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Actors & Actresses Rankdowns 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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From Wikipedia: "Where the Day Takes You is a 1992 American crime drama neo noir thriller film. The film tells the story of teenage runaways trying to survive on the streets of Los Angeles." Will Smith plays Manny, a legless man who is friends with King's group. King is the leader of a group of street people. The film received positive reviews, with Roger Ebert saying it is "effective, well-acted and convincing."



ALEX: 8 - Meh trailer.

DEE: 9

QK: 12


JC: 14


DENISE: 15 - The only movie in the finals I'm not at least somewhat familiar with. I see it was Will's first movie ever though. 😮  What I don't see is much of Will at all in the trailer. :dead: I'm not sure how big his role is in this, but I'm guessing it's minor. 

KALEY: 15 - Here by default. It’s one of very few films on the list I haven’t seen.

WALLACE: 15 - Never saw this but I see this was Will’s first film. And i barely see him in the trailer so this is an easy last place.



14. GENIE - ALADDIN (2019)

This is a live-action adaptation of Disney's 1992 animated film of the same name. According to Wikipedia, "A comedically eccentric and kindly jinn who has the power to grant three wishes to whoever possesses his magic lamp. Smith said that he was 'terrified' while playing the character, but that '[he] found a lane that pays homage' to Robin Williams' performance in the original animated film, while still making the role '[his] own thing.' Smith described the character as 'both a trickster and a mentor,' who tries 'to guide Aladdin to the truth of the greatness that's already within him.'" According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Aladdin retells its classic source material's story with sufficient spectacle and skill, even if it never approaches the dazzling splendor of the animated original."



JC: 4

DENISE: 5 - I love this live-action remake so much, although most of my love goes to Mena and Naomi in their roles as Aladdin and Jasmine.  I STAN AND SHIP IT. ❤️ That's not to say I don't enjoy Will, because I very much do. I think he did a great job taking on an iconic role with shoes impossible to fill. He did his own thing, rather than try to copy Robin Williams. I like his version of The Genie a lot and found him fun and entertaining in the role. I'm sure this movie will have a lot of low rankings as well, so hopefully my high ranking can help it somewhat.

WALLACE: 9 - I love me some Aladdin and while the live action film isn’t as iconic as the animated film this gets too much flack. Will does a great job as The Genie and is fun in his role. Ugh I want to so badly put this higher but I care more about the other films/shows I ranked above.

DEE: 14

KALEY: 14 - Fun, but when I think of his iconic roles this doesn’t jump out at me as much.

ALEX: 15 - Such an epic fail of miscasting. I know there's no one who could compare to Robin Williams, but Will Smith was absolutely the wrong choice (and I say this as a Will Smith fan).


QK: 15





From Wikipedia: "In the film, Boris the Animal, an old enemy of Agent K, escapes from prison and travels back in time to kill the younger K in order to allow his species, a ruthless alien race known as Boglodites, to attack Earth. This forces Agent J to go back in time and team up with K's younger self to save his partner and the world. In the third film J has become a well-respected, Rank A Men in Black agent in the year 2012. He continues to work with K, but is frustrated by the secrets K keeps from him for his own good, leading to frustration in their relationship." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "It isn't exactly a persuasive argument for the continuation of the franchise–but Men in Black III is better than its predecessor and manages to exceed expectations."



DEE: 6

DENISE: 8 - I'm sure I haven't seen this one, but the story looks interesting! It has a much higher RT score compared to the second, not that I would necessarily agree if I watched (I might or might not), but it's enough for me to rank this one higher between the two for now. I will need to watch it sometime.

JC: 9

QK: 9


KALEY: 12 - Again, the sequels blur together, so I’m not sure how accurate this placement is.


ALEX: 13 - We've already got a few other Men in Blacks in the endgame. Never saw it.

WALLACE: 14 - I kinda love that all 3 MIB’s films made it here. But after watching some clips of Will’s greatest films I could have done without this (and have Concussion or I Robot in it’s place) but it’s no big issue haha. Haven’t seen this film but would like to.




