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Who Sang IWTKWLI The Best?


Who Sang it Better? IWTKWLI  

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  1. 1. Who Sang it Better? IWTKWLI

    • Hunter Plake S12
    • Rose Short S17
    • Toneisha Harris S18
    • Chloe Kohanski S13
    • Keith Semple S9
    • Terry McDermott S3
    • Jamar Rogers S2

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Please tell me somebody hasn't done this. Also please don't tell me I missed one. Discuss, links are below:








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A tiered ranking bc some of them are on the same levels as other versions

  1. Hunter/Rose
  2. Chloe/Toneisha
  3. Terry
  4. Jamar/Keith

The biggest problem with tier 2 is that they came in the seasons immediately following tier 1's absolutely stellar versions; tier 2 is very good, just weak in comparison. 


(Side note, I voted for Rose because it's completely ridiculous she had to go into the Instant Save for the finale after that performance.) 

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