Be Here

31. Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar)



1. Bad Romance 👑

2. The Edge of Glory

3. Yoü and I

4. Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)

5. Paparazzi


6. Poker Face

7. Alejandro

8. Judas

9. Born This Way

10. Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)


11. Marry the Night

12. Speechless

13. Scheiße

14. Americano

15. Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)


16. Applause

17. Stupid Love

18. LoveGame

19. Million Reasons

20. Government Hooker


21. Dance in the Dark

22. Electric Chapel

23. Chromatica III - Sine From Above (with Elton John)

24. Heavy Metal Lover

25. Teeth



👑1. Beautiful Soul

2. She's No You

3. Leavin'

4. It's Over

5. Right Where You Want Me


6. Punch Drunk Recreation

7. Bleeding Love

8. Because You Live

9. Just So You Know

10. Back Together


11. How Do You Sleep? (Remix feat. Ludacris)

12. Shake

13. Get Your Shine On

14. Told You So

15. Better With You


16. Body Language (feat. T-Pain)

17. Blow Your Mind

18. We Can Go Anywhere

19. Take Your Sweet Time

20. Oxygen


21. Not Your Enemy

22. Invincible

23. In Technicolor, Pt. II

24. The Stupid Things

25. Party For Two



1. Are You That Somebody?👑

2. Try Again

3. More Than a Woman

4. We Need a Resolution (feat. Timbaland)

5. One in a Million


6. I Care 4 U

7. Rock the Boat

8. If Your Girl Only Knew

9. Miss You

10. 4 Page Letter


11. I Refuse

12. Loose Rap (feat. Static)

13. At Your Best (You Are Love)

14. U Got Nerve

15. Back & Forth


16. The One I Gave My Heart To

17. What If

18. Extra Smooth

19. Don't Know What To Tell Ya

20. Read Between the Lines

21. Are You Feelin' Me?

22. Come Back In One Piece (feat. DMX)

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1. no tears left to cry👑

2. thank u, next


3. Dangerous Woman

4. Into You

5. God is a woman


6. The Way (feat. Mac Miller)

7. 7 rings

8. pov

9. One Last Time

10. Break Free (feat. Zedd)


11. breathin

12. positions

13. Be Alright

14. Greedy

15. imagine


16. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

17. Love Me Harder (feat. The Weeknd)

18. 34+35

19. goodnight n go

20. Thinking Bout You


21. nasty

22. my hair

23. love language

24. You’ll Never Know

25. Honeymoon Avenue


👑1. Make Me Feel

2. Tightrope (feat. Big Boi)


3. Cold War

4. Electric Lady (feat. Solange)

5. Dance Apocalyptic


6. Q.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)

7. Come Alive (The War of the Roses)

8. Screwed (feat. Zoë Kravitz)

9. Pynk (feat. Grimes)

10. Americans


11. I Like That

12. Givin’ Em What They Love (feat. Prince)

13. Oh, Maker

14. Ghetto Woman

15. Dance or Die (feat. Saul Williams)


16. Locked Inside

17. Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson)

18. Wondaland

19. Sincerely, Jane.

20. Venus Fly (with Grimes)


21. Django Jane

22. Sir Greendown

23. Take a Byte

24. BabopbyeYa

25. I Got the Juice (feat. Pharrell Williams)



1. Cry Me a River👑

2. SexyBack (feat. Timbaland)


3. Mirrors

4. What Goes Around… / …Comes Around (Interlude)

5. Let Me Talk to You (Prelude) / My Love (feat. Timbaland & T.I.)


6. Like I Love You (feat. Clipse)

7. LoveStoned / I Think She Knows (Interlude)

8. Rock Your Body (feat. Vanessa Marquez)

9. Summer Love

10. Suit & Tie (feat. Jay-Z)


11. Not a Bad Thing

12. TKO

13. Love Sex Magic (with Ciara)

14. Señorita

15. Give It to Me (with Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado)


16. FutureSex/LoveSound

17. Take Back the Night

18. Dead and Gone (with T.I.)

19. Can’t Stop the Feeling!

20. Until the End of Time (feat. Beyoncé)

21. Never Again



👑1. Run Away With Me

2. Cut to the Feeling


3. Too Much

4. Emotion

5. Call Me Maybe


6. Party For One

7. Gimmie Love

8. Cry

9. I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance

10. Go Find Yourself or Whatever


11. Higher

12. Let's Get Lost

13. Tonight I'm Getting Over You

14. Your Type

15. Want You in My Room

16. The Loneliest Time (feat. Rufus Wainwright)

17. Surrender My Heart

18. Boy Problems

19. Western Wind

20. Talking to Yourself


21. Black Heart

22. Roses

23. Warm Blood

24. No Drug Like Me

25. When I Needed You




























21. All Nite (Don't Stop)

22.When I Think of You

23. Any Time, Any Place

24. Let's Wait Awhile

25. So Much Betta



[Original Post:]


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Just now, FrogLenzen said:

What are your thoughts on how to account for solo artists vs. their former groups? Must Destiny's Child be separate from Beyonce etc.?


Ahhh I knew I forgot a point in my original post! I think just for sake of clarity and to respect other artists (aka Kelly Rowland), I will be separating solo artists from their former groups. 

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1 minute ago, Deeee said:


Ahhh I knew I forgot a point in my original post! I think just for sake of clarity and to respect other artists (aka Kelly Rowland), I will be separating solo artists from their former groups. 

fail seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

me taking notes on Fergie vs. BEPs

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4 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

What are your thoughts on how to account for solo artists vs. their former groups? Must Destiny's Child be separate from Beyonce etc.?

Ooh i was hoping groups and solo material would be separate so thankfully they are. 


2 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Pick Me GIF by memecandy


LMAOOO me too. :lmao:  Or well I might stay out of certain genres that doesn't appeal to me. :haha: 

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Just now, *Wallace said:

Oooh lol I was hoping only singles would be represented than album track inclusions. :lmao: 


Some of the best songs are not released as singles, so it's only fair to the fans to give them everything they want!

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  • *Wallace changed the title to Musician Discography Rankdown (Taylor Swift round)
  • FrogLenzen changed the title to Musician Discography Rankdown (Christina Aguilera)

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