From Wikipedia: "The sequel to the 1995 film Bad Boys and the second film in the Bad Boys film series, the film follows detectives Burnett and Lowrey investigating the flow of illegal drugs going into Miami. Marcus (Martin Lawrence) questions if he wants to remain partners with Mike. Meanwhile, Mike is concealing a relationship with Marcus' sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union). Syd, not known to both Mike and Marcus, is an undercover agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration. [The film] received generally negative reviews from critics, with praise for its action sequences, performances, and sense of fun, but criticized extreme violence, and its plot."



QK: 5


WALLACE: 8 - I actually finally got around to watching this film in full this year (though I’ve seen parts of this in the past). I love the Bad Boys films and this was no different. Lots of great action and some hilarious moments in this. Will & Martin are great in this + plus having Gabrielle Union in this was a great added bonus.

DEE: 11

KALEY: 11 - Is this a cinematic masterpiece? No. Is it a fun watch that I tend to stop on every time I catch it on television? Absolutely! Also, it’s soundtrack gave us “Shake Ya Tailfeather” which is still a jam.


ALEX: 12 - We've already got another Bad Boys in the endgame.

DENISE: 14 - I haven't seen this, but I'm not huge on the first one.

JC: 15




From Wikipedia: "The plot of the film was inspired by the real-life story of David Hampton, a con man and robber who convinced a number of people in the 1980s that he was the son of actor Sidney Poitier." IMDB describes the plot as "An affluent New York City couple finds their lives touched, intruded upon, and compelled by a mysterious young black man who is never quite who he says he is." Will Smith plays a skillful con-artist named Paul. According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Though it betrays its theatrical roots, Six Degrees of Separation largely succeeds thanks to astute direction and fine performances–particularly from an against-type Will Smith."



DEE: 4

JC: 5

DENISE: 7 - Young Will uses his charm to the maximum in his portrayal of this character where he woos everyone with his allure and intellect. He earns their trust only for them to discover he's kind of a con-artist. So scandalous. A bit different from the other roles I know him best from, but I thought he was excellent in this.

KALEY: 10 - I haven’t seen this movie in years, but I remember it being really good. I see it’s on Prime Video, so I will definitely be rewatching it soon. It’ll probably ultimately have a better placement for me once I do.

QK: 11


WALLACE: 13 - I actually never heard or saw this film but since Denise helped me out with her advancement pick I didn’t want her to lose this film. But his role looks interesting here but I’m left wanting to see more from him here.

ALEX: 14 - I promise you it's not gay to kiss men in a movie Will!


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From IMDB: "K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) reunite to provide our best line of defense against a seductress who levels the toughest challenge yet to the MIBs mission statement: protecting the earth from the scum of the universe. While investigating a routine crime, Jay uncovers a plot masterminded by Serleena (Boyle), a Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a lingerie model. When Serleena takes the MIB building hostage, there is only one person Jay can turn to -- his former MIB partner." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Lacking the freshness of the first movie, MIB 2 recycles elements from its predecessor with mixed results."




QK: 6

JC: 7


WALLACE: 10 -  I enjoyed this MIB2 film as well although I’m not as familiar with it like the first one.

ALEX: 11 - A bit of a disappointment since I like the first one!

DENISE: 11 - I don't remember if I've seen this sequel or not. It looks fun from the trailer though and I'm a fan of the series in general.

DEE: 13

KALEY: 13 - Truthfully the sequels blur together for me , but I’m pretty sure it was my least favorite of the three.



9. MUHAMMAD ALI - ALI (2001)

From Wikipedia: "The film focuses on ten years in the life of the boxer Muhammad Ali, played by Will Smith, from 1964 to 1974, featuring his capture of the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, his conversion to Islam, criticism of the Vietnam War, and banishment from boxing, his return to fight Joe Frazier in 1971, and, finally, his reclaiming the title from George Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle fight of 1974. It also touches on the great social and political upheaval in the United States following the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Though perhaps no film could fully do justice to the fascinating life and personality of Muhammad Ali, Mann's direction and Smith's performance combine to pack a solid punch." Will Smith received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for this role.



