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Voice 18 Contestants BLM Livestream Fundraiser Discussion(TODAY, 11-1PM PST, 2-4 PM EST)


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I think it’s pretty cool that they’re doing this today.

Time: (11-1PM PST, 2-4 PM EST)




Contestants singing/features (correct me if I’m missing anyone):

  1. Allegra Miles 
  2. Arei Moon
  3. CammWess 
  4. Cedrice 
  5. Chelle
  6. Darious Lyles 
  7. Gigi Hess 
  8. Jamal Corrie? (Not sure if he’s singing or just hosting)
  9. Jared Harper
  10. Jon Mullins 
  11. Kevin Farris
  12. Micah Iverson
  13. Michael Williams
  14. Nelson Cade III
  15. Samantha Howell
  16. Samuel Wilco 
  17. Todd Michael Hall
  18. Toneisha Harris
  19. Zach Day 


Hosted by: Jamal Corrie 



Decided I’d make a thread about it in case anyone else is interested in watching it and posting 

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