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Female Divas in The Voice

Best Female Diva that had joined The Voice  

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  1. 1. Who do you think is the BEST African-American Female Diva that had joined the show?

    • Amanda Brown (Season 3)
    • Sasha Allen (Season 4)
    • Kimberly Nichole (Season 8)
    • Ali Caldwell (Season 11)
    • Janice Freeman (Season 13)
    • Brooke Simpson (Season 13)
    • Kyla Jade (Season 14)
    • Sandyredd (Season 15)
    • Rose Short (Season 17)
    • Katie Kadan (Season 17)
    • Toneisha Harris (Season 18)

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For me:




1. MaKenzie Thomas- if we're talking about Divas, she's totally it. I mean she have sung Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, etc. in her run on the show so yeah.


2. Ali Caldwell- I don't know but I just really loved her and the way that she sings UP THERE.


3. Rose Short- she's probably the most creative in all of the divas, her voice is really not about going up there, but how she handles the low notes well.


4. Brooke Simpson- her circus performance was still the best thing for me that happened in the show.


5. Sandyredd/Kymberli Joye/Kyla Jade

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Only watched since S13.


1. Kyla Jade - You Don't Own Me is literally my favorite The Voice performance ever. Iconic queen.

2. Rose Short - Loved her phrasing as well as her (mostly) fresh song choices.

3. Janice Freeman - This woman got robbed from competition and from life. May she rest in peace.

4. Katie Kadan - A lot of people thought she was too much, but her over-the-top performances entertain me very much.

5. Brooke Simpson - I remember loving her during her, so I'm putting her here even if I haven't really come back to her performances.

6. Kymberli Joye - Another iconic queen.

7. SandyRedd - She has an amazing low register but her audition was her only "wow" performance for me.

8. Toneisha Harris - By far the weakest for me. Diamonds was her only standout and most of her other performances just felt underwhelming.


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Not including Brooke and Katie since... they're not black. Also not including any diva that isn't in this poll for consistency :haha:


1. Kyla Jade - The amount of control she had combined with how effortless she hit some insanely tough notes was SCARY. At the same time, I loved it. She didn't have a single bad performance until TPTB thought bussing her in the finale was a good idea. Should have won.

2. Rose Short - ZERO bad performances, and she grew so much as the competition went on. She sang a lot of songs that I never expected a diva to sing (Preach,  Maybe I'm Amazed, and let's not forget GOD'S COUNTRY) and delivered every time. She demolished it all, giving 2 winner worthy performance in a row (God's Country and I Want To Know What Love Is both showed how GOOD she is), and she honestly really deserved to win. Her live trajectory was way better than Katie's, tbh.

3. Kimberly Nichole - I don't know why, but at the time I preferred India to Kimberly haha. That said, Kimberly was RIDICULOUS. Her audition made me think she would be fodder, and her KO was unmemorable. But everything else? Forget about it, she blew the roof off with House of the Rising Sun being one of my all-time favorite performances). Except for Free Fallin' which... :( (oh and I LOVED Dirty Diana despite what the public thought of it.)

4. SandyRedd - One of the best auditions in Voice history and her battle and KO were great too. Unfortunately she faltered a bit in the lives, which was enough for her to be eliminated early. She really deserved so much better than what she got.

5. Ali Caldwell - I didn't "stan" Ali as much as some other people I know did, but there's NO DOUBT in my mind that she deserved to make the finale. Even with poor song choices given to her in the lives (like, REALLY? 9 to 5?) she managed to make it work. It's too bad she lost to... a singer that has been seen 100s of times on the show.

6. Sasha Allen - I haven't seen all of her performances since I didn't follow S4 until near the end, but from what I've seen she was phenomenal most of the time. 

7. Janice Freeman - Audition aside, incredibly consistent. I was kinda expecting her to be Miley's frontrunner over Brooke for a while. Sadly, one bad song choice took her out. Rest easy to her Radioactive Soul.

8. Amanda Brown - The ONLY reason I am ranking her this low is because I didn't watch S3 and I've only seen 2 of her performances (Dream On and Someone Like You), but both were incredible.

9. Toneisha Harris - Still a great technical singer, but I feel like she never really "let loose" like I expected her to, with the exception of her KO.

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