ALEX: 6 - I don't really care about Muhammad Ali, otherwise I might've ranked it higher.

WALLACE: 7 - I feel this is one of Will’s most important films of his career - and in a way we never really saw him before. Will did an amazing job portraying Muhammed Ali here. Well deserved Oscar nomination for him. He received many other award noms too. Objectively this should be higher and I hope it is in the overall ranking but I’m more familiar with the films/shows i ranked higher.

KALEY: 8 - Great movie and he does a wonderful job playing Ali.


DENISE: 9 - Will did well (  :giggle: ) taking on the role of Muhummad Ali in this film. Although I tend to prefer him in comedic roles, that is not always the case. I think he did a solid job in this movie that earned him an Oscar nomination.

DEE: 10


QK: 10

JC: 13




From Wikipedia: "The film tells the story of a group of NSA agents conspiring to kill a Congressman and the cover up that ensues after a tape of the murder is discovered. Given the events of 9/11, the Patriot Act, and Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA's PRISM surveillance program, the film has become noteworthy for being ahead of its time regarding issues of National Security and privacy." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "An entertaining, topical thriller that finds director Tony Scott on solid form and Will Smith confirming his action headliner status."



DEE: 5

KALEY: 5 - For some reason I have a feeling this isn’t going to do as well as I hoped, so I’ll give it a high ranking to help it out a bit. Love this movie.


QK: 8


ALEX: 10 - Meh trailer.

DENISE: 10 - I watched this, but don't actually remember all that much about it. I know it's good.

JC: 12

WALLACE: 12 - Heard of this and kinda remember when this came out. It’s an action thriller film so right in Will’s wheelhouse. I just don’t remember if I’ve seen this or not. But I like what i saw of this.




From Wikipedia: "Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is a professional "date doctor" who coaches other men in the art of wooing women, with the main focus of having genuine long-term relationships. He is very successful at what he does. While coaching one of his clients, Albert Brennaman (Kevin James) – who is smitten with a client of his investment firm, celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta) – Hitch finds himself falling for Sara Melas (Eva Mendes), a gossip columnist and cynical workaholic. While Albert and Allegra's relationship continues to progress, Hitch finds it difficult to initiate a dialogue with Sara, finding that none of his romantic methods work on her. Throughout the entire process, he keeps his career secret, claiming to be a generic 'consultant.'" According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Despite Hitch's predictability, Will Smith and Kevin James win praise for their solid, warmhearted performances."



WALLACE: 3 - Will doing rom-com’s is really rare. But this was one of Will’s films i saw multiple times and absolutely love and consider it one of my favorites from him. I loved his role as the ~Love Doctor~ and found him so hilarious here. Also really enjoyed Eva Mendes & Kevin James in here too.


DENISE: 6 - Fun movie and I enjoy Will in this a lot. He's charming, funny at times, and overall portrays a good, well-meaning guy in this who is just trying to help people. Also, in one of his plans to set up a couple, he also sets up two dachshunds, so therefore, I have no choice by to stan!!!! :wub: :wub: d106WoA.gif%5B :wub: :wub: Wow, sequel between these two please! Easy #1. :wub: :giggle: But anyway,  this movie is a fun and I enjoy Will's chemistry with the other lead actors/actresses in this. 

JC: 6

KALEY: 6 - I feel like somehow this wound up a lot higher on my list than I intended, but you guys have waited long enough so I’m not going to tweak this any further :haha:. Definitely a fun movie, and he’s memorable it in. 

ALEX: 9 - Does age all that well but it also hasn't aged terribly at least...?


