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Plus if Rachel gave birth in the house, Janelle would gain a new alliance member

Consider me deceased.

Me checking in just after seeing Kaysar’s speech on twitter ❤️  

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21 minutes ago, *Lily said:

Yeah rooting was a bad word. I guess Nicole’s just somehow the least insufferable choice for me now. :dead:

Lol I actualy haven't minded Nicole this week up until her Janellously showed up on the Comics Veto again. :lmao:  

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58 minutes ago, *Laci said:

Cody deserves to win but damn what a boring season! 


45 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

I can't and will not root for Nicole to be the first 2x Winner. :haha: Cody or whoever cuts him FTW.

I'm on  this same mindset for the end game, for the most part. :yes: 


I'm not as anti-Nicole win but don't think she really deserves it.

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Honestly anyone but Nicole. I do not want her being the first two time winner. That would be a joke to the game.

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Forgot to update this after Tyler's eviction. Elliott, QK, Raphy, Richard, holinessss, JC, and RTVFan have all fallen down to their final houseguest. Meanwhile, Laci has now been evicted from the BB Draft.


Everyone has either one or zero houseguests left!

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Enzo really is a bonehead.  Sending it to nicole was another move he could claim he made! Just get rid of this guy!  "Enough!" /Enzo


ugh, nicole was doing well til she had to relay everything to Cody.  Cody knowing there were 2 wise guys was cringe 


nicole and Enzo are playing for Cody, just crown Cody already:rolleyes: In the words of Ciera, "Play to win!" 


Kaysar and the jury was the best part:wub:

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