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How Do You Add A Signature?

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At the top right of the page, hover over your username and then click on "Account Settings":




From there, on the left sidebar, click the last option, which is "Signature":




Then you will be able to add in and edit your signature. :yes: Hope this is helpful! 



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I actually made a post about removing attachments here: https://idolforums.com/topic/741289-new-board-features-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=28351651


I have not yet found a way to mass delete attachments (maybe @Tom can help?) , but if you go to the My Attachments section of your account (screen-capped in the linked post), on the right side it will show the thread you posted that attachment in. You can click on that thread name to go directly to the post and delete the attachment. 


Alternatively, you can also upload images to websites such as https://imgur.com/ or https://postimages.org/ and then post the link here. This allows you to include images in your posts without using any attachment space. 


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