QK: 13

DEE: 15




From Wikipedia: "I Am Legend is a 2007 American post-apocalyptic action thriller film. Set in New York City after a virus, which was originally created to cure cancer, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving Neville as the last human in New York, other than nocturnal mutants. Neville is immune to the virus and he works to develop a cure while defending himself against the hostile mutants." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "I Am Legend overcomes questionable special effects and succeeds largely on the strength of Will Smith's mesmerizing performance."



DEE: 2

ALEX: 3 - Underrated movie! Underrated performance!

DENISE: 4 - This movie has one of the more interesting concepts to me of the list.  I can't always get into sci-fi/action films, but this one is different. First, I think Will's portrayal of his character is amazing. He has very minimal human contact throughout the majority of the film, so his performance obviously had a lot of weight on it. I feel so bad for his character in this...  the way he lost his family is heartbreaking and THE WAY HE LOSES IS DOG IS UNWATCHABLE TO ME. :broken: Speaking of, I love his relationship with his dog so much in this. She is really the only one he has. And I mean, how cute is this?! wNwaMA0.gif :wub: I also read that Will loved the dog so much in real life he wanted to keep her. Anyway, Will gives a strong, emotional, and powerful performance in this. This is a hard one for me to rank because I might prefer some others in general, but his portrayal in this one is one of the most impressive.

KALEY: 7 - I’m usually not a huge fan of the post-apocalyptic type movies, but I did enjoy this one.

QK: 7


JC: 10

WALLACE: 11 - Definitely remember this being out but I don’t think I got around to watching it. Oops I want to though. It looks really intense and action packed so I’m sure he slays it here.


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Yay Will Smith list being posted! 😄 Posting my thoughts....



- Lol Yeah Where the Day Takes You was an easy last place - although I’d like to see it like i would with all the Will films I didn’t get to see.


- Lmao yikes i knew Aladdin would rank low but was hoping it’d do better than #14. :dead: Yikes I was hoping for…. at least Top 12 ranking so oops. Not too surprised but oh well. #Bless JC getting it here though.


- Fine with MIB3 at #13.


- Aww I was hoping for Bad Boys 2 to rank better but #12 is okay. YESS Kaley mentioning “Shake Ya Tailfeather” which is a jam and I do absolutely love! :bobo:


- Good spot for Six Degrees of Separation. Another one I hope to see in the future lol.

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- Good and fair spot for MIB2.


- Aww darn I thought and wished Ali did better…. and oops I thought it would. :( I didn’t expect to be the second highest ranker here either. :haha: I should have ranked it higher myself lol.


- Fine with Enemy of the State’s ranking there.


- Pleased with Hitch’s ranking as I feared it wouldn’t do so well. But I’m pleased with #7 even though i would have had it higher. :haha:


- And oops I need to give I Am Legend a shot sometime. :yes:


Reallly good Top 5 we have here! :yes:  And yayy 4 of my Top 5 is in the Final 5! 😄 

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From Wikipedia: "Lifelong friends Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) are Miami detectives investigating $100 million of seized Mafia heroin, which was stolen from a secure police vault. Internal Affairs suspects that it was an inside job and threatens to shut down the entire department unless they recover the drugs within five days. Despite mixed reviews, Bad Boys was commercially successful and gained a cult following. It spawned the Bad Boys film series, which includes two sequels, Bad Boys II (2003), and Bad Boys for Life (2020)." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Bad Boys stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have enjoyable chemistry; unfortunately, director Michael Bay too often drowns it out with set pieces and explosions in place of an actual story."



QK: 2

WALLACE: 2 - I feel this was Will’s first iconic film. I do love the Bad Boys trilogy of films (or well the two that I’ve seen) and Will & Martin Lawrence are an iconic duo. This has a great mix of action + comedy. This is my favorite Bad Boys film and one that I watched multiple times throughout my life.



ALEX: 7 - Never seen it, might like it, might not!

