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Actors & Actresses Rankdowns 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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Inspired by the life of accused murderer Robert Durst, All Good Things stars Ryan Gosling as David Marks. Marks develops a volatile relationship with his wife (played by Kirsten Dunst). He eventually becomes the suspect of a series of murders and his wife's disappearance. According to Business Insider, Gosling effectively portrays Marks as "creepy and captivating."



Elliott - 9

QK - 9

Rei - 12

Alex - 13 - Lmaoooo this movie seems ridiculous. Never saw it though.

Chris - 13

Dee - 14

Public - 15


14. BV - SONG TO SONG (2017)

Song to Song is described as an "experimental romantic drama."  Ryan Gosling portrays BV, an up-and-coming musician who is part of a love quadrangle. Despite negative reviews from the critics, The Independent praises Gosling's performance. According to The Independent, Gosling's "inherent casualness and shrugging acting style [suits] the filmmaker’s similarly confident and spontaneous direction/camerawork."



Alex - 8 - Never saw it, but I loved the trailer and it's Terence Malick so I'm putting it on my list.

Chris - 11

Dee - 13

Elliott - 13

QK - 13

Rei - 13

Public - 14



Fracture is a legal thriller that sees Anthony Hopkins's Ted Crawford and Ryan Gosling's Willy Beachum engaging in a battle of wits. Ted Crawford kills his wife after she has an affair, and he is sent to jail and awaits trial. Beachum is a young assistant district attorney, and he believes this case is an easy one to win. However, Crawford ends up being a lot more cunning than Beachum anticipated. Both Hopkins and Gosling were praised for their performances, and The A.V. Club states "Gosling is equally good in the less showy role of a righteous prosecutor, investing a stock part with as much droll humor and charisma as he can muster."



Dee - 10

Elliott - 10

Alex - 11 - Lol this looks kinda bad, but I never saw it.

Public - 11

Rei - 11

Chris - 12

QK - 14



Remember the Titans is a sports/drama film that is often regarded as one of the best football movies of all-time. Ryan Gosling plays linebacker Alan Bosley, and he has a minor role in the film. According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Remember the Titans may be predictable, but it's also well-crafted and features terrific performances." Gosling was 19-years-old at the time of the film's release, and he's gone on to bigger and better roles since then.



QK - 1

Elliott - 4

Chris - 10

Public - 12

Alex - 14 -  I think I like watched this on cable tv like eight years ago...? Whatever just gonna ditch it down here.

Rei - 14

Dee - 15



The character Julian Thompson is described as "a respected figure in the criminal underworld". Only God Forgives received mixed reviews from critics, but there were some praise for Ryan Gosling's performance. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "his sullen introspection is again perfectly attuned to the director’s sensibility." Gosling only has 17 lines in the film as well.



Elliott - 1

Dee - 7

Chris - 8

Alex - 10 - Idk randomly put it here.

Public - 13

QK - 15

Rei - 15



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I was going to include a description for each film, but I ran out of time. I'll add that later.


#10 - #1 will also be revealed today.


And keep signing up for the Tessa Thompson round if anyone else is still interested.

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Wow the public's ranking is pretty spot on to the actual rankings. :haha: 


Sad abut Remember the Titans showing up already as that's one of the few movies I'm familiar with. But I didn't even know Ryan Gosling back then or that he was even in that movie until a few days ago. :lmao: 


Also loving Alex's commentary. :haha: 

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The Big Short is a comedy-drama about the housing crisis that led to the 2007-2008 financial disaster. Ryan Gosling portrays a salesman in this ensemble cast, and he often breaks the fourth wall as a narrator. According to Business Insider, "Gosling does some of his best work" and gets to show of his comedic chops as well.



Dee - 6

Elliott - 7

Rei - 7

Public - 8

QK - 11

Alex - 15 - I forgot he was in The Big Short, I would've cut it 👀. Absolutely hate this movie. I couldn't appreciate any performances cause the movie sucks.

Chris - 15



Ryan Gosling teams up with Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys, a neo-noir black comedy film. Set in the 70's, Gosling plays a down-on-his-luck private investigator who gets involved in a case regarding a missing adult film star. Richard Roeper wrote that Gosling and Crowe were the "funniest duo of the year." According to website Nylon, "Gosling proves he can pull off both sleazy and slapstick while still holding on to that charm and charisma that makes him Ryan Gosling in the first place."



QK - 5

Dee - 8

Rei - 8

Alex - 9 - Funny performance, overrated movie.

Public - 9

Elliott - 12

Chris - 14



Ryan Gosling plays a junior campaign manager who finds himself involved in a scandal in this political drama film. At first he's dedicated to his job, but then he questions if he should be loyal to such a corrupt individual. According to Business Insider, "Gosling gives the classic Clooney charm a run for its money here" and his performance makes this "expected political drama way more thrilling than it should be." Gosling received a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination for this role. 



Chris - 4

Dee - 5

Rei - 6

Public - 7

Elliott - 8

Alex - 12 - A safe, fine performance. Nothing special, nothing bad.

