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Cyber Idol IV (Top 9 Results Revealed!)


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Hello lovers! And we're back tonight with the TOP 15 results! But first, I have a surprise for you first...






























Hope you all enjoyed listening to me! Okay now to our TOP 15! The results are in, and I will be revealing the BOTTOM 3 tonight...






































































Sorry to Alexander, Alec, and Cimorelli :( As it is a double elimination tonight, two of them will be leaving us tonight! Their fates will be revealed after the break.




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Hello, we are back! Now, it is time for some ELIMINATIONS. The first act leaving us with the lowest amount of votes was...













































































































































































Cimorelli :( Congrats to you amazing ladies for being the final group remaining! We will miss you. After the break, I will announce the second act eliminated tonight.




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Hello, we are back after a LONG break! Now, it is time for the final elimination of the night. Now, as the votes were VERY close, meaning the bottom 6 were all within only FOUR points of each other, Alexander and Alec actually TIED in votes. The tiebreaker was the act who got the highest rank out of all the votes. Therefore, the second act eliminated tonight is...












































































































































































Alec Chambers :( Sorry, you were wonderful and we really enjoyed having you on the show. Unfortunately, that means Team Demi is down to one act after tonight, but you only need one to win! After the break, we will announce next week's theme!




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The TOP 13 theme is GENDER BENDERS! You will sing songs originally sung by the opposite gender of the gender you identify with. This week, you CANNOT choose a cover sung in real life by your artist. However, you can choose a cover sung by someone else or the original version of the song (redux style).


DEADLINE: February 14th, 6pm






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On 1/24/2021 at 1:18 AM, *Wallace said:

I’ll provide some thoughts on these performances.  I have no idea which mentors/acts belongs to which IDF rankers here…..so I have no bias towards anyone or any certain act.



- Davina's performance was such a fun way to open up the show. Love the song and found the song choice unexpected for her.

- Jamie’s performance was very moving and beautiful. He had some impressive range in there.

- Gorgeous performance from Jasmine. And ooooo she sang a slower version of her own song. 😮 Do love her voice.

- Madilyn is someone I recognize. Was she in past Cyber Idol seasons? Wow realllyyy interesting how she did a mashup of all of these 2020 songs. VERY unique and clever mash-up, and that creativity gets a lot of points for me. She sang all of these songs beautifully too (though there were a few parts I wasn’t too crazy on).

- Good voice and nice performance from Alexander but I was kinda bored by this.

- Don’t know this song that Alicia sang. It was nice and pretty but I was left wanting more from her here. I guess kinda one note and I would have liked more range from her.

- Hmmm Matt’s song links to a Guy Sebastian video? Am I suppose to imagine him singing this - but not see/hear Matt actually sing it (ala a redux)? :unsure: This was a really beautiful performance and good vocals, but hard for me to judge it as him - so i’ll find a way to work this out in my vote. 

- Really nice and emotional performance from Alec here. Ooh he has a bit of a rasp in his voice which has a unique sound to it. And ooo he makes the “lonely” part of the song easier to listen to vs. the Biebs. :giggle: Really enjoyable.

- Don’t know Joe’s song, but i do really like his voice and this was a great performance. Very heartfelt, emotional and he has a great vocal range. Wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did. A standout for me.

- Von Smith is another name I recognize although he looks sooo different now. Unless this is a different Von that’s not from Idol? This was a fun and unexpected song here. He performed it with a lot of fun but i know he has an insane killler voice, and I didn’t really get that from him here. I take that on the song. Good but i was a little underwhelmed.

- I’m not too big on the original version of this song but something about Riccardo’s version really captured me. Really beautiful performance. He took his time with it but really sold and delivered the emotion and lyrics well here. Really enjoyed this.

- Zek has a very good voice. This took a little while to grab or move me and the song choice didn’t do too much for me, but i did get interested in this when he showcased his vocal range and falsetto, which was impressive. Good overall but feel a bit mixed.

- I liked the storytelling vibe that Samantha brought to this song. She has such a pretty voice and this was a very pretty performance from her. Really liked this.

- Oooh wow a girl group here, cool! Wow Cimorelli doing a medley too. Madilyn really impressed me with hers but I didn’t love Cimorell’s medley as much. They have good voices but I’m not really into the arrangement or something? But this did grow on me as it progressed. I do like the video and how the pay homage to all of these artists they are covering. That is really cool. 

- Oooh i really love Singe’s song choice here. But oooo she’s another one that has the actual song link so I have to envision/imagine her singing this on her own. I don’t really know how to do that sooo I will try to work around that. But this is a fierce song and if she can sing/perform this as well as Ava Max, this could be a showstopper.


Great show! Sorry if I was a bit too critical at times but everyone is still so good. Will send in my vote shortly.

Obsessed that you thought you were a bit critical at times when you are super nice LOL. In true Wally fashion ❤️ 


Comments on some of your thoughts:

Glad you thought Jamie had an impressive range and great performance, I think so too! 🙂 

So glad you loved Joe's performance more than you thought! Hopefully you'll become more and more of a fan :giggle:

Glad you liked Samantha's storytelling vibe, she does have a pretty voice for sure.

Madilyn was one of the second chance contestants who was brought back since she left super early on a past season - Leroy Sanchez was the other. She's definitely done much better this season! So impressed with your Cyber Idol history knowledge and memory ❤️ King Wally Cyber Idol fan :wub:


Also up to this point I have been letting the coaches choose whether they want to do an actual cover by the artist (Cyber Idol historical format) or where they choose the original/cover version that is not sung by the actual artist (redux style). I am going to try to use more restrictive criteria going forward so everyone is more on even playing field and the audience does not need to switch their brains due to varying formats.

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Tonight, our TOP 13 perform some gender benders! The coaches are back to mentor and observe, but who moves on will be completely up to the public. But first, let's welcome our Cyber Idol alumni host for tonight, our shocker robbed Polish QUEEN from the inaugural season...
































She slayed every performance and was Cyber Idol's own version of Tamyra Gray!



KASIA: I am so honored Cyber Idol brought me back to host this season of amazing artists! I am humbled by the talent here. And speaking of talent, let's welcome the amazing judges...














Rita Ora!

Stevie Wonder!


Demi Lovato!

Lara Fabian!



KASIA: I am so jealous that these star judges are part of the show! We definitely would have benefited on the first season from their expertise. So this week, the contestants will be tackling gender benders! This means males will be singing female songs and females will be singing male songs! I can not wait how much artistry and creativity will be shown tonight! Now, let's welcome our first contestant of the night to the stage from #TeamLauv...




























KASIA: Wow, gorgeous way to kick off the show! Next up from #TeamLara...





























KASIA: Such a heartfelt performance! And now for our third artist of the night...






























KASIA: What a stunning arrangement of such an iconic classic! Now let's give it up from #TeamStevie for...






























KASIA: Another gorgeous version of a song by another lovable diva! Our last performer before our first break, from #TeamRita...






























KASIA: Oh wow, love the Spanish singing, such a perfect way to end the first segment of the show! Stay tuned for more finalists after the break!




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