DEE: 7

KALEY: 9 - Like I said about the sequel, not one of his most critically acclaimed films, but still a very fun watch! I’ve seen this movie numerous times, but can’t justify putting it higher than some of his other roles.

JC: 11

DENISE: 13 - I think this is a favorite among some fans, but it's not one of my favorites. However, it is still one of the more memorable roles for me that Will has done.




The Pursuit of Happyness is based on a true story of Chris Gardner's nearly one-year struggle being homeless. The unusual spelling of the film's title comes from a mural that Gardner sees on the wall outside the daycare facility his son attends. IMDB's plot summary says, "Gardner has invested heavily in a device known as a 'bone density scanner.' He feels like he has it made selling these devices. However, they do not sell well as they are marginally better than x-ray at a much higher price. As Gardner works to make ends meet, his wife leaves him and he loses his apartment. Forced to live out in the streets with his son, Gardner continues to sell bone density scanners while concurrently taking on an unpaid internship as a stockbroker, with slim chances for advancement to a paid position. Before he can receive pay, he needs to outshine the competition through 6 months of training, and to sell his devices to stay afloat." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Will Smith's heartfelt performance elevates The Pursuit of Happyness above mere melodrama." Will Smith received universal acclaim for his performance from critics and audiences alike and was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Actor.



ALEX: 2 - I watched this in one of my classes in 8th grade and thought it was like the greatest movie in the world at the time lol. I'm not sure if it holds up that well, but I still like it and LOVE his performance.

DENISE: 2 - Ughh, such a good movie... I could cry through the whole thing. Will plays such a good guy, SUCH A HARD WORKER, and he honestly deserves the world for him and his son. Speaking of which, I love that his real-life son, Jaden, played his son in the movie. So precious and they'll always have those memories. ❤️ There is one scene between them in particular that stands out, which is after he suggests that his son won't be any better at basketball than him. b57.gif Amazing.  This is such a moving movie and Will portrays his character so well. Parts as small as him losing his shoe after a car accident and then being essentially forced to give a man $5 that he barely has can make me weep because that's how in the emotions I get from Will's portrayal of this man. ❤️ He is doing ALL he possibly can to get a job and provide for his little boy. It takes awhile for things to look up for him, but it happens. I could cry at the end too. When he walks through a crowd of people with such relief and happy tears...pJttY0V.gif  I felt that. I really did. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I LOVE IT. Will was amazing and so believable. This role got him an Oscar nomination and I wish he could have won. ❤️ I also wish I could rank this #1 but my top choice is too iconic for me.

KALEY: 3 - Probably one of his most emotional roles and he nails it. His performance really stands out in this one, and I think it’s helped by the fact he’s acting alongside his actual child.



WALLACE: 5 - Definitely one of the most important films in Will’s career. Some of his best acting in a film which led him to multiple award nominations which was deserved. This film has such a touching and raw story which Will sells so well. Loved Will’s role as  determined man to achieve his dream job of becoming a stock broker to better the lives for himself and his family - but facing a lot of adversity getting there. Loved that Jaden starred in this with him too. Objectively this should be higher and I hope it is in the overall ranking but I’m more familiar with the films/shows i ranked higher.

JC: 8

DEE: 12

QK: 14




From Wikipedia: "The film focuses on disparate groups of people who converge in the Nevada desert in the aftermath of a worldwide attack by an extraterrestrial race of unknown origin. With the other people of the world, they launch an all-out counterattack on July 4—Independence Day in the United States." Will Smith plays Captain Steven Miller, a Marine F/A-18 pilot. Now considered a significant turning point in the history of the Hollywood blockbuster, Independence Day was at the forefront of the large-scale disaster film and sci-fi resurgence of the mid-late 1990s. With advancements in CGI special effects, events depicting mass destruction became commonplace in films that soon followed." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "The plot is thin and so is character development, but as a thrilling, spectacle-filled summer movie, Independence Day delivers."



JC: 2


QK: 3

KALEY: 4 - Such a classic. Arguably one of the roles that cemented Will Smith as a leading man in films and not just television.

