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Actors & Actresses Rankdowns 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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10 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

I’m going through the remaining Tessa films, and I can’t find any video for Red & Blue Marbles:huh:


9 minutes ago, Deeee said:


That's why I wanted to eliminate it! LOL. :lmao:

Yes but this description!


"Five Grad students must decide whether to stay on a dying Earth or sell themselves into a "corporate slavery" for transit to Mars."


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Just now, Steven_ said:

According to Wikipedia, he only seems to have 7 film and TV credits in a main role (excluding Television Films, which he has four of those). 



such disrespect for someone who made the Top 26 of your famous actors game.

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Just now, Steven_ said:

I wonder if any of you will eventually suggest Amy Adams for this. :ph34rwave:


Eventually. But I want this to be fun and drama free for the first few rounds. Which is why Brie Larson is a fabulous choice for the next round. 😎

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16 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

Since the other Ryan was nominated first go with Ryan Reynolds now? 

16 hours ago, Elliott said:

We should do Ben Stiller just for @Deeee's benefit.

16 hours ago, Deeee said:

Brie Larson please!

QK was the first to post, so Ryan Reynolds will be Round 3. Anyone interested, post here if you want to play. Maximum of 10 rankers.


If Elliott was serious about Ben Stiller, then he can be next. If not, then we’ll skip ahead to Brie Larson for Round 4 and Elliott can pick someone else for another round.


I also still have 0 rankings for Tessa.

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  • Steven_ changed the title to Actors & Actresses Rankdowns 2.0 (Winner Posted)

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