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Actors & Actresses Rankdowns 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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Wikipedia's plot description: "The film is based on the true story of Maria Altmann, an elderly Jewish refugee living in Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, who, together with her young lawyer, Randy Schoenberg, fought the government of Austria for almost a decade to reclaim Gustav Klimt's iconic painting of her aunt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, which was stolen from her relatives by the Nazis in Vienna just prior to World War II. Altmann took her legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, which ruled on the case Republic of Austria v. Altmann (2004)."



Chris - 7 - I didn''t care for the movie but great cast, and this is somewhat of a strategic ranking.

Rei - 7 - Not the greatest reviews but ranking it high because queens Helen Mirren and Tatiana Maslany

Dee - 12 - Never seen this film, but truly looks like such a boring movie.

Elliott - 13 - Haven't seen it, used randomizer to determine its placement.

QK - 14

JC - 15

Kaley - 15 - Haven’t seen this one.




From Wikipedia: "The film follows a bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds) who must protect a convicted hitman (Samuel L. Jackson), who's on his way to testify at the International Criminal Court. The film received mixed reviews, with critics praising Reynolds and Jackson's performances and chemistry, as well as the action sequences but criticizing the clichéd plot and execution."



Elliott - 6 - It's alright.

JC - 10

Chris - 11 - never seen it.

QK - 11

Rei - 11 - Cool cast but never watched it so….

Dee - 13 - No.

Kaley - 14 - Haven’t seen it.




From Wikipedia: "It is the ninth film in the Amityville Horror film series, which documents the experiences of the Lutz family after they move into a house at 112 Ocean Avenue, Long Island. The film received negative reviews from critics, with many feeling it didn't deliver anything new and calling it derivative to the original film."



JC - 5 - 200.gif


Chris - 6 - I don't usually watch horror movies but I watched this one, it was okay. But, Victoria posted why I am ranking this a bit higher.

QK - 7

Kaley - 11

Rei - 13 - I’m pretty sure this is terrible

Dee - 14 - No.

Elliott - 15 - Hated it.



12. RORY ADAMS - LIFE (2017)

From Wikipedia: "The film follows a six-member crew of the International Space Station that uncovers the first evidence of life on Mars. It received mixed reviews, with praise for its acting, visuals and screenplay, but some criticized for its lack of originality" Ryan Reynolds plays Rory Adams, USA, ISS engineer.



Rei - 6 - Jake Gyllenhaal

Dee - 7 - Knock-off Alien + knock-off Gravity = this film. Just okay. But entertaining enough to keep you awake. 

JC - 8

QK - 10

Elliott - 11 - Haven't seen it, used randomizer to determine its placement.

Chris - 12 - never seen it but I probably would prefer it to the movies below it.

Kaley - 12 - Haven’t seen it.




From Wikipedia: "The film follows Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), a CIA agent on his first low-level posting in Cape Town who is in charge of a safe house where the CIA is interrogating Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), a veteran operative who has allegedly betrayed the agency. When the safe house is attacked by mercenaries who kill almost all the agents, Weston flees with Frost in his charge, and they end up on the run. As the team of killers, who seem to be one step ahead of the pair, track them throughout Cape Town, Weston begins to wonder whom to trust. While Washington and Reynolds' performances were praised, the film received mixed reviews."



QK - 6

Elliott - 7 - It's alright.

Kaley - 8

JC - 9

Chris - 10 - never seen it but I didn't care for the movie below it.

Dee - 11 - LOL @ this being a big budget film featuring Denzel Washington and Vera Farmiga, yet I have never heard of it before. Probably not that good. 

Rei - 12 - I love me some action thriller so this might be good

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Oh oops were we supposed to provide commentary? For Amityville Horror pretty sure y’all know why I loved it :giggle:


for the rest I don’t have much to say. I need to watch more rr movies!

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3 minutes ago, JC said:

Oh oops were we supposed to provide commentary? For Amityville Horror pretty sure y’all know why I loved it :giggle:


for the rest I don’t have much to say. I need to watch more rr movies!

No, it’s optional. 

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1 hour ago, Deeee said:

I just want to end this round and move on to Brie Larson. 🤎

If anyone wants to help out and let me know which roles of hers to exclude from the list, that’ll be appreciated. For example, even though 13 Going On 30 is in her filmography, I think she’s more of a background character there.

