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𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕍𝕠𝕚𝕔𝕖: 𝕀𝕕𝕠𝕝 𝔽𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕠𝕣 ℙ𝕒𝕣𝕥 1

Series 1 of A-Kid's The Voice Games

Greetings IDF! It's me again, A-Kid to present something new to you, a The Voice game! These past few weeks, I've been making redux here and there but I've decided to rest for a while and make something new.

This will be the first ever series of A-Kid's The Voice Games, wherein a mixed format between The Voice and other singing competitions will be involved. For this series, the flow of X-Factor and The Voice will be mixed. Contestants from The Four, The Voice, X-Factor, and American Idol will compete in this series.


Artists from each categories will be revealed. 2 categories' Top 24 will be revealed in one night, the other 2 categories' Top 24 will be revealed the other night. There will be NO ELIMINATIONS in this round. At the end of each category, the category mentor will be revealed. 
LINKS (of this round PER category)
Girls Reveal Day
Over 25's Reveal Day
Groups Reveal Day
Boys Reveal Day
Underdogs Reveal Day


Top 24 artists will be paired up to each other by their mentors, wherein they will fight for a spot in their mentor's Top 14. Each mentor will have 2 SAVES that they can use for their losing artists in the battle matchups. After this, we have our Top 56 going to the 8-Chair Challenge
LINKS (of this round PER category)
Boys Battle Rounds Part 1
Boys Battle Rounds Part 2
Girls Battle Rounds Part 1
Girls Battle Rounds Part 2
Over 25's Battle Rounds Part 1
Over 25's Battle Rounds Part 2
Groups Battle Rounds Part 1
Groups Battle Rounds Part 2
Underdogs Battle Rounds


Top 14 artists will have to fight for a spot in their mentor's Final 8. Only 8 chairs are available, so through out the round, artists will be swapped out until we have our Final 8 per team forming our Top 32 going to the Judges Houses
LINKS (of this round PER category)

Over 25's 8-Chair Challenge



Groups 8-Chair Challenge



Boys 8-Chair Challenge

Underdogs 8-Chair Challenge


Girls 8-Chair Challenge





Mentors will pick their designated destinations, where the artists will perform. Mentors will have to pick ONLY 6 ARTISTS to advance. After each categories' artists performances, mentors will reveal on who made it to the Live Playoffs and who didn't. 


LINKS (of this round PER category)


Underdogs Judges House Round



Girls Judges House Round



Boys Judges House Round



Groups Judges House Round



Over 25's Judges House Round




Final 6 artists from each category will perform every night for the public votes. Bottom 2 artists from every night (for each category) will have to perform in a SING-OFF where the other mentors will have to pick on who will go home. This will happen until we got our Final 3 from each team to go to our Live Shows.


LINKS (per round)


Live Playoffs Round 1



Live Playoffs Round 2




Live Playoffs Round 3





Artists will perform again for the public votes. ONE or TWO may be eliminated each night until we get our Top 3



Eliminated Live Shows finalists will once again come back to perform for a spot in the Grand Finale


This will be consisted of 5 ROUNDS. One artist per round will be eliminated until we crown our WINNER.


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FINAL 6 OVER 25's Ali Caldwell Kymberli Joye Alisan Porter Angie Miller Amanda Brown Joshua Ledet   

I totally forgot Emblem3 was EVER in the competition....

The Effort tho !!! ❤️

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Hello IDF, welcome to The Voice: Idol Factor Part 1!

Tonight, we will reveal our Top 24 Girls and Top 24 Over 25's . These artists are picked by yours truly, they are from different singing reality shows (The Four, American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor from US, Australia, and UK).

Remember, there will be NO ELIMINATIONS for this round as we will only reveal the artists joining in this competition. At the end of each reveal of all artists in a category, I will reveal on which IDF member will mentor them.

I will post their performances by 3's. Let's start with the  Top 24 Girls this season!


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First for our Top 24 is some artists that competed in

X-Factor Australia and The Voice Australia.

Bella Paige (The Voice AUS Season 7)


Natalie Ong (X-Factor AUS Season Eight)


Lara Dabbagh (The Voice AUS Season Eight)


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Claire Howell (The Voice AUS Season 6)




Sally Skelton (The Voice AUS Season 7)




Next up is contestants from the American reality singing competition, The Four.



Leah Jenea (The Four Season 2)



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Zhavia (The Four Season 1)


Evvie McKinney (The Four Season 1)


Next is a contestant from the American version of X-Factor, X-Factor US.


Rion Paige (X-Factor US Series 3)

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Next up are contestants from American Idol.

Jessica Sanchez (American Idol Season 11)


Sonika Vaid (American Idol Season 15)


Next are the contestants from the American version of The Voice, The Voice US.

Koryn Hawthorne (The Voice US Season Eight)

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Posted (edited)


Addison Agen (The Voice US Season 11)


MaKenzie Thomas (The Voice US Season 15)


Next up are the contestants from The Voice UK and X-Factor UK.

Rai-Elle Williams (X-Factor UK Series 14)

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Bella Paige
Natalie Ong
 Lara Dabbagh
Claire Howell
Sally Skelton
Leah Jenea
Evvie McKinney
Rion Paige
Jessica Sanchez
Sonika Vaid
 Koryn Hawthorne
Jacquie Lee
Brynn Cartelli
Kennedy Holmes
Addison Agen
MaKenzie Thomas
Rai-Elle Williams
 Louisa Johnson
Chloe Castro
Molly Hocking
Bella Penfold
Emily Middlesmas
Nicole Dennis
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First up for  The Over 25's  Category is the boys from X-Factor UK, The Voice UK, The Voice Australia, The Voice US, and American Idol.

Matt Terry (X-Factor UK Series 13)


Dalton Harris (X-Factor UK Series 15)


Alfie Arcuri (The Voice Australia Season 5)


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Next up is the Girls from The Over 25's  Category. These artists are from American Idol, The Four, The Voice US, The Voice UK, and X-Factor UK.

La'Porsha Renae (American Idol Season 15)


Ali Caldwell (The Four Season 2)


Kymberli Joye (The Voice US Season 15)


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Posted (edited)


Matt Terry
Dalton Harris
Alfie Arcuri
Kevin Simm
Stevie McCrorie
Ben Haenow
Johnny Manuel
Matthew Schuler 

Bryan Bautista
Joshua Ledet
Ryan Quinn
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
La'Porsha Renae
Ali Caldwell
Kymberli Joye
Candice Boyd
Amanda Brown
Angie Miller
Alisan Porter
Saara Aalto
Fleur East
Shan Ako
Janice Robinson 
Sarah Tucker 


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