ALEX: 5 - A fine performance in a fine movie.

WALLACE: 6 - Haven’t seen this film in forever but I remember really enjoying it when I did. Loved the science fiction and action nature of the film and enjoyed all of the graphics and actions that went on here.

DEE: 8


DENISE: 12 - I couldn't really get into this much, but it's not my kind of movie. He does a good job.




From Wikipedia: "The film stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as two agents of a secret organization called the Men in Black, who supervise extraterrestrial lifeforms who live on Earth and hide their existence from ordinary humans. It received positive reviews, with critics praising its humor, action sequences, Jones and Smith's performances, special effects and Danny Elfman's musical score. The film received three Academy Award nominations: Best Art Direction, Best Original Score and Best Makeup, winning the latter award. The film spawned two sequels, Men in Black II (2002) and Men in Black 3 (2012); a spin-off film, Men in Black: International (2019); and a 1997–2001 animated series." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Thanks to a smart script, spectacular set pieces, and charismatic performances from its leads, Men in Black is an entirely satisfying summer blockbuster hit."




KALEY: 2 - Oooh the nostalgia! I choose to believe this movie is every bit as fabulous as I remember. As soon as I watch it, I’m transported back to grade school with all my classmates freaking out about how cool it was. And yes, it’s still that cool!

DEE: 3

DENISE: 3 - This is the most nostalgic film for me here because I have memories of watching it with my brother when we were young. But that actually shocks me now seeing how it's rated PG-13 and how my mom was really strict about what movies we could watch... I was nowhere near old enough when this came out.  Maybe we watched it later? But I have specific memories of being a little girl, so I don't know. :dead: Anyway, this is one of the roles I think of first when it comes to Will Smith. It's cool, it's fun, and it brings back great memories. The aliens in the movie are terrifying though.

JC: 3


ALEX: 4 - Just such a fun movie for me, always brings a smile to my face.

QK: 4

WALLACE: 4 - Another classic Will film that i saw a few times and do really love. This was a fun sci-fi film and I loved the mix of science fiction and comedy. This film marked what a great duo Will & Tommy Lee Jones would become.




From Wikipedia: "The series stars Will Smith as a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent to move in with his wealthy uncle and aunt in their Bel Air mansion after getting into a fight in his hometown. However, his lifestyle often clashes with the lifestyle of his upper-class relatives. The character and Will Smith's portrayal received near unanimous praise from television critics & audiences alike. UGO editor Bryan Enk praised Will Smith's role as the character, stating 'Rarely has there been a television series so perfectly tailor-made for its star than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air [...] Fresh Prince fit Will Smith like a glove; it was obviously a showcase for him, but his co-stars were just as good, and Smith never hogged the spotlight (or the camera), allowing each cast member to shine in every episode.'" According to Rampage Online, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stands out as one of the greatest sitcoms to grace our TV screens during the 1990s. Through both humor and seriousness, the show managed to captivate audiences in a way that has yet to be replicated. It also served as an inspiration to many of the shows that would follow in its footsteps, all while helping change the way people of color were seen on TV."



ALEX: 1 - Will Smith invented acting with the scene where his father leaves him again.

DEE: 1

DENISE: 1 - This will forever be the iconic and defining Will Smith role for me. :wub: It helped propel him to superstardom. It's so iconic that his character's name is his own name! Top that. I think I mostly got into this show because of my brother. He would watch reruns of it and so I'd see it on TV all the time when I was little and come to get familiar with it myself. Will is hilarious and in his element here. It's a classic show that is so fun to watch and enjoy Will's natural talent and charisma.  This is just quintessential Will Smith to me. I love his character, as well as his relationships with other characters. I think this is the first round so far where a TV role actually has a chance of winning! I would be very happy with that result. Also, the theme song is a JAM! :bobo:I can play the whole thing in my head.

JC: 1 - Nothing else should win because this is the best.