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11 minutes ago, ~*8Kay8*~ said:

I thought I was way more qualified until I started trying to rank them. :haha:

exactly my thoughts... which is why I chose to sit out on Brie Larson's round as I haven't watched as many films from her as I though I had 

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Wikipedia's plot description: "The plot focuses on a formerly overweight high school nerd (Ryan Reynolds) who attempts to free himself from the friend zone after reconnecting with his lifelong crush and best friend (Amy Smart) while visiting his hometown for Christmas." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "There are moments of mirth in this overly broad comedy, but mostly, Just Friends is just not that funny."



JC - 2

Chris - 4 - I don't know why I enjoy this movie but I just do.

QK - 5

Dee - 8 - Anna Farris makes me laugh. That is all.

Kaley - 13 - it’s been a while, but I remember not liking it.

Elliott - 14 - Hated it.

Rei - 15 - Never watched it and it looks pretty bad




Plot summary from Google: "A mentally unhinged factory worker (Ryan Reynolds) must decide whether to listen to his talking cat and become a killer, or follow his dog's advice to keep striving for normalcy." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "The Voices gives Ryan Reynolds an opportunity to deliver a highlight-reel performance—and offers an off-kilter treat for fans of black comedies."



Rei - 2 - It was surprisingly fun

Kaley - 4 - Very strange, but I liked it.

Chris - 9 - never seen it but I am intrigued by it

QK - 9

Dee - 10 - I wanted to like this movie, but I am not a fan of portraying people with schizophrenia as violent or murderous, even if they are empathetic people.

Elliott - 12 - Haven't seen it, used randomizer to determine its placement.

JC - 14




From Wikipedia: "The film follows the misadventures of its lead character Van Wilder, a seventh-year senior, who has made his life goal in helping undergrads at Coolidge College succeed in the future." Rotten Tomatoes describes the film as "a derivative gross-out comedy that's short on laughs."



QK - 1 - My go to guilty pleasure movie that I watch when I am bored.

Elliott - 3 - Y'all about to judge my rankings, but whatever. I like raunchy comedies so this is a high ranking from me!

JC - 7

Kaley - 9 - not a great movie, but one of his quintessential roles for sure.

Rei - 10 - Saw this but I wasn’t never really a fan

Chris - 13 - exactly what you would expect from a comedy like this movie.

Dee - 15 - No.




Plot summary from IMDB: "In the summer of 1987, a college graduate takes a 'nowhere' job at his local amusement park, only to find it's the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world." Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart play the lead roles of James and Em respectively, but here's a Wikipedia description of Ryan Reynolds's character Mike: "the park's maintenance man, married to a woman named Ronnie. He is also a part-time musician who claims to have jammed with Lou Reed. Through slips in his musical knowledge, it becomes apparent to James that this is not true. He has cheated on his wife with different girls and, by the beginning of the story, with Em."



Dee - 3 - Ryan Reynolds has been in all of four good movies total. This is one of those four. Watch this movie for Kristen Stewart. 

QK - 4

Chris - 8 -  I keep forgetting that he was in this movie.

Rei - 8 - Looks fun and it had a great cast

Elliott - 10 - Haven't seen it, used randomizer to determine its placement.

Kaley - 10 - I like the movie, but I put it lower because his role is smaller than some of the others.

JC - 12




From Wikipedia: "Set in New York City during the 1990s, the film is about a political consultant who tries to help his eleven-year-old daughter understand his impending divorce by telling her the story of his past romantic relationships and how he ended up marrying her mother." According to a review in the Hollywood Reporter, "The film is far from a complete washout, and this is chiefly a tribute to its immensely attractive and appealing cast. Ryan Reynolds proves to have the stuff of a true leading man."



JC - 3

Chris - 5 - it's a cute movie.

Dee - 6 - Abigail Breslin has always been very talented!

Kaley - 6

Elliott - 9 - Haven't seen it, used randomizer to determine its placement.

QK - 12

Rei - 14 - Never seen it, might be good


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5. MONTY COOK - WAITING... (2005)

Plot summary from Google: "Staffers at the restaurant Shenaniganz engage in various pranks and games -- both on and off the clock. However, in the course of one day, waiter Dean (Justin Long) must choose to either accept a promotion to manager or go off in search of greener pastures. Meanwhile, his co-worker and roommate, Monty (Ryan Reynolds), fights temptation in the form of an underage colleague, while showing a new employee (John Francis Daley) the ins and outs, providing him the worst first day of his life." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Waiting... is a gross-out comedy that's more gross than comic."



