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Cyber Idol IV (Top 9 Results Revealed!)


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Tonight, our top 45 will be performing songs that show off their essence and talents! But before we get to that, each week, we will be choosing one of our special alumni to host the show. The first host of the season will be...

































You're welcome @Erestor! So happy our robbed Season 2 stud is back to host this crazy show! Eli take it away!




It's a pleasure, I am so happy to be back and so cool to see how the format of this series has evolved. I could not have dealt with this many competitors and the mentor twist, so crazy! Well, let's get this under way. First, please welcome our amazing mentors...















Rita Ora!

Stevie Wonder!


Demi Lovato!

Lara Fabian!




Now let's get right to the show. First up will be...














 What an epic performance to kick off the show, next up is...










DYLAN JORDAN from #TeamLauv!




 What an amazing tribute to your mentor! :giggle:Our third performance will be from...









ALEX AIONO from #TeamDemi!




 How sexy, I'm feeling hot hot hot! Next up...









SIGNE KROG from #TeamStevie!




 So soulful like the amazing Naya Rivera ❤️ Our fifth performance of the night will be...









CIMORELLI from #TeamDemi!




 Super adorable! Moving on to our sixth performer...










LEROY SANCHEZ from #TeamLauv!




 How beautiful ❤️ Now it's time for...










JAMIEBOY from #TeamLauv!




 Stunning vocals! Our eighth performer will be...













 What a powerful voice! Following next is...









ALEC CHAMBERS from #TeamDemi!




 So beautiful! Next up...












 Wow, way to rock it out! Following up will be...









NI/CO from #TeamDemi!




 Gorgeous! And for our final performance before our first break...










FLY BY MIDNIGHT from #TeamLauv!



 WERK, what a fab performance to take us into the break! Stay tuned for more amazing performances!




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Okay we are back and ready to rumble. First to start us up after the break is...









J.FLA from #TeamLara!




So sassy, love it! Next is...









CHLOE X HALLE from #TeamStevie!




 So unexpected, amazing! Following with another great performance...








GENTRI from #TeamRita!




 How beautiful, now it's time for...









FARRAH CAMU from #TeamLauv!




 Such a gorgeous voice, nailed it! Next, let's give it up for...








CALEB + KELSEY from #TeamLara!




 Stunning vocals from an adorable couple! So nice to see Caleb back, I remember him singing with Anthem Lights from the inaugural season :giggle:Now it is time for our another great contestant...









WILL JAY from #TeamStevie!




 Such a charmer, that was so much fun! Our next performer is...









CONNIE TALBOT from #TeamRita!




Such pretty singing, moving on to some double trouble, give it up for the...








GEORGE TWINS from #TeamRita!




 Cute and great singers, and there's two of you! I think I'm in heaven ❤️ Next up is...








EMMA HEESTERS from #TeamDemi!




Wow, queen of powerhouse vocals, loved it! Time for another great female performer...








JASMINE CLARKE from #TeamLauv!




Such a pretty voice, werk gurl! Now for our final act before another break...








HALOCENE from #TeamRita!




Another great rocking performance, very hot! It is time for another break, but there will be more amazing performances after the break!




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Hi everyone! We are back and ready to take on another amazing group of performers, starting off the action is...








MATT BLOYD from #TeamLara!




Way to kill a classic! Next is...








MELODY ANGEL from #TeamStevie!




 So gorgeous! Ok, next up will be...











 Obsessed with this song, such a beautiful rendition! Time to give it up for...








MADILYN BAILEY from #TeamDemi!




 Beautiful version! Next, let's give it up for...







CASEY BREVES from #TeamLara!




Way to kill a Britney cover and follow in your husband's footsteps, we will see if you can match his win from Season 1! Moving on, it's...












 Very cute version! Now, let's give it up for...








ZEK from #TeamRita!




What an epic song choice, gorgeous! Next up...







JEMMA JOHNSON from #TeamStevie!




 What an amazing tone! Following up, we have...







CITIZEN QUEEN from #TeamRita!




Oh snap, Fifth Harmony vibes ❤️ Time now for...











Love it, so much drama! And closing us into the break, it's...







BETHANY MOTA from #TeamLara!




Kurt Hugo Schneider is quite the hot producer tonight :giggle:Makes sense as he supported Sam's win in our inaugural season! Beautiful performance Bethany, great way to bring us into the final break!




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And we are back for our final set of performances! Next, let's welcome...








VON SMITH from #TeamStevie!




Wow, quite a risk, but a great performance! Now, let's give it up for...












One of my favorite songs of the year! Next up...







MACY KATE from #TeamDemi!




 Werk those hawt vocals! Coming up next...









JAMIE MILLER from #TeamLauv!




 Oooh oooh ooooooooooh, I am getting ALL the feels and chills right now, STUNNING! Okay, next up we have...







JASMINE THOMPSON from #TeamStevie!




Amazing tones, I am shook! Next is...









MADILYN PAIGE from #TeamRita!




 Gorgeous song choice! Now, let's give it up for...









ALICIA MOFFET from #TeamLara!




 Slayed it queen! Our next performer will be...












 What a fun performance! And we're down to our final three performances, next we have...








LOREA TURNER from #TeamRita!




 How gorgeous was that, so beautiful! Now, for our second to last performance of the night...














Such an amazing voice! And for our final performance of the night...









WILLIAM SINGE from #TeamLauv!




 Gorgeous, what a way to close out the show! Now it is time for the voting!


This is how it is going to work this week, everyone including coaches will vote, the bottom act from each team will be eliminated. Voting numbers are below, please make sure to post that you voted.








Votes are due on SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 at 8PM EDT! See you all next time for the results!


@thevoiceisthetop @*Chris @Zoey @Leekleekington @*Wallace @1234567890 @Bk1234 @Elliott @Solaris @Archanium @IAN27TAY @Erestor



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6 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

I just finished watching Team Rita, and am almost finished with Team Stevie. 😁 

No worries, there's still some time before the deadline, just making sure everyone saw that the show was finally completed :giggle:

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I just voted! 😄


Team Rita @ZoeyNothing to get too excited over, except for two acts. 
Team Stevie @LeekleekingtonA couple of gems in this group, but overall nothing too exciting. This group might have produced my least favorite act. 😅
Team Lauv @JCOnly two acts stood out to me. One of these acts gave a performance that is my favorite out of all 45. 👍

Team Demi @thevoiceisthetopNo one really stood out in this group for me, except for my pre-game favorites. Also, I would have definitely chosen a different song for Cimorelli... 😕

Team Lara @*Chris-🥇Gets the award for the best group for this round. I think I gave the most positive scores to this group (I rank them out of 10 before voting 😅). However, no one in this group reached the 9.5/10 that I gave someone on Team Lauv @JC

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55 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

When are we going to get the results? 

Still waiting on some votes but I should post them soon (probably by Tuesday/Wednesday night)! Thanks to all who have already voted! 


@thevoiceisthetop @*Chris @Zoey @Leekleekington @*Wallace @1234567890 @Bk1234 @Elliott @Solaris @Archanium @IAN27TAY @Erestor @SwimmerStud87

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  • JC changed the title to Cyber Idol IV (Top 9 Results Revealed!)

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