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Song Choice Thoughts:

- Alyssa is of course singing musical theater again 🙄 It could be good if she does it right but im expecting her to growl her way through it.

- I hope Grace has a shocking arrangement she shows off because if shes singing the song like it is written, then she could be screwed.

- Casey and Hunter picked great song choices for their voices and I have high hopes for their performances.

- Madison and Cassandra picked songs that are either going to be great for them, or way too big and overwhelming for them. Could go either way.

- Willie picked a good and appropriate song for this time period. His performance package will probably focus on social justice and he will get emotional about it. He is likely getting the pimp spot and the judges will praise him heavily.

- Beane is giving me novelty singer vibes with this song and I think the producers are over him.


The rest of the songs Im not familiar with enough to comment on. 


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I swear to god if Cassandra decides to move one inch from the mic stand during "Writing's on the Wall" I am going to do bad things do the judges. It's a song choice with a lot of potential, but it needs great vocals and emotion, and zero moving around.



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1 hour ago, Raphy said:

I missed a bunch of it but I heard her say that he talked badly to her in front of idol execs, and they didn’t do or say anything. 

I wonder why.   Did they believe him?


Anyway, maybe it’s just as well that I never asked to be on a list of Cecil Ray fans.  His fan base is really dropping now.

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