Elliott - 1 - It probably hasn't aged that well since I remember it having some problematic jokes, bit as someone who worked as a server for five years, I felt seen by this movie. Also it had entire scene dedicated to Karens, so it truly was ahead of the times in that regard. :giggle:

Kaley - 2 - Total guilty pleasure :haha:I know it’s not a cinematic masterpiece, but my husband and I watched this movie so many times when we were in college. Ryan plays the aging party boy well, and his character is the one I remember most from the movie.

QK - 2 - Another one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.

Dee - 9 - Anna Farris makes me laugh. That is all.

Rei - 9 - This high cause I’ve actually watched this

JC - 11

Chris - 14 - meh.




Plot summary from Wikipedia: "The plot centers on a Canadian executive (Sandra Bullock) who learns that she may face deportation from the U.S. because of her expired visa. Determined to retain her position as editor-in-chief of a publishing house, she convinces her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to temporarily act as her fiancé." The chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock was praised, with Entertainment Weekly calling it "fresh and irresistible." The Los Angeles Times noted in a review that "Reynolds' ability to deliver a line, or a look, with withering, surgical precision is there at every turn."



Chris - 1 - great romantic comedy.


JC - 1 - 200.gif


Dee - 5 - Sandy does her best to try and make this film something more than just a cliched rom-com. But her performance is very good!

Rei - 5 - Just watched bits of this but I’m sure is pretty good.

Kaley - 7

Elliott - 8 - Meh.

QK - 13




From Wikipedia: "The story is about Iraq-based American civilian truck driver Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), who, after being attacked, finds himself buried alive in a wooden coffin, with only a lighter, flask, flashlight, knife, glowsticks, pen, pencil, and a mobile phone." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Wringing a seemingly impossible amount of gripping drama out of its claustrophobic premise, Buried is a nerve-wracking showcase for Ryan Reynolds's talent."



Chris - 3 - this movie was better than I expected; it take guts to play that character.

Kaley - 3 - it’s been a while since I’ve seen this, but I remember liking it and thinking he did well in it for it not being his normal type of role.

Dee - 4 - Actually a good film. I forgot about this movie.

Elliott - 4 - Probably his finest acting.

Rei - 4 - I kinda liked this

QK - 8

JC - 13




Plot summary from Google: "Ace detective Harry Goodman goes mysteriously missing, prompting his 21-year-old son, Tim, to find out what happened. Aiding in the investigation is Harry's former Pokémon partner, wise-cracking, adorable super-sleuth Detective Pikachu. Finding that they are uniquely equipped to work together, as Tim is the only human who can talk with Pikachu, they join forces to unravel the tangled mystery." For reviews, Wikipedia adds, "CNET's Sean Keane called it the best film ever based on a video game, saying it achieves the balance of appealing to existing fans as well as potential new audiences. Keane praised Reynolds performance and called the film 'an entertaining romp with plenty of heart.'"



Chris - 2 - it may win and I am fine with it.

Dee - 2 - Ryan Reynolds has been in all of four good movies total. This is one of those four. Best video game-to-film adaptation. Pokémon everywhere! UGH. 

Rei - 3 - Loved this

JC - 4

Elliott - 5 - Pikachu literally sounded like Ryan Reynolds the entire film and the son wanted to act brand new that it was his dad's soul or whatever in Pika's body? Boy bye.

Kaley - 5 - I thought this was fun.

QK - 15




Plot summary from Google: "Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when evil scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. With help from mutant allies Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life." According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Fast, funny, and gleefully profane, the fourth-wall-busting Deadpool subverts superhero film formula with wildly entertaining—and decidedly non-family-friendly—results." Ryan Reynold's performance was met with universal acclaim. A review from Entertainment Weekly said Reynolds was the perfect star for the role, and the film is "a blast of laughing gas in a genre that tends to take itself way too seriously." Ryan Reynolds was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical, and he won the Critic's Choice Award for Best Actor in a Comedy, the People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor.



Dee - 1 - Ryan Reynolds has been in all of four good movies total. This is one of those four. Deadpool is amazing.

Kaley - 1 - Not sure if this is a popular or an unpopular one, but I did enjoy this movie. Besides, in a ranking for him I do feel like it’s one of his iconic roles that everyone knows him for.

Rei - 1 - Ryan Reynolds finest role to be honest

Elliott - 2 - smh at Chris cutting Deadpool 2 aka my easy #3. While I'm still waiting for the Deadpool/Spider-Man crossover, I'll just rank Deadpool here because I obviously loved it.

QK - 3

JC - 6

Chris - 15 - you guys didn't want me to cut it so I am ensuring that it doesn't win. But it probably will win.



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