QK - 12



A film with three acts, The Place Beyond the Pines sees Ryan Gosling play Luke Glanton. He is a traveling motorcycle stuntman who learns he fathered a baby a year ago. He gives up his job to be with his son, but he begins robbing banks in order to provide for the baby. Ryan Gosling's character is present for the first act of the movie, but his fate affects how the rest of the film plays out. Richard Roeper wrote that "Gosling is mesmerizing as Luke." 



Elliott - 5

Public - 5

Alex - 6 - Don't remember the movie that well, but I liked him in it.

Chris - 7

Dee - 9

QK - 10

Rei - 10



Ryan Gosling plays struggling jazz pianist Sebastian Wilder in La La Land, a love letter to Hollywood. He meets aspiring actress Mia Dolan (played by Emma Stone), and the two of them fall in love. Gosling gets to show off his musical skills in this film; he sings, dances, and plays the piano. Gosling and Emma are charming in their roles, and their performances were praised by critics. According to website RogertEbert, "Stone and Gosling aren’t natural singers or dancers, but they bring so much character and commitment to every movement that it doesn’t matter. They’re fluid, engaged and mesmerizing."  Gosling won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, and he was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.



Alex - 1 - His best performance? Lol no. But I'm sure it'll get tanked so maybe this'll help it get top 10...?

Chris - 2

Public - 6

QK - 6

Rei - 9

Dee - 11

Elliott - 15



Edited by Steven_
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4 minutes ago, Steven_ said:




Alex - 1 - His best performance? Lol no. But I'm sure it'll get tanked so maybe this'll help it get top 10...?

Chris - 2

Public - 6

QK - 6

Rei - 9

Dee - 11

Elliott - 15

Are people actually tanking things in this? I didn't even bother since it seemed kinda pointless. :giggle:

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First Man is a biopic of Neil Armstrong and details the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in 1969. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon. BBC says Gosling is "the best deadpan actor in the business" and adds, "Gosling and Foy’s performances in First Man are probably too unshowy to win awards. But they should, because they could hardly have been bettered. The same goes for the whole of this extraordinary film." 



Chris - 1

Alex - 4 - Extremely quiet and subtle performance. Beautifully done.

Rei - 5

Elliott - 6

QK - 8

Public - 10

Dee - 12




Ryan Gosling plays a middle school teacher struggling with drug addiction in Half Nelson. The film was met with universal critical acclaim. Entertainment Weekly says, "Half Nelson offers an opportunity to marvel, once again, at the dazzling talent of Ryan Gosling for playing young men as believable as they are psychologically trip-wired." Half Nelson earned Ryan Gosling his first Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards, making him the first man born in the 80's to be nominated for Best Actor.



Rei - 1

Chris - 3

Dee - 4 - One of the best performances of the oughts decade!

Public - 4

Alex - 7 - Great performance, but I don't like the movie.

QK - 7

Elliott - 14



Ryan Gosling plays the titular role, a mentally ill man who develops a relationship with a sex doll named Bianca. Despite the plot, Lars and the Real Girl manages to avoid mockery. It could've went wrong, but it succeeds thanks to its sincere approach and talented performances. According to a review in The Washington Post, "Gosling's performance as Lars is a small miracle, not only because he's completely, vulnerably open as a man who's essentially shut off, but because he changes and grows so imperceptibly before our eyes." Gosling's performance earned him a nomination for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes. 



Alex - 3 - Very wholesome and heartbreaking. More range than I expected from him early in his career.

Dee - 3 - One of the best performances of the oughts decade!

Public - 3

Rei - 3

QK - 4

Chris - 9

Elliott - 11


2. THE DRIVER - DRIVE (2011)

Drive is a neo-noir crime thriller with Ryan Gosling playing the unnamed protagonist. He's a mechanic and Hollywood stunt driver by day, but he moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. He forms a budding romance with his neighbor Irene, but he offers her husband help when he is released from prison. However, the heist goes terribly wrong, and he must go through extreme lengths to protect Irene and her son from mobsters. Drive received critical acclaim, with many critics calling it one of the best films of the year. According to Business Insider, Gosling "drives this film" with his "chilling and fully-committed but quiet performance." 



Public - 1

Dee - 1 - One of the greatest films of all-time, the only correct winner.

QK - 2

Elliott - 3

Rei - 4

Alex - 5 - Another more subtle performance. Very much enjoyed it.

Chris - 5



Blue Valentine is a heartbreaking romantic drama about a married couple. The film shows both their courtship and when their marriage eventually falls apart. Ryan Gosling plays Dean Pereira, an unambitious yet hopeless romantic. Michelle Williams plays his wife Cindy Heller. According to Rotten Tomatoes, "This emotionally gripping examination of a marriage on the rocks isn't always easy to watch, but Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling give performances of unusual depth and power." Gosling was nominated for Best Actor in a Drama at the Golden Globes for this role.



Alex - 2 - His actual best performance. Scary and romantic at the same time. Easily should've been nominated for an Oscar, hell should've won.

Dee - 2 - Amazing film, heartbreaking performances all-around.

Elliott - 2

Public - 2

Rei - 2

QK - 3

Chris - 6

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55 minutes ago, Steven_ said:

Alex - 2 - His actual best performance. Scary and romantic at the same time. Easily should've been nominated for an Oscar, hell should've won.

Dee - 2 - Amazing film, heartbreaking performances all-around.

@Alex95 the cohesion. 🤎

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