KALEY: 1 - I mean, for me there really was no other option. Fresh Prince is THE Will Smith role: the one that instantly pops to mind when I hear his name. It’s all iconic from the theme song, to the fashions, to the rest of the cast. And Will proved to be an extremely well-rounded actor, bringing not only excellent comedic timing but also some very heartfelt emotional moments (that scene about his dad, for example). It paved the way for all of his future opportunities to come and I think is the best choice for that #1 spot!

QK: 1


WALLACE: 1 - ICONIC LEGENDARY Television right here. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a classic and is (very likely) my favorite sitcom series of all-time. I watched every episode of this show and did so multiple times each. This show is and always will be hilarious (with some heartfelt moments) and it never gets old to me. Love Will in this and the whole cast of this show.


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- Very pleased with Bad Boys cracking the Top 5! 😄 As it is my personal favorite Will film I would have loved for it to see it higher - but Top 5 is still great for this.


- Oh wow I expected The Pursuit of Happyness to do much better - was thinking it was going to be #2 overall honestly. :dead: Such a great movie and deserving of the Top 4. Like Denise said and what i forgot to mention - I do wish he won an Oscar for this. Loved all of the comments of this.


- Pleasantly surprised but happy for Independence Day getting 3rd! It’ been forever since I seen this but do want to see this again haha.


- Omggg everyone ranking Men in Black in the Top 4….. amazing! :omg: I wasn’t expecting us all to universally love this as our favorite Will film but yayy! Lol love Kaley’s comments of how cool it was back in the day and how it still is. :giggle: OMGG Denise watching a PG-13 film when she was just a child. I AM SHOOK. 😮 And I must speak with you about this. 😮


- OMGGGG ALL OF US (Except flipping Elliott for ruining a flawless 1.0 rating. UGH... Lmao I'm teasing. I'm not mad at him haha) ranking Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at #1. :clap: IT DESERVES and that show is so iconic and legendary. I am sooo glad we all agree (except Ellliott). All of the comments are amazing and perfection on this. :yes: Ugh I wish I said and expressed more for my love of Fresh Prince but I do LOVE it.



Thanks for letting me do this Will Smith round Steven! And thanks to all of the rankers who participated in this round. This was a lot of fun! :hug: 

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4 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

Elliot ruining Fresh Prince's perfect score :dead:

I'm so sad. 😢 :dead:  LOL I teasee hahaha.


1 minute ago, 1234567890 said:

The @Elliott ruined The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's perfect score. :dead: WE HATE TO SEE IT!



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Wow at my typos on Hitch  :wacko: I was clearly distracted by the flawless puppies. ❤️  


The Pursuit of Happyness. :broken: 😢  I wish I Am Legend was a bit higher as well. Seems underrated. :( BUT THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. :broken: 


pJttY0V.gif pJttY0V.gif pJttY0V.gif 


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1 hour ago, *Wallace said:

- Lmao yikes i knew Aladdin would rank low but was hoping it’d do better than #14. :dead: Yikes I was hoping for…. at least Top 12 ranking so oops. 


It needed more help. 😢




1 hour ago, *Wallace said:

- And oops I need to give I Am Legend a shot sometime. :yes:





37 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

- Oh wow I expected The Pursuit of Happyness to do much better - was thinking it was going to be #2 overall honestly. :dead: Such a great movie and deserving of the Top 4. Like Denise said and what i forgot to mention - I do wish he won an Oscar for this. Loved all of the comments of this.


- OMGG Denise watching a PG-13 film when she was just a child. I AM SHOOK. 😮 And I must speak with you about this. 😮




😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢


I'll be waiting to hear from you. ❤️

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7 minutes ago, miss denise said:



It needed more help. 😢










😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢


I'll be waiting to hear from you. ❤️

It did. I wish I could have put it higher but I explained it :blushingwave: 


Omggg all of these gif reactions.


Whatcha doing watching PG-13 films at like 6 years old? 😮 

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